8 Best Reading Comprehension Apps for Adults

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Why do adults need to know about Reading Comprehension? Yes, looking at the topic, this question might come across your mind. Actually, it is not always due to learning disabilities; first of all, let me tell you that! English is a global language. And, there are a whole lot of non-English speaking nations where this global medium of instruction and communication is to be learned as a second language. Hence, those adult learners who want to master English as a second language can use technology-driven tools like apps to develop reading comprehension skills.

In this post, we have curated for you reading comprehension apps that adults may use for their individual objectives. But, what can be those objectives? Let’s discuss those a little first.

Objectives of using Reading comprehension apps for adults

A lack of reading comprehension skills in adults is a well-known fact. 43-45% of American adults have a problem reading densely written, well-punctuated text (Kutner, Greenberg & Baer, 2005). The efforts are on to diagnose the probability of occurrence of reading comprehension problems in adult stages. When diagnosed, the path ahead is dedicated to how to overcome the reading comprehension difficulty. It is where the apps, books, discussion forums, etc. step in and provide a plausible solution.

The reading comprehension apps for adults can serve three important purposes:

  • Overcome reading difficulties: Adults can revisit reading sessions using apps and make up for the shortcomings left unattended due to abandoning of schools, dyslexia-caused troubles, or other factors.
  • Learning English as a Second Language (ESL): Some people learn English for personal skills development. They want to master English, add more weight to their resumes, and strive to become globally acceptable too.
  • Clear competitive exams like GRE, TOEFL, etc.: To get admission in foreign universities where proficiency in English is considered mandatory to qualify. In these exams, reading comprehension is an important section and needs to be cleared mandatorily.

Want to know which reading comprehension apps for adults are serving the learning needs most correctly? Take a look at these happening apps that can help you improve your reading fundamentals, and vocabulary, and provide ample practice for solving questions based on reading comprehension.

User-friendly Reading Comprehension Apps Must-have for Adults

1. Reading Comprehension – GRE® Test Prep & Practice

Reading Comprehension – GRE® Test Prep & Practice

Beautifully designed and well-crafter reading comprehension app that you can use for GRE preparation and personal fulfillment as yet. The main activity involved in a reading comprehension exercise is reading passages and answering questions based on the facts given in those. This app offers ample opportunity to do so. You may find about 200 passages to read and decode.

This app is a sophisticated way of putting learning into action. You can take quick short tests, save scores, and stay put on the path to improvement. Even when not preparing for competitive exams, you can create a personal repertoire of passages to read often.

App Link: Play Store

2. Reading Comprehension Fun Game

Reading Comprehension Fun Game

Designed for both kids and adults, this app is a perfect tool for getting practice on reading comprehension. Divided into different levels, this app offers a gamified way of driving English learners into reading activities. When needed as a boost for developing strong communication skills, this app offers the perfect learning tool.

Read out loud, listen to the pronunciation, and test comprehension skills through different types of practice sets and reading activities. The app works on the principle that it is never too late to start learning. So, whichever age group you belong to, you can employ this app to learn and develop the requisite reading development skills. It walks you through how to read, how to solve questions and answers, and also offers support to check right and wrong answers.

App Link: App Store | Play Store

3. Reading Comprehension Skills

Reading comprehension skills

The Reading Comprehension Skills app offers complete know-how on how to develop this aspect of reading fluency. First, it starts with giving you a crystal clear view of what reading comprehension skills actually comprise. So, with a quick go-through of essentialities like decoding, fluency, and vocabulary, you actually are able to set the proficiency levels you ought to achieve to become well-seasoned in reading comprehension.

The app offers you various levels of learning so that you start and proceed steadily and progressively. It trains you in the art of scanning the content and skimming the meaning from it. The app works great for management students, team leaders, etc. who need to learn how to approach reading and process information from it.

App Link: Play Store

4. Reading – TOEFL® Preparation Tests

Reading - TOEFL® Preparation Tests

This app has found a place in our list because adults need to learn and refine their reading comprehension skills to prepare for competitive exams like TOEFL. The designers have deeply researched what the learning requirements for TOEFL level exams are, and they have laid ample stress on all of those.

The users are sure to benefit from features like vocabulary build support, and test support, and has an enriched collection of questions and answers. Just because the name is TOEFL, it does not mean that the app is useful for competitive exams only. The app proves its worth to the self-learners of ESL too and is a versatile tool that can help adults have more mature content to read and practice as a part of their reading comprehension skills building.

App Link: Play Store

5. Improve Reading Comprehension

Improve Reading Comprehension

When you are completely unaware of even basic English and want to build your reading comprehension skills way up starting from scratch, this app offers you the best resource to do so. It is one of the apps that you can use with your kids and have teamwork at home, trying to help each other.

Don’t get beguiled by the colorful pictures that may set you thinking that the app is for kids; the content is designed to keep the adults’ learning needs too. The app is full of contextual passages that can help English beginners pick the message, and work around the reading skill. If you are a parent, you can bond over this app with your children and have your share of learning too.

App Link: App Store

6. Reading Comprehension Test – English

Reading Comprehension Test - English

Reading comprehension is not restricted only to making the meaning from the text or answering questions based on the passage. It is a much more elaborate process and requires a strategic approach to decode the message and internalize it. Also, the reader should be able to read between the lines and predict the upcoming message. How to do it exactly? Well, the answer lies in this app.

The app provides you with full-fledged support for learning the processes of predicting, questioning, inferencing from the text, and visualizing what is presented textually. Thus, make your mobile phone the best English reading comprehension learning tool. It serves your needs just right and can help learn reading even while on the move.

App Link: Play Store

7. English Reading Stories

English Reading Stories

Do you know stories offer the most engaging material that can help build reading comprehension skills too? If you vouch for this fact too, then this app is the best answer. It is where your search for a collection of stories to read to check on your reading comprehension skills is sure to end on a happy note.

You can find in this app stories sorted according to your level of proficiency in reading comprehension. After every reading or end of the level, you can check proficiency through a quick test, and then decide whether to proceed further or repeat the level. Thus, this app is a perfect fit for adults who need self-paced support for mastering reading comprehension.

App Link: Play Store

8. Reading Comprehension (LITE)

Reading Comprehension (LITE)

A straightforward and effective app for reading comprehension beginners. On the one hand, it meets the needs of the growing kids who want to gain proficiency in reading and comprehending meaning from it. On the other, it is suitable for adults, too, who want to appear for ESL tests, or just have made up their minds to learn English for their personal development.

The app has a Pro version too, where unlimited stories come unlocked. Learners can sync their story selection with the level of proficiency achieved and have their need to practice reading comprehension fulfilled, So, keep your stock of reading material ready in your mobile phones by having this app. It saves you the hassle of stuffing your houses with books, offering you a resource-efficient way of becoming a reading comprehension pro.

App Link: Play Store

Summing up,

Reading comprehension is one of the components of English learning that has no end to it. You can start at any point in time, work the way around the reading need, and revisit the learned portions too. The apps listed above allow you to practice and have fun with reading, which is very important for a far-reaching impact.

You are sure to brim with confidence and have a gut feeling that ‘Yes, I own reading comprehension completely now!’ once you are through with the apps explained above. So, download and share with us, how these helped!

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