Free Printable Months Of The Year Charts [PDF]

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Time-keeping is also math. That is why the pre-primary and primary level math curriculum comprises the units of time as a chapter. When kids are done with the hours, minutes, or days concept, they need to move to bigger eons like weeks and months. The months may be a bit tricky to master because of difficulty in learning spelling. Hence, we have introduced in this post the printable charts for months of a year.

Our printables’ bundle on months of the year includes four distinct formats designed to meet every possible palate. Let’s find more about it in the coming sections. But, first, take a look at the formats as displayed below. You may download or save these, or get them printed to paste on the wall as quick reference material.

Free Printable Months Of The Year Charts  [PDF]
Free Printable Months Of The Year Charts  [PDF]
Free Printable Months Of The Year Charts  [PDF]
Free Printable Months Of The Year Charts  [PDF]

Types of months of the year printable charts

  • Plain months names printable chart: It is a colorless printable chart where the names of the months are displayed in distinct slots. For better clarity, we have written two names in each row. The idea is to help children learn months’ spellings in a self-paced manner.
  • Months of the year in colored fonts: In this chart, you will find the months’ names written in colored fonts. It helps make the learning material interesting and engaging. Colorful months’ names fonts attract children easily.
  • Months of the year in colored slots: We have colored the background of the month names’ slots and kept the name in black. It is done to fix the focus of children’s eyes on the month names.
  • Month name printable chart with colored boundaries: If you want a learning material a bit balanced in look, you can use this style of months of the year printable. In this version, only the boundaries are colored to create a semi-formal look.

Ways to use our printable months of the year bundle

Colored and plain printables to teach months of the year can offer a good option for tricking children’s minds into effective learning. Especially to tackle the cases of delayed learning, these printables offer engaging support. We suggest you employ these printables in the following ways to ease the learning process:

  • A project material: How about printing these charts and engaging children in making cut-outs of the month names? You can give these charts as a do-at-home project where children will paste the months’ names on a drawing sheet and present it in the class.
  • A readymade reference material: Paste these ‘months of the year’ names printable charts on the cardboard and hang it in the study area as wall-hanging. This simple activity can offer a quick tool to engage children in repetitions whenever they look around in the class. The same trick can be applied to homeschooling as well.
  • As a quick spelling learning material: Children feel that they are doing some fun activity when they are asked to read from a chart instead of from a book. That is why; the printable charts offer interesting teaching support to drive young children into reading and recalling months’ names often.
  • A tool for self-directed learning: Printable charts can help children learn the months of the year in a self-directed manner. Since the charts take away the feeling of learning from books, these offer reliable and proven support for self-study. Even as a middle school student, you can refer to these printable charts stored on your devices. Thus, you can use these charts as strategic sight word learning tools and learn the concept the way you feel comfortable.

Wrapping up

Having a printable chart for learning months of the year is a wise move. As an innovative teacher, you may be in search of teaching supplements that engage wavering minds in a stable learning process. Our printables bundle for teaching spellings of months of the year offers a promising pedagogical supplement. So, employ them and share with us what impact it brought to your teaching plan.

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