7 Fun Classroom Calendar Activities For Preschoolers

Calendar activities for preschool

Calendars have an important role in everyone’s life right from their tender age. Right from preschool, the children may begin to know their timetable by understanding days, weeks, and months. It can be effortless for these young students to learn these notions from interesting activities. This way, tips, and tricks can be easily discerned.  While … Read more

12 Fun Writing Activities For Kindergarteners & Preschoolers

writing activities for kids

Writing is the art of discovering who you are. Pouring all the emotions on a piece of paper in the form of words helps in thinking clearly and clarifies the thoughts, which leads to new patterns of ideas. With the opportunity to brainstorm ideas, it can also assist in newer thoughts. When it comes to … Read more

15 Fun Brain Break Games & Activities Ideas For Kindergarteners & Preschoolers

Brain break activities for kindergarten & preschool

Schooling is often important and distinct for young toddlers. While most of their learning often ensures creative arts like painting, shapes, music, and dancing, a few more strategies may be implemented to make sure they perform to their best.  Even though the classes are entertaining, these little learners may need rest at regular intervals to … Read more

10 Engaging Story-Based Spatial Books For Preschoolers

Spatial books for preschool

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Spatial skills make an individual learn and interact with objects around them. Understanding what’s up, down and directions may be examples of these attributes. Being a significant personality attribute, cultivating these at a tender age may help.   Activities are often preferred way … Read more

Top 10 Math Apps For Preschoolers & Kindergarteners [2022]

Math apps for preschool & kindergarten

The essence of academics often starts at the preschool and kindergarten levels. While many multisensory attempts may be employed in class to make these little learners versed with regular schooling, a special strategy for home-based learning may be needed to ensure the proper practice. This is where apps may come in handy for subjects like … Read more

10 Fun Games For Improving Listening Skills In Preschoolers

Listening games for preschoolers

Let’s take a moment to pause and think when we ask children to “LISTEN” we are asking them if they can hear the voice,” “Can they listen to the words correctly,” “Can they find differences between the sound sets that are in the background,” and “Can they break the sentences into pieces to understand their … Read more

Teaching Circles to Preschoolers: 8 Fun Activities To Begin With

circle Activities for preschoolers

Which is the one shape that is different from all the other? The circle! This is for the simple fact that a circle has no sides, no angles, and no corners, which not only makes it interesting but also idiosyncratic. For these reasons, introducing children to shapes, especially circles, can be quite exciting yet intimidating … Read more

7 Fun Activities For Introducing Square Shape To Preschoolers

Square Activities for preschoolers

Teaching young children new things and watching their eyes light up can be utterly delightful. Introducing little learners to shapes can be quite tricky, given the fact that there are so many of them. Spatial recognition of different shapes forms an integral part of mental development.  One of the most fundamental shapes is the square. … Read more

6 Interesting Abacus Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners

Abacus Activities for kids

When you have a nursery kid at home, much of your time is likely to get consumed in attempts to either enhance their familiarity with the world around them or to expand learning experience. However, actualizing this is not a piece of cake in reality.  Kids tend to have an extremely short attention span, which … Read more

8 Fun Triangle Shape Activities For Preschoolers

Triangle activities for pre-schoolers

Who doesn’t adore indulging in games and activities? These are apparently the pre-eminent pedagogies for little ones. While gamification and indulging in activities can be the modus operandi for basics like phonics and alphabets, instructors can also employ these to preach other notions like shapes and colors too. One such shape which must be taught … Read more