Top 8 Job opportunities for people with learning disabilities

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Beryl Benacerraf is an accomplished radiologist but has a history of dyslexia. (Source: Reuters)

Dona Sarkar, the chief engineer at Microsoft, confesses having issues with reading during her school days; she still prefers images over letters and numbers (Source: Microsoft Features)

David Boes, who the New York Times termed as, ‘the lawyer everyone wants, has made his illustrious career despite having dyslexia. (Source: The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity)

All these living examples of success indicate that intelligence has nothing to do with reading and writing abilities; some dyslexics have been exceptionally intelligent and did great work. It is completely possible for people with learning difficulties to learn courses of their choice, no matter how complex or difficult those are. Also, they can join mainstream society with the help of their skills and stand on their feet by gaining the eligibility needed for various jobs.

Types of jobs available for people with learning disabilities

Most of the success stories highlight the ways the talented people ‘worked around’ their difficulties and achieved their career goals. Things are becoming a bit easier with the availability of accommodations. Thus, dyslexia or any other learning difficulty never cuts down the possibilities. 

Let’s take a look at some of the job opportunities available for people having learning difficulties.

1. Counseling jobs

Counseling jobs

People with learning difficulties can have the opportunity to work in counseling positions, such as School counselor, School psychologist, Addiction Counselor,  Psychology Counselor, etc.

These positions can help you take home pay packages in the range of $30,000 to $60,000 annually.

Vacancies for Counseling Jobs

  • Counseling Trainee- Alvarado Parkway Institute (API), Main Campus, La Mesa, CA

The job requires candidates to assess addiction and mental health issues in patients. Be the active provider of patient treatment plans and carry out documentation work. 

Application Link

  • Military and Family Life Counselor-HS Counselor at Leidos

The job involves counseling family members of military personnel to adjust to life’s challenges. It involves providing confidential counseling to manage stress, relationships, and work challenges to promote overall mental well-being. You can apply for the job at the site.

Application Link

2. Restaurant jobs

Restaurant jobs

People with learning difficulties show exceptional creativity because of the unique way their brains work. This creativity can be utilized for working as a Chef, Line Cook, Fast food specialist, Barista, and so on. 

These jobs may fetch you an annual income anywhere between $16,000 and $55,000

Job opportunities available to apply in the restaurants and eateries sector are as below

  • Restaurant Host at Applebees

The restaurant Host job is open to all at Applebees. This employer welcomes people with special needs. The responsibilities include greeting the host and directing them to the seat. The employee also has access to 50% of wages weekly.

Apply Here

3. Healthcare jobs

Healthcare jobs

By adopting different ways of learning to pursue their passion and working with the help of accommodations, dyslexics can get jobs in the healthcare sector, which include Nursing assistants, Physical therapy assistants, Massage therapists, Doctors, etc. 

Salary packages vary from $40,000 to $70,000 approx.

Vacancies available

  • Manager Healthcare Quality Project Management at CVS

CVS Health continually appoints individuals with various disabilities to responsible positions. The manager healthcare quality project management post encompasses possibilities like monitoring and analysis of HEDIS, and CAHPS claims, and taking up supervision of the Chronic Conditions Improvement Project being run by the organization, etc. 

Application Link

  • Registered Nurse, Pediatric Intensive Care at Atlantic Health System

Perform all nursing duties and evaluate care plans for patients as per the doctor’s recommendations. 

Supervise the work of other nurses too, candidate should have the efficiency to handle emergencies and have knowledge of primary aid.

Application Link

4. Managerial and executive jobs

Managerial and executive jobs

People while working around their learning difficulties and with the help of accommodations, can apply for the jobs such as Marketing Specialist, Human resource manager, Human resource executive, Sales associate, Marketing manager, etc.

The take-home packages of these jobs fall under the range of $40,000 to $60,000 approx. annually.

Available vacancies

  • Executive Assistant, Verizon

The candidate is required to assist the MD. Organizing meetings, coordinating travels, handling documentation works, public dealing, etc. are some of the prime responsibilities of the job. Verizon offers Equal Employment opportunities to all.

Application Link

  • Project Engineer at Williams

The job requires technical skills and the ability to supervise all phases of engineering projects. Team management, project evaluation, and people management are the core responsibilities of this job.

Application Link

5. Analyst jobs

Analyst jobs

If you have the zeal to crunch numbers despite the learning difficulties, you can employ your analytical skills in the following jobs:

  • Data analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Statistician

You will be scooping an amazing income in the range of $60,000 to $90,000 approx. annually.

