10 Fun Number Tracing Games And Apps

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As stated by many through quotes and sayings, numbers are an important part of everyday life and we see them everywhere. Right from calculating bills at the grocery store to watching numbers in public transportation, they are everywhere and form a foundation for further learning. Hence, it becomes crucial for little learners to not only recognize numbers but also learn to write them. When teaching numbers, tracing is a helpful method to do so. Number tracing is a basic technique where kids trace the numbers and keep tracing until they have mastered it thoroughly.

How about ensuring that the kid is learning all the while playing on the phone or a tablet? Usage of different online games and applications for number tracing helps learners know more about numbers and trace them in the correct format. 

Teachers and parents generally use different books for number tracing. However, to create a competitive learning edge, many more methods are now available for young learners. In this case, number tracing online games and applications play a big role in offering a fun learning environment. The below-mentioned apps are free and easy to use along with a kid-friendly interface in all. This post includes online games and apps that are easy, free, and offer a creative time to kids.

Visually appealing number tracing online games & apps

Many math online games are a helpful way to indulge kids in learning and having fun with numbers. Games make it challenging with scoring and timing aspects, so, check out the interactive online games given below for little learners.

1. Trace to the Beat

Trace to the Beat

Young learners receive a good opportunity to trace numbers or alphabets through this online game. As they click on the play button, they need to choose the number category to start tracing. Different numbers are displayed and varied beats keep playing in the background. The purpose of the sound is to engage children in tracing and distracting their brains with music that adds fun.

They can also select the type of music they want in the background. As they trace numbers, they are then greeted with a bonus level where they need to put numbers in the correct musical beat. It offers fun and is filled with colorful images to gain concentration.

Game Link: WebApp

2. Number Tracing for Kids 

Number Tracing for Kids 

Here is another interesting online game combined with sound, animation, and appealing images. Kids need to click on the start button to play the game. As they start, number 1 is displayed with 1 image on the right. Little learners also get to hear the sound of the number along with the respective count of images matching the number. After tracing, the online games appreciate the learners with a congratulatory sound.

Also, they can view the scores in the top right corner and move ahead in the game. If the tracing is not done properly, they get 50 points instead of 100. Also, they cannot move ahead if the tracing is not done correctly. Such a game allows them to perfectly trace the number without making mistakes.

Game Link: WebApp

3. Tracing Numbers from 1 to 10

Tracing Numbers from 1 to 10

Tracing Numbers 1 to 10 is yet another easy online game for kids to learn different numbers. The game allows children to initially choose the number they want to trace. It revolves around the theme of collecting fireflies in a jar. As the number appears, directions with arrows and lines are given on the numbers.

Different fireflies are also displayed on the number. Kids need to trace the number in the right direction to collect the maximum number of fireflies in the jar. The game also helps kids understand if they are doing well or if the tracing is not accepted. It also uses sound to make learners know which number they are tracing.

Game Link: WebApp

4. 123 Numbers – Count & Tracing 

 123 Numbers - Count & Tracing 

123 Numbers is a comprehensive platform for little learners to learn about numbers, counting, and different concepts of number matching. The application is filled with visually appealing images and colors to facilitate learning. The app has different options to trace numbers with the help of directions.

Students also learn to count numbers as the application offers the viewing of numbers with different elements that depict the exact number count. Children also learn to recognize the sequence of numbers and fill in the empty blanks. In a nutshell, kids not only trace numbers but also are constantly connected with numbers in creative and analytical formals. 

App link: Playstore | Appstore

5. 123 Numbers Alphabet Tracing 

123 Numbers Alphabet Tracing 

This is a creative application that comprises different elements of fundamental learning. Through this app, little learners get an opportunity to connect with numbers in a colorful manner. The app uses an audio system to enhance the learning experience.

It is divided into 5 different categories and students need to click on the number category. The application then provides different numbers to be traced in varied colors. As children trace numbers, they also understand how to write each one in the correct format.

App link: Playstore

6. Learn Numbers 123 Kids Game

Learn Numbers 123 Kids Game

The application is all about numbers in so many different formats. Teachers and parents can definitely use this app to develop number sense and the basic ideology behind math. The application consists of number tracing options wherein kids get to fill in different colors as they trace in the right direction. It also has various different sets for counting numbers and pairing them. So, it offers a comprehensive platform with number matching and forming sequences. Since the user interface is pretty easy and visually attractive, number tracing and learning become fun with this application.

