Printable Parent-Teacher Meeting Essential Formats [PDF Included]

Parent teacher meeting format

Teachers and parents constantly look for different ideas and solutions in the ever-changing education industry. Whether finding a unique way to teach math or engaging the child in a coloring activity, teachers and parents are sure to look for effective teaching methods. It is vital to create a balance in the child’s life, but it … Read more

10 Engaging Team Building Activities For Teachers

team building activities for teachers

Teachers constantly work to improvise students, their knowledge, and understanding of the subject matter. While they know about each other’s expertise and subjects, Creating a sense of responsibility by being a part of a team by sharing different teaching methodologies, cracking jokes, and finding solutions to common problems encourages productivity and helps relieve work stress. … Read more

7 Awesome Math Blogs for Teachers To Follow

Math blogs for teachers

One definition of mathematics is a science that studies numbers. Arithmetic is frequently used in our everyday lives. Whether it be for money counting or other calculations, every task involves math in one way or another. This helps to make our lives more organized. As a result of the numerous principles that must be applied … Read more

30 Communication Quotes For Teachers

Communication quotes for teachers

Communication is defined as the act of delivering, receiving, and exchanging information—in other words, talking, writing, listening, and reading. Paying attention to what others are saying, talking and writing clearly, and respecting opposing viewpoints are what make a good communicator.  When talking about jobs that require great communication, teaching would surely top the list. While … Read more

List Of Questions For Teachers To Ask Parents At Parent-Teacher Conferences [PDF Included]

Questions for teachers to ask parents at parent teacher conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences can be one of the most crucial days in the life of a teacher, parent, and student. This is because the teacher would have to put their best foot forward and be there to answer all doubts and queries of the parents or guardians. At the same time, parents get to know how … Read more

100 Positive Comments For Parent-Teacher Conferences [PDF Included]

Positive comments for parent teacher conference

Parent-Teacher Conferences hold great importance as parents meet and interact with the teachers and educators of their child. Whether a head teacher, associate teacher, or assistant teacher, each teacher in the classroom has unique insights as to how your child is performing in school.  On the other hand, there is no denying that parents know … Read more

An Overview Of Teacher’s Responsibilities Under 504 Plan

Teacher's responsibilities under 504 plan

Having a sound knowledge of federal legislation and educational programs of the 504 plan is important for teachers, parents, and students to avail assistance for the learner’s special condition. As a part of the same, looking in detail the role of a teacher in the 504 plan is not confined to just understanding the regulations … Read more

Top 6 Financial Aid & Grants For Special Education Teachers

Financial aid and grants for special education teachers

Teaching a special child needs a cut above abilities for a teacher. Be it taking special care or ensuring all the accommodations to the aspirants, a special education teacher’s role has multiple provisions. While the school or the management compensates well for their services, there are some government assistance available for these educators too. Just … Read more

Top 11 Free Math Apps For Teachers

Math apps for teachers

EdTech is transforming the teaching space with improved and relatable ways of giving instructions. The need for contactless ways of making education possible also has given rise to the use of apps for teaching. Math is one of the subjects where students need additional help or personalized attention sometimes. Using apps to teach this subject … Read more

Top 7 Cool Math Gifts For Teachers To Appreciate Their Hardwork

Top 7 Cool Math Gifts For Teachers To Appreciate Their Hardwork

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. “A teacher can change lives with the right mix of chalk and challenges.” A beautiful saying and not far from the truth. Teachers have a major influence on the infant years of a student, and the right teacher can nurture small flames … Read more