9 Real-Life Examples Of Complementary Angles

Complementary Angles Examples In Real Life

Have you ever found yourself staring at a pizza and wondering why the slices form complementary angles? Or perhaps you’ve marveled at the intricate patterns of light refraction and wondered how complementary angles play a role? Complementary angles aren’t just a dry topic from your old geometry textbook – they’re all around us, and understanding … Read more

6 Manipulatives For Teaching Angles And Its Related Concepts


Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Introduction Many people essentially don’t have a particular liking for math and its concepts. Geometry, being a part of it, may fall under the same category of dislike for many students. However, if taught through viable ways like educational apps, following responsive … Read more

8 Fun Classroom Activities For Learning Angles

Activities for learning angles

Angle– one word that we habitually use, but seldom do we understand its importance. From angles in pictures to furniture, to even buildings and architecture, this concept of mathematics is implemented time and again.  Angles can be used in geometry to define objects like polygons and polyhedrons, as well as to explain how lines behave. … Read more

9 Online Games For Understanding Angles Concepts

Online games for learning angles

Looking at an analog clock, discerning the arrangement of the needles can let the person determine time. This arrangement is nothing but an angle. Not only in clocks, one can see angles in many real-life examples like arrowheads, scissors, set squares, and cloth hangers. After the young learner has learned about angles in school, relevant … Read more