Our Purpose….

NumberDyslexia.com aims to provide a one-stop place for anything and everything related to Dyscalculia, aka ‘Number Dyslexia’, and ‘Math Dyslexia’. NumberDyslexia.com is committed to becoming the all-in-one learning platform for Dyscalculia.

While the main focus is Dyscalculia, NumberDyslexia also covers the topics directly or indirectly related to dyscalculia such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Mental Strength, Tech assistance, Motivational stories, etc. 

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Meet Our Team

Meet our team of hardworking professionals and experts working tirelessly behind the success of Numberdyslexia.com.


Yadu Singla, Founder & MD

An MBA and IT professional by degree; an entrepreneur by occupation. As a father of two, I understand the value of education, and it has become my passion to talk about the subject and educate parents and teachers about schooling and teaching, especially special education and learning disabilities.

I strongly agree with the lines quoted by Joseph Addison, that “Education is a companion which no misfortune can depress, no crime can destroy, no enemy can alienate, no despotism can enslave.” Being a self-motivated person who strongly feels education and knowledge is for everyone, and there are ways to inculcate them in specially-abled beings. My devotion led me to learning quite a few things in this domain, which I now share with the world through Number Dyslexia.

Manpreet Singh, Founder & CEO

An engineer, Maths expert, Online Tutor, and animal rights activist. In more than 5+ years of my online teaching experience, I closely worked with many students struggling with dyscalculia and dyslexia. With the years passing, I learned that not much effort was put into the awareness of this learning disorder. Students with dyscalculia are often misunderstood for having just a simple math fear. This is still an under-researched and understudied subject. I am also the founder of Smartynote -‘The notepad app for dyslexia’,  An app that I specifically made for dyslexic people for assistance in note-making. You can follow me on FB and LinkedIn.

Simran Aggarwal, Senior Editor & Outreach Specialist

With a passion for language and a keen eye for detail, I ensure the accuracy, clarity, and effectiveness of the written content. Alongside this, with an understanding of SEO, I work on optimizing & strategizing the content to improve visibility. Taking on the responsibilities of managing both the business and content operations of the site, I ensure optimal performance along with efficient & smooth workflows. Additionally, my role as an outreach specialist allows me to foster valuable connections for the firm. With an ongoing commitment to learning and growth, I strive to give my absolute best and make a positive impact in the education field. You can follow me on Linkedin or email me at simran@numberdyslexia.com

Expert Panel Members

Dr. Puneet Galhotra

Dr. Puneet Galhotra, M.B.B.S., D.C.H., is an experienced pediatrician doctor residing in Phagwara. For more than 10 years, He is running a child care clinic, offering the best service in the industry. A significant part of his tenure involved dealing with children with learning disorders. Formerly, he was associated with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, an apex health institute of India. You can follow him on Facebook and Linkedin.

Dr. Deepak Kansal

Dr. Deepak Kansal, MBBS MD (Psychiatry) is currently working as Nodal Officer of the District Mental Health program at Civil Hospital Sangrur for the last 3 years. Apart from psychiatry and substance use patients, Dr. Deepak also treats children with neurodevelopment disorders including Intellectual disability, specific learning disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and other psychiatric disorders. His research work involved studying psychiatric comorbidities in cancer patients. You can follow him on Linkedin

Amir Haimove

Amir Haimove is a Cognitive Development Therapist ( Miller Method), a Ph.D. candidate at ICDL ( program -Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities. He holds a B.A in special education and psychology from the Open University in Israel, and a diploma in community worker from Herzing College in Toronto. During the past 10 years, He has worked with children with developmental disorders and has equipped knowledge and experience dealing with verbal and nonverbal children, communication & social skills, at all ages. You can follow him on Facebook and Linkedin.

Kanu Dhir

Kanu Dhir is working as Admin Manager in DuliliCare. She has experience in dealing with the concerns of children and adults with learning difficulties. In addition, She has done CERT lV in diploma in disability, and is currently pursuing a diploma in community services. Her efforts involve working for the needs of people with disability and empowering them to overcome personal, social, and economic barriers by providing allied health services to become self-dependent and confident.

Neeti Lamba

A special educator with 18 years of experience, and a certified counselor, I am working as a trainer who trains teachers, HOS, parents, and siblings to deal with individuals with special needs. Growing up, it was my passion to do my bit for individuals who are crafted differently. Having a B.Ed degree in special education, I have also earned a PG certification in Intellectual Disability and a PG Diploma in guidance and counseling, which has given me the knowledge and expertise to contribute to this blog and share my learnings and experiences with the masses. Follow me on Linkedin

Dr. Atul Gupta

Dr. Atul Gupta is an experienced radiologist residing in Sunam. For more than 7 years, He is running a diagnostic center and clinic with the best service in the industry. His work experience involved medical imaging for diagnosing human diseases and further research for ailments and disorders including, learning disabilities. Formerly, he was associated with Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, a renowned health institute of India.

