Best intervention strategies for dyscalculia

top 10 intervention strategies for dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a learning disability that hinders our pace in learning mathematics and number sense. Unfortunately, the effects are not just confined to classrooms, our daily life activities are affected as well. We already talked about best possible ways of dealing with dyscalculia at early stages and adapting a new learning strategy. Note that there … Read moreBest intervention strategies for dyscalculia

Top 10 must-have free apps for Dyscalculia [2019]

10 free Apps for Dyscalculia

Intervention of technology in education is one of the marvellous phenomena happened in this era.Things possible now with available gadgets could have never be imagined 10 years ago. From regular student’s wiki to braille assistance, technology have achieved great heights in the sector. A major portion of the advantage goes to the pupils with learning … Read moreTop 10 must-have free apps for Dyscalculia [2019]

Positive Aspects of Dyslexia

positive aspects of dyslexia

There are lot of talks on different offline/online forums regarding the positive aspects of dyslexia. Every parent wants to know if the reading and spelling weakness due to dyslexia has been compensated elsewhere in the child’s ability? There is no straight ‘Yes or No’ to this. People on forums will tell you that Students with … Read morePositive Aspects of Dyslexia

Top 8 daily routine activities for building strong Number Sense

how to build strong number sense

Number sense refers to a person’s understanding of number system and his/her ability to use, relate and manipulate it for solving mathematical tasks. A strong number sense is important for gripping basic concepts well before diving into complex math topics in future. Children with good number sense have a range of mathematical strategies at their … Read moreTop 8 daily routine activities for building strong Number Sense

Early Signs and Symptoms of Math Anxiety

Math can be hard…like really, really hard sometimes. Certain questions are so tough to solve that you end up leaving the whole chapter thinking you didn’t understand the basic concept. You may experience panic due to fear of loosing marks in the exam due to it. But, these are limited and even if you’re unable … Read moreEarly Signs and Symptoms of Math Anxiety

Top 10 famous scientists with dyslexia

albert einstein had dyslexia

Pretty unfortunate that still many people equates dyslexia with lower IQ. Considering the number of famous inventors, scientists, actors, presidents born with dyslexia, it is evident that dyslexia have nothing to do with low IQ. Who could’ve thought the most brilliant mind ever born in the history of humankind, Albert Einstein, had difficulty with reading … Read moreTop 10 famous scientists with dyslexia

Driving with dyscalculia: How to manage?

driving with dyscalculia and other learning disabilities and how to manage it

Ever wonder what would happen if you lost the directional abilities? Reaching destination will be near to impossible if you keep on messing left or right. Of-course, Google Maps have really made our lives easy. But still, you’ll be having a very hard time relating delta distance between point A and B on GPS vs real life. … Read moreDriving with dyscalculia: How to manage?

How to effectively test for dyscalculia?

tests for dysclculia

Dyscalculia is  a disorder that is often confused with math anxiety. But, its way more complex and serious than just fear of numbers. Not enough research makes it extremely hard to differentiate it symptoms from a common math fear. In a recent study that included observing mathematics performance of 2,421 primary school children over a number … Read moreHow to effectively test for dyscalculia?

Raspberry Pi equipped glasses that read texts to dyslexic wearers

oton glass for dyslexia raspberry pi

Text-to-voice is an excellent outcome of character recognition technology that every dyslexic or visually impaired can benefit from. Popular Apps like Smartynote Pro and Evernote widely use this functionality to serve their users who have learning disorder. Taking a step further, A Japanese company implemented the technology in a pair of smart glasses. Keisuke Shimakage … Read moreRaspberry Pi equipped glasses that read texts to dyslexic wearers

Top 8 colleges for students with dyscalculia in 2019

college dyscalculia dyslexia

Hunt for the college that fully suits your interest is arguably the most difficult part of the college application process. There’s so much information to go through—how could brief campus visits and informational brochures really tell you where you’ll be most successful? It’s even harder for students with learning disability like dyscalculia. Not just applying … Read moreTop 8 colleges for students with dyscalculia in 2019