15 Inspiring Quotes Of Cher (Especially For Individuals Struggling With Dyslexia)

Born Cherilyn Sarkisian and popularly known by her stage name Cher, is one of the most popular American singers, actresses, and television personalities. The media often refers to her as the Goddess of Pop. Born on the 20th of May 1946, Cher has been one of the most prominent faces among women in the entertainment … Read more

26 Inspirational Quotes About Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness can be referred to as one’s ability to understand and properly depict where their physical bodies are in accordance with the space, various objects, and other people around them. The skill of spatial awareness is very complex in nature and thus children start developing a sense to understand this from a very early … Read more

20 Inspiring ‘Proud to Be a Teacher’ Quotes

20 Inspiring 'Proud to Be a Teacher' Quotes

As we all know, teachers are one of the essential building blocks in our life after our parents. It is the teachers’ job to ensure that society gets what it needs in terms of children that are well taught in the way of life and are equipped with knowledge. Teachers help make the world a … Read more

50 Motivational Back-to-school Quotes For Teachers To Get The Zeal Back After A Vacation

Back to school quotes for teachers

Have you ever imagined the feeling of getting back to school? While all children are enthusiastic about new bags and books, it is equally crucial to equip teachers with much-needed motivation. Vacations offer a relaxing time for individuals, In such a situation, quotes can be helpful to motivate teachers like never before! As teachers play … Read more

15 Quotes that disseminate the idea of Orton Gillingham’s approach

Orton gillingham quotes

If your child is struggling with reading, writing, or spelling, you’re probably wondering what resources and programs are available to help your child learn literacy skills. You’ve probably heard of Orton-Gillingham, or “OG,” if you’ve talked to teachers, parents, or other professionals. So, what is under the umbrella of this program, and why is having … Read more

23 Inspirational Quotes For Teachers Highlighting The Importance Of Reading

Reading is essential and, in fact, one of the most critical factors in becoming the best version of yourself. It helps you grow your brain, provides a window into the world around you, and improves your performance in all school courses. Most significantly, reading can help you become a better student as well as a … Read more

40 Quotes Highlighting The Importance Of Symmetry In Our Lives

Symmetry quotes

When we look around us, it’s impossible not to notice symmetry. But why is that? Why do so many different things have an uncanny resemblance to each other?  Symmetry, a concept that’s been around since ancient times,  plays a major role in most things around us. It can be used to evoke feelings of serenity … Read more

30 Famous Quotes And Sayings About The Importance Of Numbers

Everywhere we look, there are numbers related to what we do. We use them to calculate seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years. Numbers are a valuable language for counting, measuring, and identifying no matter which numerical system we choose. We can employ numbers in an infinite variety of ways, such as in phone calls, bank … Read more

40 Famous Quotes Highlighting The Power Of Statistics

Statistics quotes

Statistics is a powerful tool that can be used to make sense of the world around us. By understanding and analyzing numerical data, we can gain insights into trends and patterns that would be otherwise hidden. As a result, statistics can be used to help us make decisions in our personal lives and inform policymaking … Read more