Orton Gillingham vs Reading Recovery: What’s the difference?

Orton Gillingham vs reading recovery

Reading is the cornerstone of education, serving as the basis for all other forms of learning. However, learning to read can be a difficult undertaking for some kids. The Orton Gillingham and Reading Recovery programs are two of the most well-known methods for teaching struggling readers.  Despite having the same objective of assisting students in … Read more

Orton Gillingham Vs Montessori Method: ELI5 The Difference

Orton Gillingham vs Montessori method

Imagine a lively education arena where different methods and approaches battle it out for the title of the ultimate student champion. In this thrilling showdown, we have two formidable contenders entering the ring: the Orton Gillingham Method and the Montessori Method. These contrasting approaches bring their own unique strategies and philosophies to address the diverse … Read more

Collaborative Learning vs. Cooperative Learning: What’s the difference?


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller This quote perfectly encapsulates the essence of both collaborative and cooperative learning. Amongst other teaching methods and strategies like the chunking method,  drill and practice, and heuristic method, collaborative and cooperative learning emphasize the power of working together to achieve … Read more

Brainstorming Vs Mind Mapping: ELI5 The Difference

brainstorming vs mind map

Unlock the full potential of your ideas with the power of brainstorming and mind mapping. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or an entrepreneur, these two popular techniques can help you unleash your creativity and come up with new and innovative solutions. But what exactly are brainstorming and mind mapping, and how do they differ? … Read more

Reading Out Loud Vs Reading In Your Head: Which one is better?

Whether you’re an avid reader who likes to read out loud or someone who prefers to mumble in your head silently, this post is for you! Reading is a crucial aspect of learning and retaining information. Whether it’s a novel, a textbook, or an article, the way we read can impact our understanding and memory … Read more

Incidental Learning Vs Intentional Learning: What’s the difference?

incidential vs intential learninh

The concept of incidental learning has been around for centuries, and it is likely that people have been learning new things spontaneously and unintentionally throughout human history. However, the term “incidental learning” itself was not coined until the 1950s, when it was used by cognitive psychologists to describe the process of acquiring new knowledge or … Read more

ELI5 The Difference Between Pretend Play And Imaginative Play

pretend play vs imaginative play

Pretend play and imaginative play are used interchangeably in today’s time. However, they are two different important forms of play that involve children using their imagination to create scenarios and act them out. Both types of play have been widely studied and have been found to have numerous benefits for child development.  Pretend play is … Read more

ELI5 The Difference Between Accommodations And Modifications

accommodation vs modification

The necessity for quality education for the coming generation which is supposed to be our future long ago has been recognized. But it wasn’t until recently that attention was paid to making this education equitable and accessible to all.  To meet these goals and the specific needs of those with learning differences, several provisions have … Read more

Difference Between MTSS, RTI, and PBIS

difference between pbis, rti and mtts

Education has long been regarded as a basic human right. It ensures that individuals can become successful adults who can access various opportunities and lead independent lives. Ensuring that education is accessible to all is the responsibility of the governing bodies. With the same goal in mind, the U.S. government has put several multi-tiered structures … Read more