24 Quotes Highlighting The Power Of Self-regulation

self regulation quotes

Self-regulation is the capacity to comprehend and control your behavior as well as your responses to your feelings and the world around you. It entails being able to control how one response to intense feelings including annoyance, excitement, rage, and humiliation. Between a sensation and an action, self-regulation requires pausing to consider the situation, formulate … Read more

9 Online Games For Vocational Skills In Little Learners

Online Vocational games

Recall the last time you did well on a test. What skills enabled you to perform exceptionally well on that exam? If it was a social science exam, chances are you read and understood the information thoroughly, were able to structure it efficiently in your answer, and so on. There are several skills involved in … Read more

7 Engaging Vocational Skills Activities For Adults

vocational activities

Vocational skills are practical abilities that people learn in a particular field of interest. These are the practical abilities that a person needs to acquire in order to select a job path. When people obtain vocational training in college or another educational setting, they are not merely being prepared to study for exams and graduate … Read more

Abstract thinking vs Concrete thinking: Understanding the difference

When you look at a country’s flag, what do you see? If your answer was something along the lines of a piece of cloth with different shapes and colors on it, then chances are you are a concrete thinker. Whereas, if you thought it is a symbol of the country’s freedom and sovereignty and a … Read more

Experiential Learning Vs Active Learning: ELI5 The Difference

An ever-transforming field, Education, has been flooded with opinions, research, and methodologies to enhance the learning process for the coming generations. Experiential and active learning methodologies are a byproduct of these ongoing explorations.  Even though these pedagogical approaches extend life-long benefits to both the educator and learner, many struggles with the basic theoretical understanding of … Read more

8 Engaging Games For Guided Reading

guided reading games

Guided reading is a research-based instructional strategy that teaches pupils how to interpret literature. It was first launched in the late 1990s and is still one of the most popular methods of teaching reading at the primary level. The method of guided reading teaches students reading skills in small groups based on their individual and … Read more

7 Helpful Active Learning Activities For Adults

active earning activities

Active learning is a format that includes various strategies to constantly be involved in incorporating new knowledge into the brain. While the advantages and disadvantages of this model have been carefully weighed by educators, it is done using debates, problem-solving, case histories, interactive activities, and other strategies. By relating new information to existing knowledge, structuring … Read more

20 Thought-provoking Quotes On Active Learning

active learning quotes

According to the American Psychological Association, “learning that takes place as a result of carrying out an activity or putting a concept into practice is active learning.” It is the active pursuit of fresh knowledge as opposed to merely being a passive recipient. Active learners choose tactics, set goals, know when they have understood, and … Read more

40 Inspiring Quotes Highlighting The Importance Of Self-reflection

self reflection quotes

Self-reflection is essential to developing self-awareness because it enables us to examine our ideas, feelings, emotions, and behaviors objectively. We can view ourselves with fresh wonder and interest as a result of this exercise. As we go further, we can start to doubt our very existence. It is impossible to overstate the value of self-analysis, … Read more

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Active Learning

pros and cons of active learning

Life and its challenges, they say, come in all forms and sizes. Then why shouldn’t the classroom, which is supposed to prepare one for life, also emulate these characteristics? Active learning does just that and looks at learning as a skill-developing activity instead of an information-rote memorization one. Active learning strategies can be seen as … Read more