7 Common Applications Of Area And Perimeter In Daily Life

The concept of area and perimeter has been in use since ancient times and even holds its importance in the present-day scenario. From selecting a specific size wallpaper to set a table in a corner, this geometrical concept finds its usage everywhere. We all have encountered situations wherein measuring the area and perimeter is crucial … Read more

10 Real Life Applications Of Quadratic Equations

Quadratic equation examples and applications in real life

Our daily lives involve regular use of our mathematical knowledge to solve real-life problems. Just like other mathematical concepts, we also use quadratic equations unknowingly to find answers to our questions. A quadratic equation is an equation containing variables, among which at least one must be squared. It is expressed in the following form: ax2+bx+c= … Read more

Interpretation Skills: Importance, Examples, Strategies, & Real Life Applications

Guide to interpretation skills with examples

In case of a query, one may get multiple sources of information. What’s equally important is that individuals are able to interpret this information in the right way as determined by the author; also implicitly making out how this can be implemented in their scenario. Everyone should develop the ability to understand the information in … Read more

10 Important Examples Of Positive And Negative Numbers In Real Life

Positive & Negative number examples

A positive or negative sign before a number makes a huge difference. While positive implies add-on, negative implies decrease. With this idea, inferences in a number of areas like quantity and directions are made easy. These real-life instances are worth observing.  Sometimes, learning from real-life cues may be beneficial as the students may ensure better … Read more

Applications of calculus in real life

Applications of calculus in real life

The use of mathematics, physics, and various science concepts in solving real-life problems and applications has been observed from time immemorial. Such is the case with calculus too. The urge to know about the practical applications of Calculus is a common question that many young minds often ask.  The association of mathematics, especially calculus, and … Read more

Real Life Applications Of Right Angle Triangle

Applications of right triangles

Geometry provides us with an elementary introduction to shapes around us. This branch of maths is useful in mastering shape reasoning. If you ever wonder how math is going to be used in real life, geometry offers the answer most readily. We know that circles, triangles, and rectangles are the 2D figures that we see … Read more

How Mathematics Is Used In Construction?

Application of math in construction

The construction industry is one of the largest and most diverse industries in the world with billions of people operating in this trade. Whether it is the spaces to live on, places to work on, recreational spots, or creating wonderful monuments, construction is universal. One of the natural or learned skills required in the industry … Read more