6 Free Phonics Websites You Must Bookmark Right Now

phonics website

Phonics is a broad term in the category of grammar. A strategy for instructing individuals on how to comprehend and write an alphabetical language is called Phonics. Students understand the connections between spoken language sounds and written letters through phonics learning. While Phonics seems easy to teach, it is crucial to polish the language and … Read more

ELI5: Difference Between Algebra and Calculus

Difference between algebra and calculus

Algebra and Calculus both belong to different branches of mathematics but are closely related to each other. Applying basic algebraic formulas and equations, we can find solutions to many of our day-to-day problems.  Calculus is mostly applied in professional fields due to its capacity for finding solutions to many types of structures. Algebraic formulas and … Read more

ELI5: Difference between Homographs, Homophones, and Homonyms

Difference between homograph, homonym and homophones

The English language is full of surprises and complex words that can make anyone scratch their head. While some may essentially be as simple as the word BE. But even BE has a relative-sounding word that sounds the same but has a different meaning. For example, BEE (honey bee). Imagine if such words baffle us, … Read more

5 Programs Involving Structured Literacy Approach

Structured literacy programs

Structure Literacy – the thorough technique of literacy pedagogy that has proven benefits and effects on students, especially those with dyslexia. While programs under this module address the foundation elements of reading comprehension that concern word recognition, decoding, and verbal language skills; the technique used under these programs also help struggling readers with one-on-one interventions … Read more

Structured Literacy vs Balanced Literacy: What’s the difference?

Structured literacy vs balanced literacy

All educators want their students to develop the skills necessary to love reading books and their compositions. Although there is no debate on the end goal, teachers may hold quite diverse opinions about the best techniques to assist their children in achieving that goal.  Balanced literacy and structured literacy are two ways of teaching reading. … Read more

Is It Dyscalculia Or Am I Just Bad At Math?

dyscalculia or bad at math ?

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON AUGUST 01, 2022 Often, when we think of the word Dyscalculia, it comes to our mind that it merely means the inability to calculate or solve any mathematical problem. Many use the words- dyslexia of mathematics synonymously for dyscalculia. However, this developmental learning disorder is a lot more than that. There … Read more

Dyslexia and SAT: Average score requirements, accommodations, and relaxations

sat score

A fulfilling career begins with deciding which college or university you want to attend. It’s not just academics but the location, the inclusivity, the cost of tuition fees, and the diversity that counts. How inclusive is the college? What is their approach towards students with special needs? Are they open to students with dyslexia? There … Read more

10 Engaging Adverb Games To Play Online

online adverb game

Grammar, as fun and exciting as it sounds, can’t be learned or taught effectively without making it interesting and intriguing. Adverbs are integral parts of speech in English Grammar. The games mentioned here are a unique take on making the learning of Adverbs enthralling and engaging. What makes a great Adverb game important in studies … Read more