21 Words of Appreciation For Teachers From The Principal [PDF Included]

Words appreciation for teachers from principal

Words of appreciation go a long way in acknowledging people’s hard work and motivating them to continue to do their best work in the future. Teachers work tirelessly each day to provide quality education to their students. Unlike other professionals who don’t need to carry work home, teachers often give up their family time to … Read more

55 Inspiring Dr. Seuss Quotes for Teachers

Dr. seuss quotes

Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, winner of two times Emmy Awards, a Peabody award, and a prestigious Pulitzer award, is a well-renowned children’s author, political cartoonist, illustrator, and poet. He is well known for revolutionizing children’s literature and is the man behind some of the famous children’s books, such as ‘The Cat in the … Read more

60 Inspiring Quotes By Alice Miller

Alice Miller Quotes

Most of what you feel and do in adulthood is directly connected to your childhood experiences and memories. Alice Miller strongly believed in this idea which helped her analyze children and their behavior efficiently.  A famous psychoanalyst, psychologist, and author, Alice Miller has greatly contributed to understanding child abuse and trauma. Her significant findings help … Read more

50 Inspiring Quotes By Jerome Bruner

jerome Bruner quotes

Every child can learn any subject at any stage if taught properly. This strong belief of Jerome Bruner helped transform the education system and curriculum in the United States. Jerome Bruner is a renowned American psychologist who significantly contributed to the field of cognitive psychology. While education systems today understand the challenges and experiences of … Read more

20 Famous Quotes By Melanie Klein

melanie klein quotes

Delving into the minds of children is often an important factor in equipping them with helpful learning experiences. Significant figures have contributed to early child development to foster a healthy environment for them. In the field of early childhood, Melanie Klein has also been an important figure in decoding the emotional needs of children. Being … Read more

40 Powerful Quotes By Anna Freud

Anna freud quotes

Children always look for a safe space to express their emotions and vivid thoughts. It is certainly the contributions of renowned personalities that have shaped the education system today. Anna Freud, daughter of Sigmund Freud, is a remarkable name in shaping various aspects of modern child psychology. She strongly believed in creating an environment for … Read more

7 Exceptional Dancers With Dyslexia

Exceptional dancers with dyslexia

When academic learning becomes a challenge for people with Dyslexia, creative expression becomes their way of finding peace in chaos. Learning disabilities like Dyslexia can impact the way of living. If not diagnosed, children are soon labeled as dull or disobedient children and the academic stress never lessens. Efforts are being made to help children … Read more

35 Famous Quotes About Reggio Emilia Approach

Reggio emilia quotes

Imagine a class where children can choose their favorite topic for the project. A class where children get to dance, play the role of a freedom fighter, or participate in their own learning. That’s exactly what defines the Reggio Emilia education approach. Reggio Emilia is a renowned education philosophy that focuses on early childhood education. … Read more

45 Quotes About Problem Solving

As it is popularly known, problems are inevitable! Whether it is in school, at home, or in an organization, you are likely to come across different types and levels of problems. With every problem comes many different solutions. Arriving at solutions to problems not only helps with creative thinking but also improves decision-making skills. It … Read more