6 Engaging Sequencing Events Games To Play Online

Online sequencing events games

“She went into the forest for a walk, and pretty soon she came back home with some flowers and fruits. Next, she walked into the kitchen to brew a hot cup of coffee.” While this might look like a normal sentence, this actually is a classic example of sequencing events!  Sequencing events – being one … Read more

9 Fun Calendar Games For Kids To Play Online 

Online calendar games

Games on real-life entities make a great learning session. Calendar games are one of those. These games let the little ones be exposed to the concept of days, months, and years. Be it aligning with the timetable or planning for a birthday, having calendar knowledge is crucial. Thankfully, calendar games are effective enough to assist. … Read more

10 Engaging Retelling Games To Play Online

Retelling games for kids

Stories often create a good time for young learners. These not only entertain them but also offer valuable insights as part of the narration. While kids understand the story while it is narrated, some crucial details need to be implanted to ensure the story makes an impact. Retelling is a great idea in this context … Read more

10 Fun Cognitive Flexibility Games and Activities For Little Aspirants

Cognitive flexibility games and activities

Usually, we all are thinking about hundred things at a time; sometimes consciously and at others, non-consciously. Also, every work requires using multiple thought processes and flexible thinking. The flexible thinking and cognitive approach is needed to complete daily chores in all spheres of life. Often, parents complain that the kids don’t keep track of … Read more

10 Interesting ESL Games And Activities For Adults

ESL Games and activities

English as a second language (ESL) is important among non-native speakers owing to the significance of English at the global level. Not only children, but non-native adults also need it as a part of their profession. Strategies like board and online games can be accompanied by classroom or practice activities to make learning easy.  The … Read more

6 Engaging Visual Perception Activities & Games For Adults

Visual perception activities & games for adults

Visual perceptual skills encompass a variety of abilities required for interpreting and comprehending visual information, including visual-spatial, visual evaluation (also referred to as visual information processing), and visual-motor integration. The potential of the brain to understand and process what the human eye sees is referred to as visual perceptual skills. This ability is crucial as … Read more

15 Fun Brain Break Games & Activities Ideas For Kindergarteners & Preschoolers

Brain break activities for kindergarten & preschool

Schooling is often important and distinct for young toddlers. While most of their learning often ensures creative arts like painting, shapes, music, and dancing, a few more strategies may be implemented to make sure they perform to their best.  Even though the classes are entertaining, these little learners may need rest at regular intervals to … Read more

15 Energizing Brain Break Games & Activities Ideas For Middle School & High School

Brain break activities for middle and high school

The age of adolescence is an important phase. This is the age where the individual is at the best level of enthusiasm and abilities to learn new concepts. But long exposure to sessions may make them exhausted mentally. This brings the need for brain breaks for the youngsters.  Not only kids, but higher grades in … Read more

13 Fun Brain Break Games & Activities Ideas For Adults At Work

Brain break activities for adults at work

Be it in school or at the workplace, attention to some crucial responsibility may obligate a need to rest. The level of this may vary for adults. Their maturity and experience may need them to look for such choices that may relax them soon and may be useful in personal development as well. Consequently, energizing … Read more

15 Brain Break Activities And Games Ideas For College & Older Students

Brain break games & activities for college

No matter how passionate a child is, it is the brain break that ensures them to perform better-ensuing refreshment. These short fun practices help them to relax their mind in order to be more focused and productive. While we understand that the strategy can be useful for youngsters, do college students and adults also be … Read more