What is Context-Based Learning?

Context-based learning is a way of teaching and learning that emphasizes the context in which information is used. Rather than just focusing on the facts and figures, this approach emphasizes the relationships between ideas and is based on the idea that understanding the context in which information is presented and used is essential for true … Read more

Advantages Of Discovery Learning

discovery learning

Are you bored with the old-fashioned “lecture and recite” teaching method? Do you want to give your students a chance to participate in their learning actively and meaningfully explore novel ideas? If so, discovery learning might be your best option. Education that promotes the learner’s role in creating their understanding of a subject is discovery … Read more

10 Important Skills Needed To Be An Elementary School Teacher

Skills need to be an elementary teacher

Are you an elementary teacher, or are you hoping to become one? Whichever the reason, teaching is the most rewarding profession. Elementary school teachers play a very crucial role in young children’s education and growth. Their hard work and importance can not be neglected. A primary school teacher manages a classroom and instructs students in … Read more

Micro Teaching – Definition, Examples, Types, & Importance

micro teaching

Microteaching is a teaching technique where a teacher practices and improves their teaching skills by teaching a small group of students for a short period. The goal of microteaching is to allow the teacher to focus on specific teaching skills and techniques and to receive feedback on their performance in a low-stress environment. This approach … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Small Group Instruction

small group instruction

When a teacher finishes teaching a lesson to the whole class, there are always some students who due to some, or other reason may not fully understand it the way other students do. For that, small group instruction takes place. Accompanied by increased instruction and support allows for the grouping of students into sizes ranging … Read more

How To Teach Organizational Skills To Elementary Students?

organisational skills

A group of strategic abilities known as organization skills aid students in making the best use of their time and effort to accomplish their objectives. Both effective study techniques and organization are crucial in the classroom. For students, being organized is particularly important because it assists them to learn how to prioritize activities, set and … Read more

How Can Teachers Create An Effective Learning Environment?

effective learning

 An effective learning environment is a varied platform where participants interact and engage in order to acquire new skills. One of the most inventive components of teaching is creating an enjoyable and supportive learning atmosphere for students, particularly during a specific course.                                                                                       However, it can be challenging for teachers and educators to create an effective … Read more

How To Successfully Launch Guided Math Groups?

guided math group

Have you ever attended a class where you found yourself nodding along with your peers even though you did not understand anything?  If yes, then you are not alone. This can happen due to several reasons like you missed a class that was supposed to lay down the basics or the way an educator is … Read more