Important Math Concepts For Kindergarteners & Preschoolers

Many people don’t enjoy maths, but the key to developing an interest in the subject is having a solid foundation laid. Parents, family members, and teachers can adopt various methods to engage the child in learning mathematical abilities.  As math goes beyond school, one thing is sure, parents and teachers need to go beyond pen … Read more

8 Fun Holidays Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners To Try

Holiday activities for preschoolers

“The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.” For kids, the holidays are one of the exciting times of the year. They eagerly wait for holidays and plan to redeem their holidays by doing some amazing activities. Vacations can … Read more

5 Awesome Multiplication Activities For Curious Kindergarteners

Multiplication activities for kindergarten

The technique of learning has changed over the years. Children within the age group of 3-8 years have the best ability to grasp things easily. Kids need to be appropriately guided from the days of kindergarten. Therefore, their learning techniques need to be attractive so that they can learn while they play.  Mathematics is an … Read more

Printable Digraphs List For Kindergarten [PDF Included]

Digraph chart for kindergarten

When your Kindergarten kids have mastered the skills of blending, spelling, and reading words, you may be thinking, “Where do I proceed from here?” Digraphs or consonant mixes are the following phonics skills you can focus on with your kids.  Digraphs are two characters that form the same sound, such as the letters th, sh, … Read more

Printable Addition And Subtraction Worksheets For Kindergarteners [PDF Included]

If you use stringent measures in teaching math, your youngster may reject the notion of studying the subject entirely. But we can’t just ignore it. Learning problem-solving skills is fundamental, and it is critical for parents to instill these in their children. In addition, learning mathematical abilities is vital for children because it helps them … Read more

List Of Blending Words (With Pictures) For Kindergarten [PDF Included]

List of blending words for kindergarten

When children learn to read, one of the skills they need to develop is the ability to blend individual sounds into words. This can be a challenge for some kids, but there are a few things that parents and teachers can do to help. One approach is providing a list of blending words for kindergarteners … Read more

10 Awesome Read Aloud Chapter Books For Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

Read aloud chapter books for kindergarten and preschoolers

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. It’s never too early to start reading aloud to your child. Research[1] has shown that reading aloud to children as young as three can improve their language skills, increase their interest in books, and even improve their ability to empathize with others[2]. … Read more

10 Dictation Sentences For Kindergarteners [PDF Included]


Dictation is a helpful technique for teaching spelling since it allows kids to use their abilities in a “real world” setting. Simply put, you recite a phrase or sentence that includes their spelling terms, and the kids repeat and write it down. Dictation aids in the development of short-term memory. Before jotting down important words … Read more

9 Fun Social Skills Activities For Kindergarteners

Social skills activities for kindergarten

It is only apparent for humans to interact and flourish socially as social beings. For youngsters, kindergarten is a major transitional year! This is the phase where students can learn  how to share, take turns, transition, and so much more (all while learning new academic concepts as well) Every day at home, parents play a … Read more

12 Fun Writing Activities For Kindergarteners & Preschoolers

writing activities for kids

Writing is the art of discovering who you are. Pouring all the emotions on a piece of paper in the form of words helps in thinking clearly and clarifies the thoughts, which leads to new patterns of ideas. With the opportunity to brainstorm ideas, it can also assist in newer thoughts. When it comes to … Read more