Top 11 Innovative Note-Taking Apps For Students

Best note-taking apps for students

Apart from paper-based strategies, students nowadays. utilize computers or cellphones for nearly everything, including schoolwork, online classes, and communication with peers. The way the style of schooling is continuously changing, and note-taking is not an exception to this. For many students, taking notes is a time-consuming task. Further, ensuring all the information is interpretable can … Read more

Top 10 Math Apps For Preschoolers & Kindergarteners [2022]

Math apps for preschool & kindergarten

The essence of academics often starts at the preschool and kindergarten levels. While many multisensory attempts may be employed in class to make these little learners versed with regular schooling, a special strategy for home-based learning may be needed to ensure the proper practice. This is where apps may come in handy for subjects like … Read more

10 Must-Try Teacher-Parent Communication Apps For Schools [2022]

Teacher - parent communication apps

Teachers and parents play an equitably pivotal role in children’s schooling and training. While instructors guide these little ones in school premises, parents may order them at home. To maintain a balance between both the phases, transparency and noteworthy communication better these mentors are often obligatory. This way, while guardians can know about updates from … Read more

10 Awesome Apps For Improving Your Listening Skills

Apps for listening skills

Communication skills often are not just about giving out information. Listening skills form a pivotal attribute too. Only after proper listening and comprehension that a person can give out a response appropriately. While the significance of this ability is being outlined, some individuals may observe a call for enhancing these capabilities or may need them … Read more

Top 10 Free Math Apps For Middle School

Math apps for middle school

With the advancement of technology, applications have been making life easier in many ways. Even in academics, Edtech has been on its way to transforming teaching and learning styles. Be it for contactless teaching or to ensure repetitive training and practice, mobile applications often are handy.  For subjects like math where inferencing visually and numerically … Read more

9 Must-Have Apps For Doing Math Homework

Apps for math homework

We use math extensively in our daily lives. However, the learning process can be complex and thus, bewildering for little learners.  Learning new concepts, practising them, and applying them wherever required can be a task! Especially when they are asked to do their homework! That too, if home tasks involve impenetrable math concepts.  With most … Read more

Top 10 Free Math Apps For Teachers

Math apps for teachers

EdTech is transforming the teaching space with improved and relatable ways of giving instructions. The need for contactless ways of making education possible also has given rise to the use of apps for teaching. Math is one of the subjects where students need additional help or personalized attention sometimes. Using apps to teach this subject … Read more

Top 6 Apps For Building Sequencing Skills

Apps for sequencing skills

Digital and technological developments have been a significant part of the growing modern era. The AI-based platforms, enhanced graphics,  customized technical backgrounds, etc., have been a substantial companion of human civilization and evolution. Today’s world has become codependent on tech products and improved digital interactions to execute their practical daily tasks.  These aids of digitalization … Read more

7 Helpful Websites And Apps For Visual Learners

Websites and Apps for visual learning

Children learn in their distinctive styles. Educators need to understand the learning style and provide instructional support accordingly. Visual, auditory, read/write, kinesthetic – these are some of the learning styles.[1] Learners may not be adopting one of the styles solely but a combination of these, or use a multisensory approach. One of our posts on … Read more

10 Must Try Grammar Apps For Adults

Grammar apps for adults

The veracious use of grammar can make an adult feel empowered and confident in certain circumstances. Word-perfect grammar is your key to error-free English with certainty and fluency. Moreover, the proper syntax will not simply exhibit your English abilities; it’ll likewise show that you’re determined and have an eye for detail. For instance, it is … Read more