24 Quotes Highlighting The Power Of Self-regulation

self regulation quotes

Self-regulation is the capacity to comprehend and control your behavior as well as your responses to your feelings and the world around you. It entails being able to control how one response to intense feelings including annoyance, excitement, rage, and humiliation. Between a sensation and an action, self-regulation requires pausing to consider the situation, formulate … Read more

15 Quotes On The Importance Of Early Intervention In Child’ s Development

Early intervention quotes

A system of services called early intervention supports infants and toddlers who have developmental delays or other difficulties in daily life routines. Early intervention aims to assist eligible infants and toddlers in acquiring the fundamental and novel abilities that usually emerge during the first three years of life. It is similar to special education for … Read more

50 Inspiring Quotes Highlighting The Importance Of Team Building

People working as a team to accomplish a common goal is what teamwork entails similar to what Robert Murphy said “Every genius has a team behind them. People can create useful and practical solutions when they make use of each other’s abilities and knowledge.” Although collaboration with others is an essential skill for success in … Read more

50 Quotes Highlighting The Importance Of Logical Thinking

logical thinking quotes

Logical thinking is an essential skill for students. Once equipped with this invaluable skill, students are empowered with a useful tool to stay with them into the dawn of adulthood. These skills include a variety of other skills that enable us to critically evaluate and analyze a certain problem or information to come up with … Read more

20 Thought-provoking Quotes On Active Learning

active learning quotes

According to the American Psychological Association, “learning that takes place as a result of carrying out an activity or putting a concept into practice is active learning.” It is the active pursuit of fresh knowledge as opposed to merely being a passive recipient. Active learners choose tactics, set goals, know when they have understood, and … Read more

40 Inspiring Quotes Highlighting The Importance Of Self-reflection

self reflection quotes

Self-reflection is essential to developing self-awareness because it enables us to examine our ideas, feelings, emotions, and behaviors objectively. We can view ourselves with fresh wonder and interest as a result of this exercise. As we go further, we can start to doubt our very existence. It is impossible to overstate the value of self-analysis, … Read more

40 Thought-provoking Albert Einstein Quotes On Knowledge And Intelligence

Albert Einstein quotes on knowledge and intelligence

“The passing of Einstein gives us a chance to stop and think how it felt to have been alive while one of the authentic great minds of all history was doing its work” – By George R. Harrison The estimated IQ of Albert Einstein is 160, despite the fact that he most likely never took … Read more

50 Inspirational Quotes About Homeschooling

Inspirational homeschooling quotes

Homeschooling is a buzzword! While the practice is centuries old, the term is relatively new. Gaining ground in the 1970s, with the work of John Holt, Raymond Moore, and Dorothy, homeschooling came to combine life skills and general subjects taught in a school. Homeschooling, in essence, is parents taking up the role of teachers instead … Read more

15 Inspiring Quotes Of Cher (Especially For Individuals Struggling With Dyslexia)

Born Cherilyn Sarkisian and popularly known by her stage name Cher, is one of the most popular American singers, actresses, and television personalities. The media often refers to her as the Goddess of Pop. Born on the 20th of May 1946, Cher has been one of the most prominent faces among women in the entertainment … Read more

26 Inspirational Quotes About Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness can be referred to as one’s ability to understand and properly depict where their physical bodies are in accordance with the space, various objects, and other people around them. The skill of spatial awareness is very complex in nature and thus children start developing a sense to understand this from a very early … Read more