10 Examples Of Acute Angle In Our Daily Lives

Take a time to look around yourself, geometry is everywhere. Acute angles can be observed in many different contexts throughout daily life. Typically, primary students in grades three through five learn in math class that an acute angle is one that can be measured with a protractor to be less than 90 degrees and is … Read more

Geometry Vs Trigonometry: ELI5 The Difference

Mathematics is full of wonders. You learn so many things as you delve deeper into mathematics that it will leave you hungry for more. Mathematics consists of different topics like arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, mensuration, etc. Among these sections, people might often get confused between trigonometry and geometry. But, these two- geometry and trigonometry- are … Read more

7 Fun Geometry Activities For High School Students


Geometry is an important element of our daily life if we look attentively. It is one of the earliest areas of mathematics. This discipline of mathematics studies the characteristics and relationships of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher-dimensional analogs. It is a fundamental part of math that students must be good at. Students can better … Read more

Algebra vs Geometry vs Arithmetic: ELI5 The Difference Between These

Algebra vs geometry vs arithmetic

Math is the basic discipline of counting, measuring, and describing the shapes of objects. It also includes the concrete study of structure, order, and relation. Right from sciences to technical advancements, math calculations are utilized everywhere.  Numerous new fields have developed with the establishment of mathematics, from the primitive number system to the relevant research … Read more

6 Manipulatives For Teaching Angles And Its Related Concepts


Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Introduction Many people essentially don’t have a particular liking for math and its concepts. Geometry, being a part of it, may fall under the same category of dislike for many students. However, if taught through viable ways like educational apps, following responsive … Read more

20 Funny Quotes For Geometry Class

Funny Geometry Quotes

Witty words and funny quotes always catch our attention. They lighten the atmosphere and make learning seem more effortless. A little humor is always welcome, especially while studying an overwhelming subject like Math and Geometry.  If we look closely, geometry is an integral part of our daily lives. Geometry is, with arithmetic, one of the … Read more

10 Examples Of Geometry In Real Life To Understand It Better

Real life examples of geometry

Have you ever thought about geometry as just a branch of mathematics that revolves around the concepts of shapes, sizes, and locations of individual objects? Realizing how geometry is widely present in everything we do in our daily lives is quite fascinating. With a better understanding of how geometry is closely related to almost every … Read more

10 Cool Board Games That’ll Make Geometry Interesting For You

Geometry Board Games

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Apart from classroom assessments, offline practices are often effective in cultivating crucial concepts in the learner, ensuring the real-life essence in them.  Monopoly, for instance, is a game of business and money transactions. Not only for this, some board games may ensure … Read more

How Learning Geometry Is Affected By Dyscalculia?

Geometry and dyscalculia

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON MARCH 09, 2022 Being a crucial wing of math, geometry deals with the study and properties of points, lines, surfaces, and other multidimensional objects. Dealing with real-life objects, the concept can be enticing for some pupils, some students may find it taxing to visualize and discern complex queries. That being the … Read more