12 Real-life examples of triangular prisms

examples of Triangular Prisms

A real-life example can help students navigate through the concepts easily as it helps unfold the mystery of its practicality. This experience will help them become better in their classroom lessons, especially in subjects like mathematics that have geometry-related concepts like triangular prisms, which might pose a difficulty when visualizing out of bookish knowledge.  Learning … Read more

7 Real-life Examples Of A Decagon

Examples of Decagon

Shapes have an innate appeal in the field of geometry. While squares and circles are ubiquitous in everyone’s day-to-day lives, there exists a lesser-known figure called the decagon, primarily known for its uniqueness and allure. The ‘deca’ in decagon signifies ten equal sides and ten equal angles. It depicts a beautiful amalgam of complexity and … Read more

13 Real Life Examples Of Ellipses

Real life examples of ellipse

The ellipse, a seemingly insignificant shape in geometry, holds paramount significance in mathematics as well as in the real world. Sometimes, it is overshadowed by the more famous circle, but is otherwise essential in several facets of our life. When students begin their mathematical journey, the practical existence of ellipses becomes more than just an … Read more

20 Examples of Resourcefulness in School

examples of resourcefulness in school

Is there something more important than having resources? It’s resourcefulness. In simple terms, resourcefulness is a person’s ability to make the most of available things. It is a trait that helps an individual achieve goals by using things they have at their disposal without waiting for the right time and resources. This quality is extremely … Read more

Understanding Early Intervention Through Types And Examples

types and examples of early intervention

Optimal growth and development ensure a child can navigate through life smoothly and independently. It is vital for their future success in both their personal and professional lives. While it is true that comparing kids is not the best way to ascertain whether a child is growing well because kids grow at their own pace, … Read more

Crystallized Intelligence: Characteristics and Examples to understand it better

crystallised intelligence chracteristics

Psychologist Raymond B. Cattell classified general intelligence into two categories – fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence. Fluid intelligence is our ability to handle novel situations by recognizing patterns and using logical thinking and abstract reasoning skills to find solutions. Fluid intelligence does not depend on prior knowledge. On the other hand, crystallized intelligence is based … Read more

Fluid Intelligence: Characteristics and Examples to understand it better

Fluid intelligence characteristics and examples

Consider the following scenario – “You work for a courier company, and a huge consignment is waiting to be delivered. Everything is sorted, but all of a sudden, you learn of a glitch that will impact the delivery of the consignment. As there is no scope for late delivery, you start figuring out what you … Read more

14 Surprising Real-life Applications Of Sine and Cosine Graphs 

applications of Sine and Cosine graphs 

Life and trigonometry are both the same. They both have formulas to be solved, but where which formula is applied; that’s difficult to understand- Anonymous.  This a very impactful trigonometric quote that captures its essence just right. No wonder why kids shy away from studying trigonometric functions or leave it to fate or miracles, maybe. … Read more

10 Common Applications Of Tangents and Normal in Real-life

application of tangent and normal

If you are a teacher, chances are high that you are always looking for new and innovative methods to teach children challenging mathematics concepts. Don’t you? Mathematics, at times, can be a challenging and difficult subject to study and understand.  If concepts are not introduced properly, children suffer to learn and understand the concept accurately. … Read more