10 Common Examples Of Spheres Around Us

Sphere examples in real life

Spheres are geometric shapes that have captured the imagination of mathematicians and scientists for centuries. These simple yet elegant shapes can be found all around us, from the smallest atoms to the vast expanse of the universe. In this article, we will explore some fascinating examples of spheres in real life and discover how these … Read more

10 Examples Of How We Use Computational Thinking In Real-life

computational thinking

The brain has often been compared to that of a computer and that was all because of one mental ability- Computational thinking. In essence, it is a way of solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behavior that draws on concepts fundamental to computer science. It can also be called a thought process that is … Read more

10 Common Examples Of Cone Around Us

cone examples

Geometry is not something that is limited to the domains of theory on paper. Examples of shapes and geometrical properties are in abundance in our surroundings, after all, it is by observing our environments that these figures took shape on paper. However, it is challenging to teach about different shapes and their properties to students. … Read more

10 Examples Of Cylinder in Real Life

cylinder examples in real life

Mathematical shapes are abundantly found in our surroundings and environment. It is because of the presence of these peculiar and distinct shapes that mankind questioned and studied the various properties and distinct qualities of these shapes. Today, we are going to learn about one more such three-dimensional figure of a cylinder.  While you might be … Read more

6 Examples Explaining How Drill And Practice Teaching Method Works

example of drill and practice

Let’s recall the procedure to learn the alphabet, we started with rote learning, then moved to repeat the alphabet orally, and finally to practice them in a written format. The drill and practice teaching method takes the same route when trying to establish competency in a student. While the alphabet example is too simplistic to … Read more

Assessing Sentence Fluency In Students: Explaining Through Examples

sentence fluency

Language fluency is often interchangeably used with sentence fluency, however, the latter is an aspect of the former, which dictates the overall proficiency of the individual. Sentence fluency refers to the appropriateness of certain words or phrases put together. It can be about the right vocabulary, correct sentences, varying lengths of sentences, and an overall … Read more

24 Examples Of Experiential Learning To Understand It Better

examples of experiential learning

Experiential learning, when broken down into its simplest form, means learning by doing. However, in some cases, experiential learning can also take a vicarious path, where individuals learn through others’ experiences.  Apart from other academic and executive skills, experiential learning is said to enhance emotional and soft skills. For instance, listening to an adult talk … Read more

7 Real-World Applications Of Differential Equations

applications of differential equations

Differential equations are mathematical equations that describe how a variable changes over time. They can be used to model a wide range of phenomena in the real world, such as the spread of diseases, the movement of celestial bodies, and the flow of fluids. One of the key features of differential equations is that they … Read more