Retelling Vs Summarizing: What’s the difference?

Retelling vs Summarizing

Traversing through a concept or a story again may turn interesting when presented in a distinct way. If it is presented in an alternative format, we may call it Retelling. And, if it is condensed to depict the essence, it refers to summarizing.  While we may observe these strategies in multiple areas like teaching and … Read more

10 Best Activities For Improving Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence Activities

Want to boost your Linguistic intelligence but can’t reckon how? Well, it’s not quite an ordeal. Linguistic intelligence is the ability to comprehend, communicate, and reason utilizing concepts framed in words.  On a broader note, linguistic intelligence is more so associated with abstract reasoning, problem-solving, and working memory span. Individuals with high linguistic intelligence take … Read more

Orton Gillingham Approach: Everything You Need To Know

What is Orton Gillingham approach?

It would be a great scenario where every student learns at the same pace as the instructors. Pragmatically, this may not be possible due to the personal compromises of some pupils. While some have no issues with customary pace, some may need relaxed and individualized training to compete with peers. Fortunately, we can hang on … Read more

List Of Sample IEP Goals For Phonological Awareness

phonological awareness Goals

How can a language be mastered without learning to read? Despite efforts made by schools, the implemented pedagogies may not be adequate for all the students. For special needs pupils, specialized care needs to be taken to make them potent. This is what IEP (Individualized education plan) ensures. IEPs require special focus for every notion, … Read more

List Of Speech Sound Examples And Resources

speech sound examples and resources

Speech development is a crucial process as it enables communication. It starts from a very early age when a kid starts to babble and make various sounds. If the grasping skills are strong, the child may start speaking clear sentences at the very first year of school, and sometimes at home too. However, progress does … Read more

All About Reading Vs. Barton Reading Program

All About Reading vs Barton program

Reading programs offer more than conventional ways of building skills. These programs involve activities based on multisensory learning and pave the easy path for reading strugglers. Educators devised different approaches to teaching reading skills to give an equal chance of learning to all. These approaches structured the acquiring process of reading skills and promoted individualized … Read more

How Do Dyslexia And Dyscalculia Affect Reading Maps?

Learning disorders and reading maps

Dyslexia, which is a learning disorder of difficulty in reading and writing, and Dyscalculia, which is the inability to perform simple arithmetic and maths-related problems are learning disorders that can result in certain alterations in the daily routine of some individuals. Inability to effectively read maps is one such issue at hand. If you are … Read more

Lindamood Bell Vs. Orton Gillingham: Which Reading Program Suits Best For Your Kid?

Lindamood Bell vs. Orton Gillingham

Reading difficulties are a reality, and the efforts are on to help beginners overcome those sustainably. A few noted educators did commendable work to develop methods that helped working around reading difficulties. Some used the phonetic development approach while others concentrated on lexical knowledge and application of cognition. Based on these approaches, a few language … Read more

What Is Barton Reading Program? How It’s Different From Orton Gillingham?

barton reading program

A popular saying goes, “Children are like wet cement; whatever falls on them makes an impression”. It is thus very necessary to choose a reading program for kids carefully. The Barton Reading Program was created around this concept of using colour-coded tiles to help dyslexic students establish connections between sounds and letters to help them … Read more

Dyslexia Tools And Resources For Adults

Dyslexia resources and tools for adults

Dyslexia is not a disease that can be cured. It needs to be worked around and managed. In many cases, dyslexia remains undiagnosed because people choose to give up on their academic endeavors instead of getting assessed for special learning needs. Good News is that there is no need to hide behind excuses or run … Read more