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Raspberry Pi equipped glasses that read texts to dyslexic wearers

Text-to-voice is an excellent outcome of character recognition technology that every dyslexic or visually impaired can benefit from. Popular Apps like Smartynote Pro and Evernote widely use this functionality to serve their users who have learning disorder. Taking a step further, A Japanese company implemented the technology in a pair of smart glasses. Keisuke Shimakage from Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences, Japan developed OTON Glass that reads text to the wearers. It’s an effective tool for people with dyslexia or poor vision, or for travellers abroad. OTON Glasses have two small…

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Dyslexic mom hopes to inspire people facing difficulties by writing a book

Nakita Shields, of Inverness, is a 30 year single mum with a vision to inspire people struggling through tough times by writing a book. Being dyslexic from childhood, Nakita says that she suffered years of bullying and negativity as a youngster because of her learning disorder. I hope that by writing this book proves anyone can overcome their own difficulties. The book, titled as Legin’s Log, is a story of one man’s trip around the world. The life of protagonist resembles to that of Nakita’s father’s story and the reason why the name,…

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I was relieved to finally discover Dyscalculia – Story of Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore was the name of 70’s. Having achieved fame from hit sitcoms, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show, and scoring six Emmy awards during an acting career, she was an American icon and served as an inspiration for many younger actresses, professional women, and feminists. However, Things weren’t that great in the beginning. She faced lifelong challenges that have impacted her personally and professionally. In an interview recorded in 2013, she told about her lifelong struggle with numbers. It wasn’t until she was in her 50s that Moore discovered…

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Scored straight A’s in every subject matter but maths – Story of Victoria Lawson

Dyscalculia may have hindered her pace in doing basic calculations but that didn’t stopped her for scoring straight A’s in other subjects. Being diagnosed in sophomore year of high school, Multimedia journalism major Victoria Lawson often times become frustrated with math. This is what she have to say about her struggle with dyscalculia Whenever I schedule interviews with people, I pull up a picture of a clock because I need the visual display I also memorize phone numbers by envisioning them as pictures. I would write down 71 instead of 17, and I couldn’t remember my phone…

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