Editors & Contributors

Pratiksha Bhatt, Editor

I am Pratiksha Bhatt, Bachelor of Life Science, and Masters in Management Studies. I have done certification courses in early education counseling. I am a writer, a mother of a child with spelling difficulties which drove me to alternative resources of education like manipulatives and participatory activities. My areas of expertise are learning difficulties, alternative learning methods, and activity-based learning.

Srishti Marwah, Editor

I am Srishti Marwah. I have studied Psychology during my School & College Levels and have been closely associated with children with learning disabilities. I have served in many NGOs and government institutions that are working closely towards the betterment of kids with learning disorders. Helping educators, parents, and little learners with studies by overcoming the challenges through various alternative learning methods has been my passion. I write about learning and educating through various approaches, manipulatives, tools, and other supportive and helpful resources.

Shradha Kalyani Kabra, Author & Contributor

Armed with a degree in Psychotherapy, CBT, and Happiness coaching I have been a counselor for troubled children and their parents for over 4 years. Having a dyslexic child at home made the journey more personal. I have worked at Manovikas Kendra for a year as a part-time volunteer. In the process, I have helped many children overcome learning disabilities and other psychological constraints to lead a fulfilling life! My most tangible victory is my dyslexic child has completed her plus two with over 80% marks and now has trained as a chef from the best college in Asia. Follow me on Facebook and Linkedin

Priyanka Sonkushre, Author & Contributor

I am Priyanka Sonkushre, a writer and blogger. I am the person behind “One Loving Mama,” a mom blog. Equipped with a Bachelor’s degree along with an MBA, my healthcare background helps me deeply understand learning difficulties. I know how challenging it can be for parents to find the right resources to help their children excel in life. So, here I am to blend my healthcare expertise with my parenting experience to create valuable and helpful resources for parents and teachers supporting children with learning differences. If you wish, you can follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn

Hiteshi Satra, Special Educator & Contributor

Hiteshi Satra is a special educator with more than 6 years of experience, working with various disabilities from mild to severe. She has provided vocational training to the adults with special needs and has succeeded making them earn a minimum living for themselves. She has acquired graduation in Developmental Counselling and certification in Jolly phonics. You can follow her on Linkedin

Shweta Sharma, Author & Contributor

I am Shweta Sharma. I am a final year Masters’s student of Clinical Psychology and have been working closely in the field of psycho-education and child development. I have served in various organizations and NGOs with the purpose of helping children with disabilities learn and adapt better to both, academic and social challenges. I am keen on writing about learning difficulties, the science behind them, and potential strategies to deal with them. My areas of expertise include putting forward the cognitive and behavioral aspects of disabilities for better awareness, as well as efficient intervention. Follow me on LinkedIn

Sanskriti Agarwal, Lesson Plan & Curriculum Designer

I am Sanskriti, an individual who believes that we as humans are products of books, interactions, talks, stories, poems, songs, lullabies, movies, and experiences, I endorse the view that out of all these, our experiences talk the loudest. In a world where education is no longer a privilege for a few, I have worked at grassroot levels for the past 5 years in the rural sector in the domain of life skills while working for drop outs and out-of-school children. After completing Master of Education (MEd) from TISS, Mumbai, and English from Bharati Vidyapeeth, Delhi, I have been assisting organizations in developing life skill curriculums from scratch and integrating them within mainstream curriculums whilst also training teachers to transact the same. You can follow my journey on Linkedin

Sharlet Mary Sebastian, Special Educator & Contributor

Sharlet Mary Sebastian is a special educator specialising in working with Children with intellectual disability. After completing her Bachelor’s in Special Education, she has worked in school setups creating effective IEPs, counselling parents, and nurturing an environment of learning for children under her care. A strong advocate for inclusion in all walks of life, especially in academic and workplace settings, she believes that learning shouldn’t be rigid and unschooling is the new schooling. Before venturing into education, Sharlet worked as a writer for a few years. When not engaged in teaching, she still dabbles as a freelance writer for causes closer to her heart. Her preferred way to unspool is a good book and a cup of piping hot tea. You can follow me on Linkedin

Manali Shah, Lesson Plan & Curriculum Designer

Manali Shah has been working in the field of special needs for 4 years now. She is especially keen on working with children and adolescents with special needs and bringing about a change in whatever little way possible. Apart from working in the special school, she also has experience in creating curriculum plans and home plans for early childhood education as well as special needs.
Being a Masters in Home Science (Human Development) as well as a Diploma holder in Arts Based Therapy she is always on lookout for creating curriculum and materials that would cater to the neurodivergent audience! Link to my LinkedIn