20 Inspiring ‘Proud to Be a Teacher’ Quotes

20 Inspiring 'Proud to Be a Teacher' Quotes

As we all know, teachers are one of the essential building blocks in our life after our parents. It is the teachers’ job to ensure that society gets what it needs in terms of children that are well taught in the way of life and are equipped with knowledge. Teachers help make the world a … Read more

50 Motivational Back-to-school Quotes For Teachers To Get The Zeal Back After A Vacation

Back to school quotes for teachers

Have you ever imagined the feeling of getting back to school? While all children are enthusiastic about new bags and books, it is equally crucial to equip teachers with much-needed motivation. Vacations offer a relaxing time for individuals, In such a situation, quotes can be helpful to motivate teachers like never before! As teachers play … Read more

Printable Teacher Performance Evaluation Checklist [PDF Included]

Good educational achievements are the result of having experienced and well-qualified teachers. The characteristics of a teacher evaluated are based on the performance with respect to a set of criteria. The evaluation of a teacher today places a strong emphasis on the students’’ learning results. A teacher with a solid grasp of instructional methodologies, the … Read more

8 Cool Google Extensions For Teachers

In the ever-changing world, technology has transformed the entire learning experience. It is not only students but also teachers who benefit from different tools and technology. For quite some time now, we’ve been familiar to use websites and applications for various different purposes.  Nowadays, Google Chrome extensions have come into the limelight that is meant … Read more

7 Fun Team Building Games For Teachers To Play Online

Online team building games for teachers

An organization must work together as a whole to deliver expected results. An efficient team can make this process easier and more effective than if done alone. Teams that can’t work together as one are not able to achieve outcomes easily. In addition, they are unable to develop new strategies promptly when challenges arise and … Read more

30+ Jokes For Teachers To Crack In Algebra Class

Algebra jokes for teachers

One of the many branches of mathematics is algebra. Algebra is essentially the study of mathematical symbols and the procedures for finding the missing values. Creating a meaningful mathematical expression takes variables like x, y, and z together with mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. While Algebra is tricky, teachers can use various … Read more

17 “Last Day Of School” Quotes For Teachers (That Will Make You Smile)


Summer break from school has begun!Well, nearly. With newly sharpened pencils, fresh colors, new haircuts, and optimistic outlooks, we began the year. And now we’re finishing it with ripped notebooks and flat erasers, but also with stronger bonds between us and a ton of new information in our minds. To us, it seems like a … Read more

40 Teacher Appreciation Quotes From Parents And Principal

teacher appreciation

 “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.” – Alexander the Great The young minds of children have everything they learn imprinted on them, and this later influences their life in various ways. Today’s children will be the leaders of tomorrow and will play an important role in … Read more

6 Helpful Phonics Books For Teachers

phonics books

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Phonics is a collection of knowledge and abilities that explains how the alphabet functions. This comprehension is required to read successfully and connect the dots between reading and writing. But with changing dynamics of the world, expectations and the need to use … Read more

Key Points To Discuss In A Parent-Teacher Meeting

Key points to discuss in parent teacher meeting

The parent-teacher meeting is an inevitable and integral part of the child’s school life and growth. Considering the fact that a child spends more than half of their day in school, these meetings are crucial to parents as they might want to know what their little learner is up to during school hours. Moreover, these … Read more