8 Online Games For Excelling Reading Comprehension

A well-understood story stays in the mind for a lifetime. Similarly, a story or a passage that is not comprehended well can often create doubts about its main theme. While little learners explore different parts of language, it is significant to equip them with reading comprehension skills that will not only help them make sense of whatever they’re reading but also learn new things. We are not talking about comprehending complex ideas however, children do need to understand language patterns, vocabulary, and reading skills. 

Reading comprehension is a vast topic that includes many types of passages and texts. Hence, to bring the reading lessons to life, you can use online games that are full of engaging graphics and thoughtful ideas. These online games improve critical thinking skills and also help students understand the subject in a diversified way. Keep reading and find engaging games perfect for young learners.

Interactive games for reading comprehension

Just as reading comprehension activities help create a fun learning environment, you can use the below-mentioned online games to create a challenging learning time. These games are thoughtful creations that use animations and sounds to instill the skill in younglings.

1. Main Idea

 Main Idea

Reading comprehension is about understanding the subject matter. With this game, students get an opportunity to analyze texts and find the main idea of the passage. A passage conveys many meanings; however, this game allows students to identify the core message of the paragraph. For this game, click on the start button and the game begins. 

It is set in a monsoon theme where different passages appear on the clouds. There are different trees and the possible main ideas are written on them. You need to move the cloud and lightning shall strike on the tree. If the main idea is identified correctly, you shall receive a point. If not, your grade will drop. Such a game allows students to decode information and select the one that best summarizes the paragraph.

2. Dr. Chavez’s Lab

 Dr. Chavez's Lab

As the name suggests, this reading comprehension game is based on the lab theme where you are responsible for collecting test tubes. A doctor is making different medicines and as you move ahead, you need to assist him by answering the questions. Click on Start to play the game. 

Different arrow keys are given on the right corner that helps you collect test tubes. After this, a reading comprehension shall be given on the left. After reading, there shall be questions on the right side. You need to select the right answer to find the key and move ahead in the game. Such a game helps with building reading skills and enhances vocabulary too.

3. Lily Pad Pond

 Lily Pad Pond

Lily Pad Pond is a super engaging story that allows little learners to develop their reading comprehension skills. The game uses visually appealing images and animations to gauge the attention of leaders. It is an animated storybook where learners go on to discover the tale of two tadpoles.

Click on the start to play the game. The game then begins with introducing the tadpoles and how they think about being a frog. You can either pay attention to the paragraphs read by the game and keep reading along with it. Later, you shall see different questions. Based on your understanding of the comprehension, you need to select the right answers.

4. Reading Comprehension 

 Reading Comprehension 

This reading comprehension game elaborately explains to little learners the essence of reading and understanding passages. It is a simple game that targets basic comprehension skills. Click on the play button to start the game. You shall now see a short paragraph.

The game reads out the paragraph thereby allowing you to actively listen and connect with the images. It is filled with engaging graphics too. After this, different questions appear on the screen with a few blanks. Considering the information read and heard, you need to type the right words to win the game. Such memory games also help students improve their attention.

5. Kid Heroes 

  Kid Heroes 

Kid Heroes is an interesting game that takes you through a theme-based play experience. The game is all about finding the main idea or the theme of the reading comprehension. In this game, you need to save the king by answering with the correct choices. Click on the play to start the game.

You shall now see a warrior on the right and a king on the left. A reading passage will be displayed and you need to select the main theme of the passage from the 3 options given below. After selection, you get to place a hero for the battle and save the king. Every right answer allows you to place the hero and try to save the king. Such a game allows you to focus on reading and extraction of the main idea.

6. Deluxe Paralaughs

Deluxe Paralaughs

You can only read a paragraph successfully when verbs, adjectives, and other parts of speech are used accurately. Deluxe Paralaughs is an engaging game where students get an opportunity to select the right parts of speech to complete. As you click on the game, you can select the theme of the story – Shark Story or Farm Story.

After selecting the theme, you shall now see an incomplete paragraph on the left. According to the theme, different words appear on the right side along with well-animated images. You need to select the right word that best fits the paragraph to make it a complete passage for reading. Such a game allows you to build grammatical skills and enhances vocabulary.

7. Storybook Adventure 

Storybook Adventure

Storybook Adventure is a helpful game where students learn about reading comprehension and making different choices. As the name suggests, the book has 3 different stories that help with enhancing the skill. As you click on start, you need to select one of the stories to begin with. After selecting the story, you shall now see different paragraphs written on the left. 

The game is full of engaging graphics and animations. The game then reads the paragraph where active listening skill is boosted. Listen carefully as the game later asks you to complete the comprehension by selecting suitable sentences. Based on your selection, the story goes ahead and you are asked to make different choices for completing the passages. 

8. Making Inferences 

Making Inferences

Making inferences means drawing conclusions or connecting ideas that relate to each other. This reading comprehension game strengthens critical thinking and allows little learners to broaden their understanding of the subject matter. Click on the start button to play the game. You shall now listen to a conversation between two friends discussing something. 

With engaging graphics and texts, the game reads out the passage and you need to listen carefully. After this, you shall see different statements broken as per their context. You need to match the two right statements to present your understanding of the comprehensive discussion. The game allows you to think, relate, and create inferences from the content.

Wrapping up

Developing reading comprehension skills in little learners helps them with imagination, critical thinking, and creativity. Besides reading comprehension apps, online reading comprehension games are a helpful way to channel their thoughts and assist them in finding the crux of the passages.

Teachers and educators can also use free printable graphic organizers for reading comprehension that test the memory and understanding level of students. It should be noted that every child learns at a different pace and a variety of methods can help impart reading comprehension skills.

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