How To Become An IEP Advocate?

How to become IEP advocate

While IEP can be a crucial program, one of the most important people in the system is the IEP Advocates. This is a person who ensures that the process for IEP and the implementation are accurate.  The IEP Advocate collaborates with parents and the school in carefully addressing the child’s special needs. Helping parents in … Read more

Can Someone Be Fired For Having A Learning Disability?

can you be fired for having ld?

When talking about jobs and learning disabilities, there can be some jobs that can make a good option for people with learning disabilities like dyslexia and dyscalculia; at the same time, considering some might not be that great for the individual! Signs of learning difficulty can create hitches in the workplace. But can an employer … Read more

Special Education Teacher Average Salary: How much to expect?

Special Education Teacher Average Salary

Being a teacher is a respectable position. And aspiring to be a special education teacher is further challenging and distinct to choose. This can be clearly made out from the pay that they get in different locations. All the aspirants looking towards this profession might want to know about earnings too. Here we came up … Read more

Can you join the military with a 504 plan?

Military and 504 plan

Joining hands to protect the country is often an aspiration for many students. Be it armed forces, military, navy, or air force, the responsibility can give a sense of pride to the serving individuals. To join the military, a candidate is obligated to have sound health- not only physical but also mental. There are a … Read more

Dyslexia And Interviews: Tips To Prepare

Dyslexia and interviews

Stepping into an interview room is often not the same as that in a classroom. It may be common for a candidate to be nervous even after proper preparation. Evidently, there are multiple aspects that cast an impression of the candidate in front of the interviewer. After schooling or college, students with learning disabilities like … Read more

7 Career Options For A Person With High Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

High logical mathematical intelligence careers

While there are about 12 different intellect flairs known today, logical-mathematical intelligence is distinct with attributes such as strength in numbers, patterns, and logic. An individual, being sure to possess such intelligence, may be bewildered in the expedition of career selection. Evidently, anyone would prefer aspiring professions where they can excel with their strengths. Consequently, … Read more

10 Potential Careers For Individuals With High Verbal Linguistic Intelligence

verbal linguistic intelligence carrers

The ability to express thoughts can make a reasonable difference. To ensure the same, having mastery of language right from words to phrases to sentences is obligatory. While the same is the strength of individuals who are adorned with  Verbal Linguistic Intelligence,  they can choose those careers that need a great sense of speech and … Read more

9 Career Options For Individuals With High Spatial Intelligence

Career With High Spatial Intelligence

The definition of intelligence, over time, has been broadened from mere academic success pinning it down to a single, holistic factor. Today, various researches acknowledge intelligence to be composed of several primary mental abilities. In 1938, Thurstone defined the ‘space’ factor of intelligence that represented the ability to operate mentally on spatial and visual images. … Read more

10 Career Choices For Individuals With High Intrapersonal Intelligence

Career Choices For Individuals With High Intrapersonal Intelligence

Every person is unique in terms of personality and intelligence, and it is essential to understand this before choosing a career route. Psychologist Howard Gardner proposed the theory of Multiple Intelligences. According to him, there are eight kinds, and Intrapersonal Intelligence is one of them.  People with intrapersonal intelligence are reflective in nature and focus … Read more