Strategies To Teach Elapsed Time Concept In Fun And Easy Way

Strategies to teach elapsed time

Time is considered to be one of the most valuable things ever; so much to an extent that it’s often said “The key is not in spending time, but in investing it.” However, learning the concept of time, and elapsing time can be a tough nut to crack.  Having mentioned that, this post aims to … Read more

Important Examples of IFSP Outcomes And Strategies To Understand It Better

IFSP outcomes and strategies

When the family is provided with suitable personalized assistance, a noteworthy outcome for the children is expected. This feature makes IFSP provisions distinct from 504 and IEP accommodations. This plan can be effective for parents who wish to make equal efforts for the betterment of the child alongside educators. After exploring through the guide of … Read more

Important Strategies and Activities for a Perfect Retelling Session

Retelling strategies and activities

A concept, lecture, or even a story can take a new turn when the mentor narrates it in a new way or asks the student to show it as a part of revision. While we call it retelling, it has a number of benefits as a part of study hour.  While we may comprehend that … Read more

Implementing Color Coding Writing Strategies

Color coding writing strategy

A piece of text on the screen or a notebook inferred for longer durations turns boring or dull. It is crucial to turn these interesting to facilitate the engagement of readers. Ameliorating it visually is a fair idea, as most pupils like visual inferences or better learning. But, how can one make the text visually … Read more

Important Tips & Strategies For Studying Mathematics Alone

Tips & Strategies for math self-study

After classroom teaching, or before the examinations, one may need to spend some time alone with the academic books to prepare. While one may be clear about their goals, about what to study and practice, they may look for quick tips that can make this quality time alone further efficient.  For subjects like math, these … Read more

7 Interesting Kinesthetic Learning Strategies To Implement For Mathematics

kinesthetic learning strategies for math

There is evidently more than one way to learn “one plus two is equal to three.” While one student prefers to discern it on paper, another may prefer to count pencils to infer the same. Either of these pedagogies can aid; nonetheless, the latter one can be more interactive as these stipulate senses to realize. … Read more

What Is Math Fluency? – Components, Importance, Activities, & Strategies

What is math fluency

I teach my kids at home and have been doing it for years now. Kids have their own pace of learning. But, more or less, they attain fluency almost in sync unless they are suffering from any learning disability. One simple observation is that kids try to add numbers on fingers at the start, and … Read more

Important Mental Math Examples, Strategies, And Activities

Mental math strategies & activities

If you find math intimidating, and figuring out the square of 23 or solving the multiplications like 152 x 16 in your head makes you lose your sanity, then you may be someone who thinks mental math is a forte that is difficult to perfect. Luckily, you can hone mental math skills with a few … Read more

Important Word Recognition Strategies For Kindergarten, Preschool, And High School

Word Recognition Strategies

Do you know that skimming and scanning improve reading capabilities by an overwhelming 28.2%?[1] A report by Mayra Yadira Chamba for Universidad Casa Grande (UCG) gives these numbers which concede that recognizing words is crucial. Be it a kid or an adult, every learner should distinguish between the terms. Since reading principles shape pupils to … Read more

Important Strategies For Improving Reading Retention Skills

Important Strategies For Improving Reading Retention Skills

“Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” This statement by a visionary from the past shows the importance of mindful reading. If your heart is in it, and it provokes your thoughts, you are bound to go back time and again to what you read. However, when the textual content is a bit technical … Read more