10 Online Matching Games For Preschoolers And Kindergarteners

Online matching games

We have all been matching our outfits or even the color of the bag to that of the water bottle. Matching, color coordination, or doing things in pairs is a common occurrence in everyday life. While matching shapes or colors seems fundamental for kids, it also helps them analyze numbers, shape formats, different words, and … Read more

10 Fun Tracing Activities For Preschoolers

tracing activities

Children learn to crawl before they walk. They learn to walk before they can run. They learn to run before they can leap. Learning to crawl is an essential stepping stone in learning to walk. Just waking up one day and suddenly deciding to walk sounds tough and implausible.  Just like that, throwing the child … Read more

7 Fun Rectangle Activities For Preschoolers & Kindergartens

rectangle activities

Our surroundings are full of different shapes and figures. Not only are they significant in nature but also in the world of mathematics. Kids get easily drawn towards these fascinating figures and in order to make them understand the unique features and properties, conventional methods, at times may not yield fruitful results. There are chances … Read more

16 Inspiring Preschool Quotes About Learning And Growing

Preschool quotes learn and grow

The foundational years of the child’s life are crucial in every aspect. From learning basic concepts to developing essential skills, preschool lets little learners learn and grow through play-based activities and interactions with their peers and teachers.  These initial years lays the foundation of the student’s life. It is the first time they are exposed … Read more

25 Inspiring Preschool Quotes For Teachers And Parents

preschool quotes for teachers and parents

Preschool can be a tricky phase for the kids, as well as for the teachers and parents. During this stage, the teachers and the parents play a crucial role for budding learners as they help them sail through the time facilely and with a lot of learning.  From educating them to teaching interpersonal skills to … Read more

10 Fun and Creative Poetry Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergartners

poetry activities

Did you listen to music today while showering and on your way to work? Did your favorite advertisement’s catchy jingle play on the TV today? Did you find many motivational quotes hanging on the walls of your workspace or school? Did you open a book and, on the first page, end up finding a little … Read more

Important Math Concepts For Kindergarteners & Preschoolers

Many people don’t enjoy maths, but the key to developing an interest in the subject is having a solid foundation laid. Parents, family members, and teachers can adopt various methods to engage the child in learning mathematical abilities.  As math goes beyond school, one thing is sure, parents and teachers need to go beyond pen … Read more

8 Fun Day And Night Activities For Preschoolers

Day and night activities for preschool

Preschoolers are full of curiosity and inquisitiveness. Their age makes them learn a lot by observing and interacting with the people around them. Secondly, the books they read help them quench their thirst for knowledge.  During preschool, their mind is rapidly developing[1] and is insightful, active, and adept. Children develop basic ideas about various natural … Read more

8 Fun Holidays Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners To Try

Holiday activities for preschoolers

“The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.” For kids, the holidays are one of the exciting times of the year. They eagerly wait for holidays and plan to redeem their holidays by doing some amazing activities. Vacations can … Read more

5 Fun Sharing and Caring Activities For Preschoolers

Even as adults, we often find sharing our favorite dress with our siblings or letting our colleagues have a bite from the sandwich we brought for lunch difficult, right? You can easily imagine how tough it is for preschoolers. But, as parents and teachers, we must teach the children to learn to share. They might … Read more