App link: Playstore | Appstore

7. Numbers, ABC, Spelling Tracing 

Numbers, ABC, Spelling Tracing 

As the name suggests, students get an opportunity to trace numbers as well as alphabets. In this application, kids can choose from 4 different categories – Numbers, Small Letter Alphabets, Big Letter Alphabets, or Spellings. Students also get to choose the number they wish to trace.

The interface shows different directions for tracing numbers in the correct manner. It offers an interesting learning environment as students get to select the color they want to fill the numbers with. Since it is filled with various images and a vibrant interface, the application is a helpful way to teach number tracing.

App link: Playstore

8. Numbers – 123 Games for Kids 

Numbers - 123 Games for Kids 

An application consisting of various number games and knowledge surely helps little learners with basic math. The best feature of the application is that little learners can learn numbers in more than 10 languages available in the app. It engages preschoolers in learning numbers from 1 to 20 with different tracing and counting games.

Even tracing through coloring helps kids experience diversified learning through this app. Interestingly, the app has approximately 100 different games to learn about numbers, counting, and the fundamentals of math. The app also helps kids with basic addition and subtraction with equation-solving games.

App link: Playstore

9. Numbers for Kids! Counting 123

 Numbers for Kids! Counting 123

This is a comprehensive application designed in a helpful manner to facilitate learning. The application has different features and it uses a creative theme for tracing numbers. Students can see dirty numbers and they need to trace the numbers with soap to clean them.

Along with this, the application also includes learning numbers and counting them. For additional convenience, the app is filled with high-end illustrations where kids need to find numbers in a huge picture or even play a sequencing game to learn about numbers. With number tracing, it also has a similar feature of number popping making it super fun for little learners.

App link: Playstore

10. Counting Games for Kids 

Counting Games for Kids 

Counting games for kids is a complete package for students to learn about numbers. The application has a super creative user interface and graphics where numbers are designed in a fun manner. Students need to trace different numbers and constantly learn with them.

It also helps them learn the numbers with their names using engaging sounds and animations. Numbers are dressed as humans making it more personal for learning. Little learners also get different tasks to count numbers or understand the relationship between two numbers.

App link: Playstore

How does number tracing help with other important skills?

While number tracing looks fun and easy, it is indeed a process that needs concentration and focuses from little learners. Through number tracing, kids get an opportunity to unknowingly develop other significant skills too. Check them out below.

1. Fine Motor Skills

The practice of fine motor control through tracing is quite effective. When Kids begin the emergent writing phase, they lack the strength and control in their fine motor skills necessary to write numbers or letters. With tracing numbers, fingers, hands, and wrists develop coordination. Refining motor skills helps kids hold objects, trace pictures, and even improve hand-eye coordination. Hence, these can be good activities to improve the motor skills of kids. 

2. Concentration 

Writing seems easy to adults however when kids begin writing, they lack the necessary focus. In this case, number tracing offers an effective way to control the movement of fingers and also build focus. With concentration, they cannot write anything perfectly and tracing helps them stay concentrated with directions, arrows, and the format of writing numbers.

3. Drawing Skills

Tracing numbers also includes different types of lines with curves, straight lines, or zigzag ones. As little learners trace the numbers, they also enhance their drawing skills. It boosts creativity and improves hand coordination while making curves for the number 3 or twisting the fingers for the number 8. Similarly, different numbers also inspire them to draw other shapes in the future.

Wrapping up

Number tracing is an effective way to teach writing and the concept of numbers. Along with tracing numbers, children learn to recognize and create relatability with numbers. The above-mentioned online games and applications are helpful ways for parents and teachers to offer a fun learning environment to little learners. 

Presentation of images, sounds, and animations makes it ideal for kids to learn about numbers in a comprehensive manner. Along with the usage of games and apps, different methods including worksheets and activities can also be used to teach number tracing. Lastly, it should be noted that kids learn at different paces, and if not one method, several others are sure to work for them. 

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