9 Awesome Manipulatives For Teaching Graphs and Charts

Manipulatives for Learning Graphs

Yes, we can always make a table to structure our data, but what if you have too much data? That is where graphs and charts come to your rescue. Graphs and charts are essential tools to analyze and visualize the data. They represent data in an organized way which helps us process content and make … Read more

10 Fun Graphing Activities For High School Students

Fun graphing activities

High school is an exciting phase of one’s life. So much to learn, and also, there is so much fun! However, this is also the time when students make some choices that well over pave their life. Academic performance is needed too, and the subjects get harder! One such concept is graphing, which is not … Read more

Free Printable Months Of The Year Charts [PDF]

Free Printable Months Of The Year Charts [PDF]

Time-keeping is also math. That is why the pre-primary and primary level math curriculum comprises the units of time as a chapter. When kids are done with the hours, minutes, or days concept, they need to move to bigger eons like weeks and months. The months may be a bit tricky to master because of … Read more

Free Printable Prime and Composite Number 1-100 Charts [PDF]

Free Printable Prime and Composite Number 1-100 Charts [PDF] with blank template included

Read and write the numbers, and then perform operations like addition and subtraction. All is hunky-dory till this point. The real struggle starts when somebody tells you that these numbers have got the types too. What?!!! Yes, it is perhaps the first reaction you may receive from a child. In pre-primary days, they learn about … Read more

Free Printable 1-120 Number Chart [PDF] with Missing Numbers and Blank Template

Free Printable 1-120 Number Chart [PDF] with Missing Numbers and Blank Template

‘How to introduce numbers to preschoolers?’ Some sew numbers into songs; a few others play games. All activities have their specific utilities. However, none of this guarantees ingrained learning. Educators do worry about the learning taken over by fun. Perhaps this is why the teachers supplement the activities with other consumables such as Printable number … Read more

Free Printable Number Line 1-100 chart [PDF]

NUmber line chart 1-100 free pritnable pdf

Counting is a basic skill that every young learner is expected to master by the end of preschool days. The challenge is to know ways to make counting an easy-peasy activity for the growing kid. Some suggest manipulatives like number line manipulatives, which do have their own set of advantages. However, the need to have … Read more

Free Printable Quadrilateral Classification, Properties & theorem flow Chart [PDF]

quadrilateral charts pdf

A polygon made using four lines, straight or slanted, and at some angle to each other come under the family of a quadrilateral. This structure is one of the primary lessons that beginners learn about as part of an early geometry subject. Teachers or instructors employ quadrilateral charts to familiarize young learners with the concept … Read more

Free Printable Handwriting Practice Worksheets for Adults [PDF] (UPDATED 2021)

Handwriting Practice sheets for adults

What are the basic determinants of a person’s fluency in a language? Many times, I come across this query. Some people opine that a good orator is a language specialist, the others say that one who writes logically and beautifully is the linguist expert. Perhaps, this is why speech and handwriting practice forms an essential … Read more

Free Printable Number Bonds Charts 1-5,10,15 [PDF]

Free Printable Number Bonds Anchor Chart PDF

Can Number Also have Bonds Between Them? The answer to this query is a big YES. If two numbers are added, subtracted, divided, or multiplied, we are actually building a pattern of the bond between them, it can be practiced in a better way using number bonds anchor charts. Using the number bond anchor chart, … Read more

Free Printable Sight word learning Charts [PDF]

Free printable sight words weekly learning chart with pdf

Sight words are the high-frequency words that do not require any decoding; readers don’t even realize these words while going through a sentence. These do the job of gluing different parts of the sentence together. Since these are to be memorized by sight and are quick to learn, regular practice can help early learners grasp … Read more