Printable Writing Lesson Plan for Kindergarten [PDF Included]

Writing is an important skill that everyone must possess. It is a skill one requires for a lifetime. The foundation of writing begins in the early school years when kids are taught the basics of written language in a playful manner. A simple lesson plan with a clear objective can help educators teach the nuances … Read more

10 Writing Prompts For Kindergarteners And Preschoolers With Pictures [PDF Included]

Writing prompts for kindergartener and preschool with pictures

Writing is an essential skill that children must develop at an early age. It is not only important for their educational progress but also for their overall development. Encouraging children to write from an early age will help them to express their thoughts, ideas, and emotions more effectively. Writing prompts are a great way to … Read more

8 Surprising Facts About Good And Bad Handwriting

Good and bad handwriting facts

Learning multiple traits of penmanship can be a long journey. From cursive to precursive, handwriting can be of various types; one can include activities and workbooks to improve their calligraphy and get better with the pen. However, those who are enhancing their skill might be intrigued to know some handwriting facts which can help them … Read more

Pros & Cons of Cursive Handwriting

Pros & Cons of cursive handwriting

Cursive handwriting is one of the eminent writing styles that students and adults can choose from. While some people choose it as it is aesthetically pleasing, others use it to improve their handwriting. Moreover, many experts have listed the benefits it has to offer, but people often miss out on a few drawbacks. Our list … Read more

5 Effective Hacks For Improving Your Handwriting

Handwriting hacks

With the vast options available, handwriting still holds a unique essence in itself. Abilities to neatly put information on paper is often important and an admirable trait of a person. While having the best handwriting is the need of many people, mostly all need a few hacks to make a great difference in the presentation.  … Read more

8 Engaging Writing Activities For Middle School & High School

Writing activities for middle and high school

Writing skills are pivotal for students. As the learner passes through grades from elementary to high school, they may need some additional skill sets and brush up on their writing abilities. As the academic responsibility also increases, transforming learning sessions into interesting activities can be a viable option for them. Reading through this post, you … Read more

6 Helpful Adaptive Writing Tools For Adults

Adaptive writing tools for adults

Writing on paper needs appropriate motor skills along with relevant muscle power in hand. These skills are often the area to work upon when motor abilities and learning compromises are evident. Thankfully, there are some adaptive writing tools that can either ensure an added grip over the pen/pencil or add more strength to the wrist. … Read more

11 Engaging Activities For Improving Writing Skills In Adults

Writing activities for adults

Writing is essential in almost every aspect of life. Be it just signing a paper, or taking notes, the ability to write proficiently is often necessary. Understanding the same, some adults may look into learning strategies for better penmanship.  Activities have been seen adding advantages to kids and the learning disabled; the same may also … Read more