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About NumberDyslexia.com

NumberDyslexia.com aims to provide a one-stop place of anything and everything related to Dyscalculia, aka ‘Number Dyslexia’, and ‘Math Dyslexia’. NumberDyslexia.com is committed to becoming the all-in-one learning platform for Dyscalculia.

While the main focus is Dyscalculia, NumberDyslexia also covers the topics directly or indirectly related to dyscalculia such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Mental Strength, Tech assistance, Motivational stories, etc. 

NumberDyslexia.com respects and is committed to protecting its user’s privacy. You can read more about our Privacy Policy here.

For technical assistance, you can contact us through this form. We are always looking for new ideas or people to join our team, please email us at admin@numberdyslexia.com, we promise all suggestions will be thoughtfully discussed.


Yadu Singla, Founder & MD

An entrepreneur, MBA, and IT professional. I handle the management and business operations of the site. Being a proud father of two little souls, I take this as a responsibility to educate parents about special education and learning disabilities.

Manpreet Singh, Founder & CEO

An engineer, Maths expert, Online Tutor, and animal rights activist. In more than 5+ years of my online teaching experience, I closely worked with many students struggling with dyscalculia and dyslexia. With the years passing, I learned that not much effort being put into the awareness of this learning disorder. Students with dyscalculia often misunderstood for having just a simple math fear. This is still an under-researched and understudied subject. I am also the founder of Smartynote -‘The notepad app for dyslexia’,  An app that I specifically made for dyslexic people for assistance in note-making. You can follow me on FB and Twitter.

Shradha Kalyani Kabra, Author & Contributor

Armed with a degree in Psychotherapy, CBT, and Happiness coaching I have been a counselor for troubled children and their parents for over 4 years. Having a dyslexic child at home made the journey more personal. I have worked at Manovikas Kendra for a year as a part-time volunteer. In the process, I have helped many children overcome learning disabilities and other psychological constraints to lead a fulfilling life! My most tangible victory is my dyslexic child has completed her plus two with over 80% marks and now has trained as a chef from the best college in Asia. Follow me on Facebook and Linkedin

Dr. Puneet Galhotra, Medical Review Panel Member

Dr. Puneet Galhotra, M.B.B.S., D.C.H., is an experienced pediatrician doctor residing in Phagwara. For more than 10 years, He is running a child care clinic, offering the best service in the industry. A significant part of his tenure involved dealing with children with learning disorders. Formerly, he was associated with All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, an apex health institute of India. You can follow him on Facebook and Linkedin.

Dr. Atul Gupta, Medical Review Panel Member

Dr. Atul Gupta is an experienced radiologist residing in Sunam. For more than 7 years, He is running a diagnostic center and clinic with the best service in the industry. His work experience involved medical imaging for diagnosing human diseases and further research for ailments and disorders including, learning disabilities. Formerly, he was associated with Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, a renowned health institute of India.

Amir Haimove, Special Education Expert & Panel Member

My name is Amir Haimove, and I am a Cognitive Development Therapist ( Miller Method), currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate at ICDL ( program -Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities), in addition, I currently hold a B.A in special education and psychology from the Open University in Israel, and a diploma in community worker from Herzing College in Toronto. My area of expertise is in education, child development, and public speaking. Also, during the past 10 years, I have worked with children with developmental disorders, I have knowledge and experience with verbal and nonverbal children, communication & social skills, at all ages. Do visit my blog and follow me on Facebook and Linkedin.

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