Does IEP affect college or university acceptance?

Does IEP affect college or university acceptance?

University can be the most crucial phase of a student’s life, and IEP can help transition into this phase smoothly. The acceptance process of these institutions comprises various stages, and the students begin to work on their applications from the high school itself.  Students with disabilities struggle with their limitations and the anticipation of their … Read more

Characteristics of Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence characteristics

Human beings are susceptible to an insurmountable amount of information on a daily basis, which leads to the formation of thoughts of all sorts. These thoughts are responsible for the dominant intelligence type of an individual as well as a consequence of it too.  We express it as the dominant intelligence type because of the … Read more

9 Activities For Improving Intrapersonal Intelligence In Learners

Intrapersonal intelligence activities

Every single day, we experience life through stimuli in various forms, including verbal information, visual information, and even tactile information. We aren’t naturally skilled to perform all the tasks that come our way. We pick up certain skills and develop expertise in them, through competence in the type of intelligence we have in abundance. There … Read more

SAT Accommodations For Students With Dyslexia

SAT accommodations for dyslexia

The Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized test used for college admissions in the USA. Managing this crucial test can be often stressful, especially for children with learning difficulties. It can be due to various reasons. When talking about tests and applicants who face such shortcomings, the GMAT and GRE have provided a set of … Read more

How to deal with computers while having Dyslexia?

Dyslexia and dealing with computers

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON JUNE 17, 2022 Advancement in technology has brought about many noteworthy upgrades in lifestyle. Undoubtedly, dealing with computers is an eminent part of it. Right from contacting loved ones to purchasing something, computers come in handy with a wide range of purposes. But some people, like those with Dyslexia, may have … Read more

7 Elapsed Time Activities Ideas For Classroom

Elapsed time activities

With a plethora of subjects and concepts, basic abilities like counting the number of minutes taken to complete a task often get missed out. Known as Elapsed Time; Understanding this concept benefits an individual lifelong since it forms the crucial attribute required for better executive functioning. However, teaching through mere textbooks might not be enough; … Read more

8 Surprising Facts About Good And Bad Handwriting

Good and bad handwriting facts

Learning multiple traits of penmanship can be a long journey. From cursive to precursive, handwriting can be of various types; one can include activities and workbooks to improve their calligraphy and get better with the pen. However, those who are enhancing their skill might be intrigued to know some handwriting facts which can help them … Read more

Strategies To Teach Elapsed Time Concept In Fun And Easy Way

Strategies to teach elapsed time

Time is considered to be one of the most valuable things ever; so much to an extent that it’s often said “The key is not in spending time, but in investing it.” However, learning the concept of time, and elapsing time can be a tough nut to crack.  Having mentioned that, this post aims to … Read more

6 Engaging Sequencing Events Games To Play Online

Online sequencing events games

“She went into the forest for a walk, and pretty soon she came back home with some flowers and fruits. Next, she walked into the kitchen to brew a hot cup of coffee.” While this might look like a normal sentence, this actually is a classic example of sequencing events!  Sequencing events – being one … Read more