6 Cool Shapes Learning Activities for Kindergarten Tots

6 Cool Shapes Learning Activities for Kindergarten Tots

Kindergarten is solely responsible for early cognitive development in children. What one learns during these years lay the foundation for a child’s academic life. These first few years are spent teaching children the English alphabet, numbers, names of animals and plants, and much more.  Besides teaching children how to write words and count numbers, certain … Read more

10+ Creative Math Websites & Online Resources for Kindergarten tots

10+ Free Creative Math Websites & Online Resources for Kindergarten tots

We understand kids lacking interest in math. Lengthy calculations and varying logics might be the culprit here and it just adds up as they move to higher classes. Kids facing challenges in the early stages of the subject often have a hard time understanding advance level maths. Parents support in situations like these can improve … Read more

6 Fun Geoboard Activities for Kindergarteners

List of top 6 fun geoboard activities for kindergarteners

Geometrical figures are taught to kindergarten students in a variety of interesting ways. The idea is to befriend them with the geometrical figures while helping them fight away the math scare. That is why; teachers consider using manipulatives for geometry so that kids can feel inclined to involve themselves deeply in activity-based learning. One such … Read more

6 Simple Activities to teach fractions to kindergarteners

List of top 6 activities for teaching fractions to kindergarteners

Fractions introduce children to the concept of breaking the whole numbers into smaller parts. These parts are less than the whole number one, quantitywise. Making use of this idea of breaking numbers into fractions finds its best utility in real-life situations where something is to be divided into equal parts among a group of people. … Read more

Top 10 math manipulatives for kindergarteners

list of top 10 math manipulatives for kindergarten

Please Note : This post may contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Math and its scare is not something unknown to the world. Most of the early learners display reluctant behavior in acclimatizing with number and related operations. In such a scenario, children suffering from learning difficulties get camouflaged in the horde. … Read more

Top 10 Kindergarten Math Games For Developing Early Number Skills

list of top 10 kindergarten math games for building early number sense

Mathematics has been scientifically proven to enrich one’s skills in all walks of life, as it fosters both logical reasoning and critical thinking. Therefore, teaching preschoolers and mathematics in a way that they take it as a repository of fun is important.   Technology and innovation have rendered a large number of excellent strategies, games, … Read more