10 Engaging Story Writing Games For Adults

Story Writing Games for adults

Are you someone with exceptional imagination power looking to pen down your creative and captivating thoughts? Well, then put on your thinking caps and get ready to dive into the endless possibilities of storytelling. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or a beginner, these games will challenge you to push your boundaries and create unforgettable characters, … Read more

8 Effective Resilience Building Games And Activities For Adults

Resilience building games & activities

In today’s fast-moving and demanding world, resilience is what helps to navigate the ups and downs of life. It plays an important role in maintaining mental well-being and achieving personal growth. Recognizing the importance of resilience, it has become essential to work towards building this ability to bounce back from adversity and adapt to change. … Read more

10 Interesting Force And Motion Games To Play Online

Force And Motion Online Games

Technology has become an inevitable part of today’s education system. This digitally-driven world is continuously working towards enhancing the learning experience and meeting the unique needs of every student. Be it theoretical subjects like English, and general knowledge to practical subjects like science and math, technology has got everything. One such concept that can be … Read more

10 Interactive Games & Activities For Learning Elements, Compounds And Mixtures

elements compound and interactive mixture games & activities

Let’s think of a bag of Legos for a while. One might recall that legos are used to create various items. In these created pieces, the legos are the elements, different legos put together to make a car are the compounds, and different legos mixed with different types of toys are the mixture. Elements are … Read more

8 Fun Reading Games for Middle School Students

Reading Games for Middle School Students

Are you a middle school teacher looking for creative ways to get your students excited about reading? You’re not alone! Reading can be a challenge for some students, but that’s where games come in. Incorporating games into your lesson plans is a fun and quirky way to help your students develop their reading skills, without … Read more

8 Interesting Games For Teaching Letter Reversal

letter reversal game

Ever seen a child write “b” in place of “d” or “p” in place of “q” and vice versa? That’s what we call letter reversal or mirror writing. A child struggling with this issue often writes specific letters (sometimes even a few numbers) backward or upside down. Parents usually get worried when they see their … Read more

13 Fun Slope Games and Activities For 8th Graders

slope activities

Slope is an essential concept in mathematics that measures the steepness of a line. It’s a bit like snowboarding or skiing down a slope: you need to adjust your movements to navigate the terrain. In 8th grade math, it’s a foundational concept that they will use throughout their math studies and in many other fields, … Read more

10 Fun Observation Games & Activities For Elementary Students

observation games and activities

You must have seen students asking different questions looking at the sky during day and night. They are generally filled with so many questions about the existence of stars or why trees move only during certain times. Where do these questions come from? Purely through observation! The more they observe, the more they are attracted … Read more