7 Common Applications Of Area And Perimeter In Daily Life

The concept of area and perimeter has been in use since ancient times and even holds its importance in the present-day scenario. From selecting a specific size wallpaper to set a table in a corner, this geometrical concept finds its usage everywhere. We all have encountered situations wherein measuring the area and perimeter is crucial … Read more

12 Examples Of Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills examples

Have you ever thought about how we’re able to read, learn, explore, think, remember, reason, or even pay attention to things around us? It’s our cognitive skills that help us to function and perform such necessary tasks.  Cognitive skills are a set of necessary skills which are essential for your brain to perform different tasks. … Read more

10 Real Life Applications Of Quadratic Equations

Quadratic equation examples and applications in real life

Our daily lives involve regular use of our mathematical knowledge to solve real-life problems. Just like other mathematical concepts, we also use quadratic equations unknowingly to find answers to our questions. A quadratic equation is an equation containing variables, among which at least one must be squared. It is expressed in the following form: ax2+bx+c= … Read more

7 Effective Examples Of Rewards For Good Behavior At Home

Worldwide, parents always try their best to discipline their children and ensure they are following good behavior. This helps the children learn what behavior they should adopt and what to suppress. While all parents have different ideologies and different modes of conduct when it comes to dealing with their child, as every child has a … Read more

14 Examples Of Trigonometry In Daily Life

In simple terms, trigonometry is the ratio of lengths, angles, and triangles. Originating in ancient Greece, trigonometry is an amalgamation of two words, ‘trigono’ meaning triangle, and ‘metry’ meaning measure. If we remember correctly, the problems under this section in our Math books included situations like a shadow of a lamppost falling on the road, … Read more

10 Examples Of Spatial Awareness In Our Day-to-day Lives

We can refer to one’s ability to understand and adequately depict where their physical bodies are in accordance with the space, various objects, and other people around them as spatial awareness. Children start developing a sense to understand this from a very early age as these skills are very complex. Additionally, someone with good spatial … Read more

10 Real-world Examples Of Prime Factorization To Understand It Better

Real world examples of prime factorization

We use various basic principles of math quite unknowingly in our daily life. Like, we are always using addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication everywhere- from restaurants to public transport. When a child learns numbers and basic math, they take time to identify each number while solving a problem. But when they grow up, they may … Read more

7 Examples Of How LCM & HCF Are Used In Our Daily Life

At times, we’re stuck in situations that require us to break down numbers in their smallest part because that whole number can not be used as it is in that particular situation. The term “factors” come into the picture here. A factor in maths is a number that divides a number completely leaving no remainder … Read more

10 Main Examples Of Special Education Teacher Goals

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON AUGUST 31, 2022 Teachers play a crucial role in the lives of all students. Children spend half of their day for years in school and get highly influenced by their educators. In the case of special education, in order to meet the individualistic needs of the students, it is essential for … Read more