Interpretation Skills: Importance, Examples, Strategies, & Real Life Applications

Guide to interpretation skills with examples

In case of a query, one may get multiple sources of information. What’s equally important is that individuals are able to interpret this information in the right way as determined by the author; also implicitly making out how this can be implemented in their scenario. Everyone should develop the ability to understand the information in … Read more

Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Examples And Ideas To Understand It Better

LRE examples and ideas

Least Restrictive Environment is recognized under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act-2004. (IDEA) to promote the idea of including children with special needs in the mainstream narrative and make classrooms an inclusive environment for everyone.  Understanding of this implementation can be better with some examples, ideas, and strategies. The instances and tips in this article … Read more

7 Examples Of Story Retelling | Why is retelling important for kids?

Story retelling examples

Retelling is a process of re-narrating the story by students to bring out personalized perceptions. It has multiple advantages like better vocabulary and communication skills when properly implemented. Apart from understanding the meaning, a few examples to refer can guide you better in opting for this strategy. The instances we provided here not only give … Read more

10 Perfect Feedback Examples for Teachers from Students

Feedback examples for teachers

Feedback is a crucial step of every process that allows us to take a step back, review “what we did”, “how we could have done it”, “what was left out”, “how we can evolve”, because irrespective of the efforts, evolution is the way “forward”, making sure nothing is left “behind”, through the process of feedback.  … Read more

Mnemonics Guide: Meaning & Examples

What are Mnemonics

The strategy of learning something valuable can be often ensured with practices like listening and memorizing. But it would be a convenient idea to craft some hack that would make retaining facts easier. Mnemonics are probably the best example of such tips.  Right from VIBGYOR for remembering rainbow colors to song-based learning, all of these … Read more

10 Important Examples Of Positive And Negative Numbers In Real Life

Positive & Negative number examples

A positive or negative sign before a number makes a huge difference. While positive implies add-on, negative implies decrease. With this idea, inferences in a number of areas like quantity and directions are made easy. These real-life instances are worth observing.  Sometimes, learning from real-life cues may be beneficial as the students may ensure better … Read more

What Is Cognitive Flexibility? Its Importance And Examples

Cognitive Flexibility

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON APRIL 11, 2022 We all need to be adept at multi-tasking. It helps us through all phases of life. Right at school time, the kids are taught to be flexible in their thinking. They are given a curriculum and a set of extra-curricular activities too. It demands them to mold their … Read more

10 Examples Of Direct Proportion In Real-Life

Real life examples of direct proportion

We use a lot of mathematical concepts and operations in our daily lives and usual routines. A lot of our jobs, too, are dependent on performing these mathematical functions. In this subject, proportion refers to the relationship between two quantities.  Comprehending these direct proportions helps a student understand the ratio between two quantities that has … Read more