8 Peer Pressure Games & Activities For High School Students 

Peer pressuer games and activities for high school

Do your friends often insist on joining them for late-night parties? It is common to come across such instances where students are influenced by the behavior, attitudes, thoughts, and actions of their fellow mates. While certain actions could help students advance academically, others might put undue pressure on them. Some high school students could feel … Read more

IEP Attendance Goals For High School Students

attendence goals

Welcome to the world of high school, where the days are long, the homework is plenty, and the social drama never seems to end. In this fast-paced environment, it’s important for students to stay on top of their attendance to ensure they don’t fall behind. However, we all know that getting teenagers out of bed … Read more

10 Mental Health Awareness Activities For High School Students

mental health awareness

Mental health is a topic that is often shrouded in silence, shame, and stigma. High school can be a particularly challenging time for students, who may be facing academic pressures, social isolation, and a range of personal struggles that can take a toll on their mental well-being. But it doesn’t have to be this way. … Read more

Reading Comprehension Lesson Plan For High School [PDF Included]

Reading comprehension lesson plan for high school

The ability to read proficiently and derive meaning from written information is more important than ever as we are a part of the information age. Reading comprehension has, therefore, become a critical skill for high school students to master. Whether it involves complex literature or dense academic texts, the ability to comprehend written text is … Read more

10 Fun Physics Games & Activities For High School Students

Physics Games And Activities For High School Students

Physics is the study of the physical matter of the universe. But usually, it shows up in our textbooks as boring formulas and abstract principles that seem to make no sense in real life. Think about the last time you used F= MxA. Not since you last gave the physics exam that required you to … Read more

7 Fun Activities For Learning Idioms In Middle School & High School

idiom activities

The Cambridge Dictionary defines an idiom as, “a group of words in a fixed order that has a particular meaning that is different from the meanings of each word on its own.” In your daily life, you must have heard many idioms and wondered what their meanings would be in the context that they are … Read more

5 Fun Interview Activity Ideas For High School Students

Interviews often require students to think on their feet. They must listen carefully and react and reply appropriately to the questions they are asked. They put their metacognitive skill to work by planning how to crack the interview.  Mock interviews and recruitment training can prove to be essential tools in preparing children for their future … Read more

9 Fun Note-Taking Activities For Students Of Different Grades

note taking

Do you know why is it important to comprehend information heard? This is because humans tend to forget certain parts of information after an interval of time. This leads to misinformation and misconceptions in understanding the original context of the information. That’s when note-taking skills come to your rescue! Each class involves a different learning … Read more

7 Fun Geometry Activities For High School Students


Geometry is an important element of our daily life if we look attentively. It is one of the earliest areas of mathematics. This discipline of mathematics studies the characteristics and relationships of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher-dimensional analogs. It is a fundamental part of math that students must be good at. Students can better … Read more

6 Fun Brainstorming Activities For High School Students

Brainstorming activities for middle school

Did you know brainstorming is the art of critical thinking to arrive at the best ideas and outcomes? Yes, right from making a shopping decision to innovating new products, brainstorming plays an important role in life. As brainstorming is required in most events of life, high schoolers are more likely to benefit from this skill. … Read more