10 Must-try Apps For Reading Out Loud

Reading out loud apps

English can be a tricky language to learn. The same letter can have different sounds when paired with different vowels; these two Cs in “Pacific” and similar sounding words can actually be spelled very differently and mean two distinct things like vow and wow. But, learning to effectively and independently read English is an essential … Read more

10 Fun Number Tracing Games And Apps

number tracing Games and apps

As stated by many through quotes and sayings, numbers are an important part of everyday life and we see them everywhere. Right from calculating bills at the grocery store to watching numbers in public transportation, they are everywhere and form a foundation for further learning. Hence, it becomes crucial for little learners to not only … Read more

9 Fun Apps For Practicing Sentence Building Skills

sentence building apps

“learning swimming I am” The time you read the above sentence, the first thing came to your mind must be the incorrect sequence of words. This is one of the common difficulties that English language learners or beginners may face. Just knowing some grammar rules or vocabulary does not help in knowing how to properly … Read more

9 Fun Apps That Work On The Idea Of Experiential Learning

Learning is enjoyable, but studying can be monotonous. Even if your child receives an A, does that mean they are using what they have learned in their daily lives? If the response is “No,” the youngster is probably not learning in the proper direction. While experiential learning is often confused with active learning, however, the … Read more

10 Must-try Social Emotional Learning [SEL] Based Apps For Little Learners

social emotional learning apps

Teachers play a crucial role in the life of students. They not only teach students a myriad of educational subjects but also work on social-emotional literacy to mold students into responsible individuals.  With so many things to do, it can often be challenging for teachers to find different ways to include social-emotional learning in class.  … Read more

12 Cool Games And Apps To Challenge Your Situational Awareness Skills

situational awareness

Situational awareness, or knowing what’s happening in your environment at all times and how it can potentially affect you, is important. The term situational awareness is generally used in the context of healthcare, aviation, and the military where quick decision-making is required. These decisions could have grave repercussions and mean the difference between life and … Read more

9 Fun Geoboard Games And Apps For Little Learners

A geoboard is a fun learning tool for kids, especially for elementary and middle school students. As there are many advantages associated with a geoboard, teachers often use it as a physical manipulative in classrooms. But sometimes, it is easier to use a virtual manipulative rather than deal with the challenges of using a physical … Read more

9 Apps To Understand How Algebra Tiles Works

Algebra tiles have long been used to teach algebra. Algebra tiles are basically physical manipulatives that teachers use to explain abstract algebraic concepts to their students. Once the students learn how to use them, they can apply this knowledge to model and solve algebra problems.  Digitization in today’s world has changed the way we do … Read more

10 Awesome Guided Reading Apps Worth A Try

Guided Reading is a practice conducted by educators and teachers to assist a small group of pupils in reading on their own. Students read a work that teachers have chosen at their instructional reading level in small groups during guided reading. It is an opportunity for children who exhibit comparable reading habits and have similar … Read more

10 Free Behavior Tracking Apps For Parents And Teachers

Children are full of emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, and other emotions directly impact a child’s behavior. Unlike adults, who learn to regulate their emotions and behavior depending on their surroundings, children are innocent and yet to learn how to manage their behavior in different situations. This can often lead them to present unacceptable behaviors … Read more