Characteristics of Intrapersonal Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence characteristics

Human beings are susceptible to an insurmountable amount of information on a daily basis, which leads to the formation of thoughts of all sorts. These thoughts are responsible for the dominant intelligence type of an individual as well as a consequence of it too.  We express it as the dominant intelligence type because of the … Read more

How to deal with computers while having Dyslexia?

Dyslexia and dealing with computers

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON JUNE 17, 2022 Advancement in technology has brought about many noteworthy upgrades in lifestyle. Undoubtedly, dealing with computers is an eminent part of it. Right from contacting loved ones to purchasing something, computers come in handy with a wide range of purposes. But some people, like those with Dyslexia, may have … Read more

How To Become An IEP Advocate?

How to become IEP advocate

While IEP can be a crucial program, one of the most important people in the system is the IEP Advocates. This is a person who ensures that the process for IEP and the implementation are accurate.  The IEP Advocate collaborates with parents and the school in carefully addressing the child’s special needs. Helping parents in … Read more

Pros & Cons of Cursive Handwriting

Pros & Cons of cursive handwriting

Cursive handwriting is one of the eminent writing styles that students and adults can choose from. While some people choose it as it is aesthetically pleasing, others use it to improve their handwriting. Moreover, many experts have listed the benefits it has to offer, but people often miss out on a few drawbacks. Our list … Read more

Common Examples of IEP Violations and How to report these?

What is IEP Violations

IEP is a crucial program for students with learning disabilities. On paper, it ensures to address all the necessary provisions that a student needs. Even though coordinators strive to ensure these, violations can occur. Thankfully, there is a provision for the parents to identify and report these breaches. For that, they may need to comprehend … Read more

Can Someone Be Fired For Having A Learning Disability?

can you be fired for having ld?

When talking about jobs and learning disabilities, there can be some jobs that can make a good option for people with learning disabilities like dyslexia and dyscalculia; at the same time, considering some might not be that great for the individual! Signs of learning difficulty can create hitches in the workplace. But can an employer … Read more

Can Individuals With Dyslexia Join US Military?

If You Are Dyslexic Can You Join The Military

If you are interested in joining the US military, there is a process for you to go through. There are some requirements that soldiers must meet before they become part of the military, such as the age requirement, physical requirements, and educational background. To what extent can Learning disabled individuals cope with these requirements? Many … Read more

How Do Graphic Organizers Help Students With Dyslexia?

How do graphic organizers help students with dyslexia

Students with Dyslexia may need assistance in organizing their thoughts to complete their assignments and notes. As they may prefer visual learning, presentations in the form of flowcharts and tables may help. Looking into it deeply, these graphic organizers assist students by providing better details.  Not only in better executive functioning, there are multiple other … Read more