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How to effectively test for dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia is  a disorder that is often confused with math anxiety. But, its way more complex and serious than just fear of numbers. Not enough research makes it extremely hard to differentiate it symptoms from a common math fear. In a recent study that included observing mathematics performance of 2,421 primary school children over a number of school years suggested that the number of pupils with dyscalculia are similar to those with dyslexia. But only  1 out 108 ever received an official diagnosis. Why diagnosis is important? Dyscalculia is still an under…

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Everything you should know about Mental Math

What is mental math?   We will jump right to definition but first, let me just ask, what’s 3 + 3 ?   Almost all of you have given the right answer  and most probably within 2 seconds without even touching a pen or paper.   The real question is how? This is because our brain is already been trained to do simple calculations like these. It have already achieved a state where we no longer required special tools to do basic arithmetic calculations. This ability to mathematical calculations quick…

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What is math anxiety? How to overcome it?

Math Anxiety is the panic and nervousness that ensues some people when solving a Mathematical problem. Math anxiety is related to performance anxiety and is likely to extend far outside of the classroom if not recognized and proactively managed. People suffering from excess math anxiety may feel stress around numbers well into adulthood, negatively impacting their professional and personal lives. But, It shouln’t be confused with dyscalculia, which has a different pathology. To put it simply, every person with dyscalculia have math anxiety but every person with math anxiety may…

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