24 Quotes Highlighting The Power Of Self-regulation

self regulation quotes

Self-regulation is the capacity to comprehend and control your behavior as well as your responses to your feelings and the world around you. It entails being able to control how one response to intense feelings including annoyance, excitement, rage, and humiliation. Between a sensation and an action, self-regulation requires pausing to consider the situation, formulate … Read more

14 Quotes Highlighting The Crucial Role Of Response-to-intervention (RTI)

RTI quotes

Response to Intervention, also known as RTI, is a teaching method that is applied in classrooms to deliver high-quality instruction, evaluate each student’s progress to ensure that they are making expected development, and offer extra help (intervention) to kids facing difficulties. RTI is a type of early intervention strategy that aims to stop long-term failure … Read more

9 Online Games For Vocational Skills In Little Learners

Online Vocational games

Recall the last time you did well on a test. What skills enabled you to perform exceptionally well on that exam? If it was a social science exam, chances are you read and understood the information thoroughly, were able to structure it efficiently in your answer, and so on. There are several skills involved in … Read more

7 Engaging Vocational Skills Activities For Adults

vocational activities

Vocational skills are practical abilities that people learn in a particular field of interest. These are the practical abilities that a person needs to acquire in order to select a job path. When people obtain vocational training in college or another educational setting, they are not merely being prepared to study for exams and graduate … Read more

10 Useful Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Websites For Educators To Checkout

social emotional websites

Social and emotional learning (SEL) has always been integral in the overall development of a child. The outbreak of the pandemic further emphasized its importance as classroom learning converted into online learning. Today, educators and parents agree that social-emotional learning is crucial to prepare children for the future. A 2021 report published by McGraw Hill … Read more

10 Common Myths About Dyscalculia

myths about dyscalculics

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON DECEMBER 01, 2022 Dyscalculia is a developmental concern commonly recognized by difficulties with basic numerical and arithmetic concepts. While dyscalculia has no particular cure, it is a learning difference that can be overcome by early identification and interventions. But for the individual to get diagnosed and access these tools that could … Read more

6 Engaging Abstract Thinking Games And Activities For Little Learners

abstract thinking

The capacity to think about principles, concepts, and ideas that are not physically present is known as abstract thinking. Abstract thinking boosts the general thinking capabilities of children. It then results in a problem-solving mindset beneficial in future endeavors. Any problem-solving process benefits greatly from the use of abstract thinking to produce fresh concepts and … Read more

10 Visual Perception Activity Books For Classroom

visual perception books

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Visual perception skills start developing as soon as the child opens their eyes to the world. However, it follows a set schedule, and with every year, new abilities are added to this visuo-cognitive capacity. With a toddler being able to differentiate between … Read more

15 Quotes On The Importance Of Early Intervention In Child’ s Development

Early intervention quotes

A system of services called early intervention supports infants and toddlers who have developmental delays or other difficulties in daily life routines. Early intervention aims to assist eligible infants and toddlers in acquiring the fundamental and novel abilities that usually emerge during the first three years of life. It is similar to special education for … Read more

50 Inspiring Quotes Highlighting The Importance Of Team Building

People working as a team to accomplish a common goal is what teamwork entails similar to what Robert Murphy said “Every genius has a team behind them. People can create useful and practical solutions when they make use of each other’s abilities and knowledge.” Although collaboration with others is an essential skill for success in … Read more