3 Printable Preschool Lesson Plan Templates [PDF Included]

Preschool Lesson Plan

Preschool education is not only about the prescribed syllabus; rather, it is an amalgam of both syllabi and various extra co-curricular activities necessary for a child’s holistic development. Schools, teachers, and sometimes parents are responsible for ensuring that a child engages in multiple activities in school and learns different things in their developing years.  Although, … Read more

10 Fun Self-Concept Activities for Preschoolers

Self concept activities

Did you know self-concept plays a great role in shaping a child’s future? Yes, the way we see ourselves forms an important part of our everyday lives. The same psychology works with little ones. Self-concept is the belief an individual has about his/her self including abilities, weaknesses, special traits, and qualities. Knowing about themselves from … Read more

Printable Preschool Behavior Chart Template [PDF Included]

preschool behaviour chart

Are you looking for a simple and viable tool to track the behavior of your preschool students or your preschool-going child? If yes, then let us introduce you to one of the most commonly used tools to monitor student behavior, which is the well-known “behavior chart”. Considering the utility and effectiveness of behavior charts in … Read more

10 Fun Math Activities For Preschoolers

Math activities

Mathematics is a language that helps us process our surroundings and make sense of the world. For preschoolers, learning and understanding math is no small feat. Engaging them in learning math is not just about numbers and shapes; it’s about developing critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and building a solid foundation for future learning. Math … Read more

8 ‘Thankful’ Activities For Kindergarteners And Preschoolers

Thankful activities for kids

Welcome to a world where gratitude takes center stage, dear kindergarteners and preschoolers! Gratitude is a superpower that can transform our lives and make us happier individuals. It’s about recognizing and appreciating the blessings, big and small, that surround us each day. When we practice thankfulness, we shift our focus from what we lack to … Read more

Preschool Adaptive Skills Checklist [PDF Included]

As society becomes increasingly competitive and demanding, it is only better for children to develop their adaptive skills early on in life to excel in a multitude of areas. This is why preschoolers who possess the ability to acquire these crucial skills at an early age are considered not only resilient but also endowed with … Read more

10 Colour Activities For Little Learners In Kindergarten & Preschool

colour activities

We have all loved coloring in books or using chalk to fill the blackboard with different colors. While coloring takes us back to good memories of childhood, it is crucial to know that coloring is an important aspect of child development in today’s time. Students in kindergarten and preschool are often exposed to different colors … Read more