Available vacancies

  • Analyst, Apple Inc

Designing a financial strategy for Retail and engineering Solutions, collaborating with engineers for resource analysis, etc. are some of the core responsibilities. Apple Inc. offers equal employment opportunities and provides accommodations during the recruitment process on request.

Application Link

  • Business Analyst at Amazon Imaging

Take up analysis tasks to make informed business decisions. Track, monitor, and analyze productivity, defect elimination, etc. through root cause analysis, among other responsibilities define the scope of this job.

Application Link

6. Coding jobs

Coding jobs

Dyslexics can learn to code and take up jobs, such as Web designer, Computer programmer, UX/UI developer, etc. 

The coding skills are quite in demand and can help you earn annually in the range of $43,000 to $130,000 approx.

Available Vacancies

  • Sr. Software Engineer, Microsoft

Cloud computing-based coding using MS Azure stack to help develop scalable solutions as per client expectations. You got to be a coding nerd and have an eye for detail.

Application Link

  • Software Developer, S&P Global

Develop digitized products that are of daily use for the clients assigned. Provide mentorship to other new developers and perform roles as allotted from time to time.

Application Link

7. Office jobs

Office jobs

Using expertise in software use, and computer knowledge with the help of work planners, dyslexics, and other people can apply for office jobs too, such as Office Assistant, Office Coordinator, Receptionist, etc. 

Available vacancies

  • Training Coordinator, Government of District of Columbia

Coordinating and providing training for first responder activities. Includes research, program designing, and coordinating with trainees and experts as core activities.

Application Link

  • Receptionist, Randstad USA

The first contact point at Randstad. Coordinate incoming calls, perform COVID screening on visitors, and direct them to concerned authorities. Organize planned meetings and send reminders to employees and vendors regarding the same. 

Application Link

8. Creative jobs

Creative jobs

The different approaches to learning and the ability to do deeper analysis or make brave choices are common to people with LDs. With the help of drawing skills, they can take up jobs such as:

  • Concept artist and animator
  • Graphic designer
  • Editor
  • Web designer
  • Portrait expert
  • Architecture landscaping expert

All these jobs are available in the best companies and offer freelancing opportunities as well. 

Available vacancies

  • Interaction Designer, Google

Design experience and interaction with the global population. From conception to execution, participate in the process and develop designs and experiences that appeal to the audiences. 

Application Link

  • Landscape Designer, Thomas & Hutton

Put your visualization abilities to work by joining T&H as a landscape designer. You will be required to plan, design, and execute construction plans and make the design compliant with the safety and habitability norms while retaining the aesthetic quotient. 

Application Link

A quick tip: While searching for job opportunities as a person who needs additional support or accommodations, reach out to the companies that are a part of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) plan. By declaring being an EEO company, the organization confirms that it provides accommodations during the recruitment process and at work.

Schedule a hiring authority for federal jobs – what is it?

The former president of the US, Barack Obama passed Executive Order 13548 which emphasized applying for office jobs and federal jobs despite learning disabilities. As a result, several reforms in the hiring process have been introduced. 

One such arrangement is the Schedule A hiring process. It is a non-competitive hiring process where people with disabilities are considered for federal jobs but with a probation period. During the probation period, they are expected to work with quality at par with general workers. 

Here is how you can prove eligibility for the Schedule A hiring process.

  • Have the requisite qualifications for the job you are applying for. Furnish the documents like a degree or diploma certificate to support your candidature.
  • Present ‘proof of disability document as asked so that you can get accommodations at work

When and how to disclose a learning difficulty during the recruitment process?

Disclosure in the recruitment context is a formal declaration of the learning disability to seek accommodations for exams, and interviews, and to carry out a normal day at work. 

If you are going through a recruitment agency, the selective placement program coordinator is the authority to whom you should disclose the accommodations needed. 

The right time to disclose a learning difficulty is while applying for a job or a competitive exam. You can also ask for accommodations while appearing for college exams. It helps the coordinators make the requisite arrangements so that you get an equal opportunity to do your best. Hence, disclosing the disability on failing the exam or on receiving the result is not a recommended approach. Authorities don’t consider the request for re-tests if they follow this path.

To disclose the disability, you attach the relevant document along with the application form. You also tick the appropriate columns in the application form meant for furnishing your difficulty when you seek additional support. Learn more about the disclosure process here.

Wrapping up,

Working opportunities are available for those with learning difficulties. The fact that they have the intelligence and creativity needed to perform various tasks requires recruiters to change their mindset and be sensitive to the additional support needs of such people. With the help of accommodations, people with learning difficulties can become active contributors to the country’s economy and live self-sufficiently too.

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