Special Education Interview Questions: What should you ask the parents and teachers? [Printables Included]

special education for interview

Special education interviews are not just important; they are critical for ensuring that students with special needs receive the necessary support and resources to thrive in their academic and personal lives. As a teacher or administrator, conducting effective interviews with both parents and teachers is an urgent matter that requires immediate attention.  Without a thorough … Read more

5 Fun Interview Activity Ideas For High School Students

Interviews often require students to think on their feet. They must listen carefully and react and reply appropriately to the questions they are asked. They put their metacognitive skill to work by planning how to crack the interview.  Mock interviews and recruitment training can prove to be essential tools in preparing children for their future … Read more

Dyslexia And Interviews: Tips To Prepare

Dyslexia and interviews

Stepping into an interview room is often not the same as that in a classroom. It may be common for a candidate to be nervous even after proper preparation. Evidently, there are multiple aspects that cast an impression of the candidate in front of the interviewer. After schooling or college, students with learning disabilities like … Read more