10 Effective Growth Mindset Activities for College Students

Growth mindset

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison The power to see positives and embrace failures is what fuels a mindset that can never stop growing and exploring possibilities. Just as the famous quote by Edison reflects the behavior of never giving up, it is vital for college students … Read more

8 Peer Pressure Games & Activities For High School Students 

Peer pressuer games and activities for high school

Do your friends often insist on joining them for late-night parties? It is common to come across such instances where students are influenced by the behavior, attitudes, thoughts, and actions of their fellow mates. While certain actions could help students advance academically, others might put undue pressure on them. Some high school students could feel … Read more

60 Report Card Comments For Reading [PDF Included]

Report card Comments for reading

Imagine the joy that fills students when they can effortlessly read large texts fluently managing other crucial elements like pace, tone, pauses, expression, etc. Reading is an essential skill that not only helps students to absorb information but also comprehend it thoroughly. This proficiency in reading shapes their language skills, enhancing their take on everyday … Read more

8 Fun Games & Activities For Learning Gerunds And Infinitives

Gerund and Infinitive Games and Activities 

Grammar lessons can be daunting as each concept has too many rules and techniques to follow. When it comes to the concept of gerunds and infinitives, it often creates confusion about how to identify them along with their correct usage. Gerunds are identified by the letters ‘-ing’ following the root verb, such as dancing, singing, … Read more

60 Inspiring Quotes By Alice Miller

Alice Miller Quotes

Most of what you feel and do in adulthood is directly connected to your childhood experiences and memories. Alice Miller strongly believed in this idea which helped her analyze children and their behavior efficiently.  A famous psychoanalyst, psychologist, and author, Alice Miller has greatly contributed to understanding child abuse and trauma. Her significant findings help … Read more

8 Online Games For Excelling Reading Comprehension

Games for reading comprehension

A well-understood story stays in the mind for a lifetime. Similarly, a story or a passage that is not comprehended well can often create doubts about its main theme. While little learners explore different parts of language, it is significant to equip them with reading comprehension skills that will not only help them make sense … Read more

20 Famous Quotes By Melanie Klein

melanie klein quotes

Delving into the minds of children is often an important factor in equipping them with helpful learning experiences. Significant figures have contributed to early child development to foster a healthy environment for them. In the field of early childhood, Melanie Klein has also been an important figure in decoding the emotional needs of children. Being … Read more