8 Helpful Books For Developing Sensory Skills In Toddlers And Pre-schoolers

Books to develop sensory skills

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Books could be a source of comfort, and for some babies, their favourite toys. Listening to a book has a calming effect which you could use when they are upset. It is useful for educators and parents who would like to inject … Read more

10 Engaging Sorting & Classifying Activities For Preschoolers And Kindergarteners


What didactics are better than games and activities to preach essential skills to toddlers? Classification and sorting are essential skills that children need to grasp at a tender age. Not only as academic notions, these games and activities can also turn into a renewing break between study time.  A student’s ability to distinguish and segregate … Read more

7 Fun Spatial Relations Activities for Preschoolers

Spatial relation activities for preschoolers

Toddlers are very curious; they want to scrutinise and investigate new places and objects with their little limbs. Enthusiasm makes them learn fascinating skills. Schools today probably recognise this. They emphasise reasoning abilities for these curious learners of academics. Spatial reasoning and relations form a key lesson in this context.  Are you bewildered in search … Read more

7 Engaging Phonics Activities For Preschoolers & Kindergarteners

Phonics Activities For Kids

Phonics is the process of learning how to read. When in a family environment, children speak a language which they learn from hearing. But, as soon as they move to the school, their source of information is mostly written text (books, journals, etc.) Hence, at the preschooler stage, they should prepare for higher levels by … Read more

8 Curiosity Developing Activities For Preschoolers

Curiosity activities for preschoolers

Keeping kids interested in learning can be an uphill task if they are not curious about it. A good education can become possible when kids are drawn towards the methods of learning. This interest is developed if they have ample cognition of the world around. Also, the ways to reach the answer need to be … Read more

15 Fun Sensory Activities For Preschoolers

Sensory Activities for Preschool

Preschoolers are an inquisitive lot. They have questions for all things happening around. Only reading out the books cannot satisfy them. In fact, books may not complement the learning pace of all children. The more engaging the teaching instructions or projects are, the brighter are the chances of better activity levels in kids. It is … Read more

7 Fun Activities To Improve Creative Skills In Preschool

creative Creative skills in preschool

Preschoolers are always learning. This stage is not only about educating. Rather, it is to make toddlers understand basics and create emotional, social, and personal growth. This phase makes them ready for school, which is why pre-school becomes one of the most crucial phases of an individual’s life.   When talking about activities that a preschooler … Read more

Importance Of Developing Preschool Skill Set For Math Concepts

Importance Of Developing Preschool Skill Set For Math Concepts

Preschool Math concepts are the skill set on which the foundation of future proficiency in mathematics of children, who are yet to enter the formal system of education, is based. In fact, the Glenn Commission, 2000 believes that the children, who will be the decision-makers of the future, need to be equipped with adequate mathematical … Read more

8 Fun Reading Books For Preschoolers

8 Fun Reading Books For Pre-Schoolers

The first five years of a child’s life are critical. It is during this time that 90% of brain development takes place. Thus, it’s essential to habituate them to activities that add to their growth. Reading can be a beneficial ritual, and starting early is always a good thing.  Importance of reading for a toddler … Read more