60 Report Card Comments For Reading [PDF Included]

Report card Comments for reading

Imagine the joy that fills students when they can effortlessly read large texts fluently managing other crucial elements like pace, tone, pauses, expression, etc. Reading is an essential skill that not only helps students to absorb information but also comprehend it thoroughly. This proficiency in reading shapes their language skills, enhancing their take on everyday … Read more

15 Effective Pre, While, and Post-Reading Activities

Pre, while, and post reading activities

Take a look at the fundamentals of reading, and you will soon realize that reading is an enormously active skill. When a person reads a text, they are actively involved in decoding the words, understanding their meaning, looking at the images, making connections, and thinking critically. But many times, plain reading is not sufficient for … Read more

8 Online Games For Excelling Reading Comprehension

Games for reading comprehension

A well-understood story stays in the mind for a lifetime. Similarly, a story or a passage that is not comprehended well can often create doubts about its main theme. While little learners explore different parts of language, it is significant to equip them with reading comprehension skills that will not only help them make sense … Read more

75 Pre, While, And Post-Reading Questions [PDF Included]

Pre, While and Post Reading Question

Imagine you begin reading one of your favorite long-awaited books. You are almost in the middle of the book when you realize you cannot identify some characters. You thought they were momentarily added to the story but turns out they were from the beginning, and you forget their names. You surely will be disappointed!  If … Read more

7 Effective Monitoring Reading Strategies

monitoring reading strategies

Monitoring your reading is as important as reading itself. If a reader doesn’t self-monitor as they read a text, they cannot correct themselves if they go wrong somewhere, making it difficult to comprehend and retain information. Therefore, teachers must empower students with self-monitoring reading strategies so they are better equipped to make sense of what … Read more

6 Most Successful Research-Based Reading Programs for Struggling Readers

Research based reading

Reading is a fundamental skill. Every person must be a proficient reader to understand the vast expanse of information available in the world. The beginning of reading skills starts during the early school years to support future educational endeavors. But reading is not something that comes naturally to many children. Several students and adults worldwide … Read more

Orton Gillingham vs Reading Recovery: What’s the difference?

Orton Gillingham vs reading recovery

Reading is the cornerstone of education, serving as the basis for all other forms of learning. However, learning to read can be a difficult undertaking for some kids. The Orton Gillingham and Reading Recovery programs are two of the most well-known methods for teaching struggling readers.  Despite having the same objective of assisting students to … Read more