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How to effectively test for dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia is  a disorder that is often confused with math anxiety. But, its way more complex and serious than just fear of numbers. Not enough research makes it extremely hard to differentiate it symptoms from a common math fear. In a recent study that included observing mathematics performance of 2,421 primary school children over a number of school years suggested that the number of pupils with dyscalculia are similar to those with dyslexia. But only  1 out 108 ever received an official diagnosis. Why diagnosis is important? Dyscalculia is still an under…

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Top 8 colleges for students with dyscalculia in 2019

Hunt for the college that fully suits your interest is arguably the most difficult part of the college application process. There’s so much information to go through—how could brief campus visits and informational brochures really tell you where you’ll be most successful? It’s even harder for students with learning disability like dyscalculia. Not just applying but they may have a particularly difficult time keeping up with the demands of their coursework. You want to make sure there are programs in place to help you be the best you can be no matter…

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Researchers created RADAR for early screening of dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects our ability to read and spell correctly.One in five students, or 15-20% of the population, has a language based learning disability and Dyslexia is the most common one. In just America, around 55 million people have some form of dyslexia. And the daunting fact is that this number could be much higher. It is estimated that around  700 million people worldwide are still at the risk of this disorder. A lot of them will be left undiagnosed owing to the ineffective tools,  insufficient…

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Is Dyscalculia just a Number Dyslexia?

Dyscalculia, being very little known, is often times referred as Number Dyslexia or Numerical Dyslexia. Some of the top internet information sources call it as a Math equivalent of Dyslexia. But, is it fair? Well, the fact is, at some point dyslexia does  affect the arithmetic skills of a child. Kid with dyslexia may find trouble in doing math work. They may struggle while naming numerals. They also may struggle with reading word problems, reading number names, and spelling number names. But these challenges are not the same as the issues faced by…

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I was relieved to finally discover Dyscalculia – Story of Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore was the name of 70’s. Having achieved fame from hit sitcoms, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show, and scoring six Emmy awards during an acting career, she was an American icon and served as an inspiration for many younger actresses, professional women, and feminists. However, Things weren’t that great in the beginning. She faced lifelong challenges that have impacted her personally and professionally. In an interview recorded in 2013, she told about her lifelong struggle with numbers. It wasn’t until she was in her 50s that Moore discovered…

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Everything you should know about Mental Math

What is mental math?   We will jump right to definition but first, let me just ask, what’s 3 + 3 ?   Almost all of you have given the right answer  and most probably within 2 seconds without even touching a pen or paper.   The real question is how? This is because our brain is already been trained to do simple calculations like these. It have already achieved a state where we no longer required special tools to do basic arithmetic calculations. This ability to mathematical calculations quick…

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Scored straight A’s in every subject matter but maths – Story of Victoria Lawson

Dyscalculia may have hindered her pace in doing basic calculations but that didn’t stopped her for scoring straight A’s in other subjects. Being diagnosed in sophomore year of high school, Multimedia journalism major Victoria Lawson often times become frustrated with math. This is what she have to say about her struggle with dyscalculia Whenever I schedule interviews with people, I pull up a picture of a clock because I need the visual display I also memorize phone numbers by envisioning them as pictures. I would write down 71 instead of 17, and I couldn’t remember my phone…

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Dyscalculia may still be undiagnosed in majority of children – Study

Dr Kinga Morsanyi and a team of experts from the School of Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast performed medical research on the prevalence of Specific Learning Disorder in mathematics (SLDM), which is also known as dyscalculia. The study included observing mathematics performance of 2,421 primary school children over a number of school years. The researchers claimed the number of pupils with dyscalculia to be similar to those with dyslexia. About 108 children  from the total, had received an official diagnosis of dyslexia, but just one child had officially been diagnosed with dyscalculia. Based on the results of…

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Dyscalculia treatment – How to effectively build math skills?

Today, we are going to talk about the possible dyscalculia treatments. How can an individual overcome the daily struggle of this mathematical disability? But first, we must know what exactly a dyscalculia is? Dyscalculia is a life long learning disability affecting a person’s ability to understand numbers and learn math facts. It is seen as the mathematical equivalent to dyslexia and hence, the name – Number Dyslexia. It severely affects the life of a dyscalculic (commonly referred to a person suffering from dyscalculia) . Individual may loose the ability to…

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History of Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a life long learning disability affecting a person’s ability to understand numbers and learn math facts. It is seen as the mathematical equivalent to dyslexia and hence, the name – Number Dyslexia. Maths is an important part of our life. We take the help of Mathematics to solve complex real world phenomenon. Having difficulty in numbers can be a daunting experience. Its surprising to know that, although the roots of this disorder were mentioned way back in 1940’s, yet it is an under researched subject. Today, we are going to…

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