10 Common Applications Of Tangents and Normal in Real-life

application of tangent and normal

If you are a teacher, chances are high that you are always looking for new and innovative methods to teach children challenging mathematics concepts. Don’t you? Mathematics, at times, can be a challenging and difficult subject to study and understand.  If concepts are not introduced properly, children suffer to learn and understand the concept accurately. … Read more

10 Common Applications Of Logarithms In Real-life

Application of logarithm

Mathematics is challenging yet fun. To understand mathematical concepts, one should be curious, open-minded, critical thinkers, and have knowledge of inductive and deductive reasoning in mathematics. Logarithms is a challenging mathematical concept, yet children find it easy to solve and apply due to its practicality.   Logarithms have been used for years and have reinforced various … Read more

9 Common Applications Of Determinants In Real-life

Application of determination in real life

Mathematics is a fundamental part of life required in various other study areas, such as science, finance, statistics, etc. The study of mathematics is not limited to theoretical concepts; rather, you will find that most mathematical concepts like probability, and fibonacci sequence are applied in real life. The credit for the advancement of technology goes … Read more

10 Surprising Real-life Examples Of Conjectures

Real life example of conjecture

Patience, effort, and perseverance will lead to….. proven Conjecture!  Mathematics is a fundamental part of life that has its roots in the practical world. Understanding different mathematical concepts and applying logical reasoning to them is the basic requirement of mastering mathematical concepts. Conjecture is one such concept, based on thorough reasoning and brainstorming, and has … Read more

What is Social-Emotional Learning?

social emotional learning

A young child who cannot control his emotions, a high schooler who has trouble making friends, and a professional who has difficulty making decisions can all benefit from social-emotional learning. The concept of social-emotional learning (SEL) has been around for a long time but was introduced in schools around the 1990s. Lately, its importance in … Read more