How to write an effective IEP? A step-by-step quick guide

IEP stands for Individual Education Plans. Those involved in special education teaching find IEP of great help in identifying a student’s strengths and needs. A successful IEP implementation starts from planning and developing an effective IEP. So, it is essential to know the steps involved in it by heart. It involves identifying goals and plans … Read more

Important Study Tips For Visual Learners

Study tips for visual learners

Ever wondered why retaining facts from a documentary is more accessible than retaining them once you’ve heard them from someone? Or why does seeing someone perform a poem with small actions and dance help memorize it better than just hearing someone recite it?  The answer lies in a concept called ‘Learning Styles.’ People experience the … Read more

How To Become A Special Education Teacher?

How to beome a special education teacher

They said some people see the difficulties, but a special education teacher sees the possibilities. This is the zeal that makes an individual want to become a special educator. However, only zeal, passion, and motivation are not enough.  To become a special educator, one needs to have the degrees, proper qualifications and so much more … Read more

Can I start a tutoring business while having dyslexia?

Starting a tutoring business being a dyslexic

Teaching is a profession that instills an active combination of information, care, and understanding within oneself. This is one occupation that has been around for centuries.  But we live in a world that is ever-changing, and so are the dynamics of education. Being an educator now has new meanings where they are promoted to be … Read more

Dealing With Difficult Parents In Special Education

Dealing with diffcult parents in special education

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON JUNE 29, 2022 Special education implies personalized care and services. Educators often strive to give better lessons to little ones and communicate updates with parents. But with a few difficult caretakers, it may get challenging to deal with.  Here, a need for a distinct set of strategies and tips are needed … Read more

How to deal with computers while having Dyslexia?

Dyslexia and dealing with computers

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON JUNE 17, 2022 Advancement in technology has brought about many noteworthy upgrades in lifestyle. Undoubtedly, dealing with computers is an eminent part of it. Right from contacting loved ones to purchasing something, computers come in handy with a wide range of purposes. But some people, like those with Dyslexia, may have … Read more

5 Ways To Remotely Support Students With Dyslexia

Dyslexia and remote support

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON MAY 02, 2022 Remote assistance has been getting easier with improved technology. What teachers may now need are just a few tips to make it a lot more effective. For people with Dyslexia, these tips work not only for personalization but also ensure flexibility of resources and time.  To end your … Read more

Implementing Color Coding Writing Strategies

Color coding writing strategy

A piece of text on the screen or a notebook inferred for longer durations turns boring or dull. It is crucial to turn these interesting to facilitate the engagement of readers. Ameliorating it visually is a fair idea, as most pupils like visual inferences or better learning. But, how can one make the text visually … Read more

How To Get Exempt From College Math: A brief note on how to get the math waiver

Getting Exempt From College Math

You probably do not know this but, Thomas Edison was really bad at math and well aware of it. He once said, “I can always hire a mathematician, but he cannot hire me!” Later we know, he sealed a place in history with great inventions like the electric bulb and the phonogram and 1,093 US … Read more