7 Effective Monitoring Reading Strategies

monitoring reading strategies

Monitoring your reading is as important as reading itself. If a reader doesn’t self-monitor as they read a text, they cannot correct themselves if they go wrong somewhere, making it difficult to comprehend and retain information. Therefore, teachers must empower students with self-monitoring reading strategies so they are better equipped to make sense of what … Read more

Reggio Emilia vs. Montessori vs Waldorf Approach: What’s the difference?

reggio emilia vs montessori vs waldorf

If you are a parent looking for options to support their child’s early education, you may have heard terms like Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf, and many more! And we’re sure these words might have left you a bit bewildered while you’re on this journey to find the best school for your child. Reggio Emilia, Montessori, … Read more

12 Inquiry-based Learning Strategies and Examples

inquiry based learning

Progress is born of Doubt and Inquiry– Robert G. Ingersoll  That’s why asking questions and inquiring about doubts in the classroom enriches knowledge and promotes children’s critical thinking and creativity. Inquiry-based learning is a student-centered teaching approach based on inquiring doubts, devised by John Dewy, a renowned philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer. It is an … Read more

Teaching Colors: Activities, Games, and Strategies Explored

Teaching colours

Colors are all around us, from the bright blue sky to the green grass beneath our feet. For young children, learning about colors can be a fun and exciting adventure. However, teaching colors requires more than simply pointing out different hues. Acknowledging the benefits of coloring for kids, It requires creative and engaging activities, games, … Read more

10 Effective Flipped Classroom Strategies

Do you get sick of going through the same old motions in the classroom when it seems like information only flows in one direction? Want to provide students with the tools they need to take responsibility for their education and engage them in a dynamic learning environment? The ground-breaking Flipped Classroom Strategies are your best … Read more

How To Teach A Child To Write On The Line?

teach write on line

In a world where writing was done on tightropes instead of paper, it would have been a tricky business, to say the least! Fortunately, in the real world, there are lines on paper to guide young writers when they’re learning to write. However, like any skill, it takes practice to get it just right.  That’s … Read more

Cooperative Learning: Strategies & Benefits

cooperative learning

Cooperative learning is a powerful teaching strategy that offers numerous benefits for students and educators alike. By emphasizing collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, cooperative learning can transform the classroom into a dynamic, engaging learning environment that promotes academic success and social-emotional growth. From increased academic achievement to enhanced social skills and higher self-esteem, the advantages … Read more

9 Effective Strategies For Cognitive Learning

cognitive learning strategies

In today’s fast-paced world, learning is no longer just a requirement for academic success, but a lifelong necessity for personal and professional growth. However, with so much information available at our fingertips, it can be challenging to retain and apply what we learn effectively. That’s where cognitive learning strategies come in – powerful tools that … Read more

Skimming And Scanning: Examples & Effective Strategies

Skimming & scanning

In today’s fast-paced world, reading has become an essential part of our daily lives. From emails to news articles, we’re constantly bombarded with information. But how can we keep up with the volume of information without spending countless hours reading through every word? That’s where skimming and scanning come in – two techniques that allow … Read more

Important Guided Reading Strategies By Grade Level

guided reading strategies

In this enchanted world of Guided Reading, teachers become the guardians of literacy, leading small groups of students on a path toward mastery. With a focus on individual needs and abilities, teachers provide customized instruction, helping students to overcome obstacles, and unlock their full potential. As students read and engage with the text, they develop … Read more