Top 10 Free Math Apps For Teachers

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EdTech is transforming the teaching space with improved and relatable ways of giving instructions. The need for contactless ways of making education possible also has given rise to the use of apps for teaching. Math is one of the subjects where students need additional help or personalized attention sometimes. Using apps to teach this subject is gaining traction among educators because of the ease of including enriched resources. In this post, let’s explore the best math apps that can make teachers’ tasks easier and result-oriented.

Apps for teaching math – Adding more to the classroom session

The biggest advantage of apps is that they are device-friendly. Teachers can have a complete classroom plan chalked out and saved always on their mobile devices when they employ apps for their professional purposes. The advancements in technology make the app environment as absorbing and enriched as possible. Ability to use several advanced features fill all lacunae that usually come out glaring in the classroom sessions. For instance:

  • Truly personalized attention: On apps, teachers can access the work done by the students individually. The facility to upload pictures and assignments helps teachers know the students’ ability one-on-one basis.
  • Use of multimedia: Adding videos, voice-overs to procedures of solving problems and walking the students through the solutions stepwise enhance the learning experience for students. Teachers can demonstrate the concepts with added clarity. Some apps come with the convenience of posting lectures in the language of preference too.
  • Cost-effective and space-efficient teaching medium: Organizing a physical classroom session comes with several overheads to manage. The students, teachers, and teaching materials require space too. All these issues can be avoided with teaching with apps.
  • Flexible learning: Some apps offer the convenience of accessing the lectures as per the chosen schedule. It helps students accomplish their educational goals despite the jobs at hand. Teachers, too, can attend to more batches by leveraging the flexibility of schedules.

Apps may have a few or all of the facilities mentioned above. Let’s take a look at the list of the best math apps for teachers who come with most of the facilities and make the math subject fun for students.

Best applications to use for teaching math

1. Teaching Board

Teaching Board

Searching for a sophisticated solution to teach geometry on a mobile device or computer? If yes, Teaching Board is the best option for you. It is an app specialized for geometry teachers. The feel of this app is precisely like that of a whiteboard employed in teaching geometry in a classroom environment but with several added features.

Teachers can pick from the line types, shapes, etc. to demonstrate how to draw various figures. With a single tap, they can clear the screen and make it available for drawing other figures. Advancing further from drawing, the teachers can show how to find areas, volumes, surface areas, etc. of various figures and share the complete session to the chosen list of students. It is a stylus-friendly app and provides the convenience of drawing figures by choosing templates from the uploaded options. The ease of adding text is also provided for elaborate explanations.

App Link: Play store

2. Photomath


Scan the problem, click and get the solution with a step-wise procedure served to you! It is a kind of app that suits both the teachers’ and students’ needs. Feeling stuck is no more emotion to overwhelm you as you get the right solution at the right time wherever you want. This app is quite a great fit for teachers who want to brush up on their problem-solving skills.

By being conversant with the trending and approved ways of solving a math problem, the teachers can provide hands-on support to students who look up to them. If you could not find time to prepare for an ensuing teaching session, you can use this app to have a quick refresher within reach. All major topics like algebra, geometry, calculus, etc. are included in this app to help you through the middle to high school math problems.

App Link: App Store | Play store

3. Edmodo


Edmodo is the recipient of the EdTech Digest Award Winner – Best Product and it truly deserves this recognition. This Edtech solution has disrupted the teaching sector with its sheer simplicity and user-friendliness. Teachers can enjoy the same control over their class as they do in a physical classroom session. Even they get the facility to message the parents and students so that everyone is on the same page.

Math teachers find it quite supportive of their professional needs because of the community support available here. They can join groups and teachers from other regions to stay abreast of the trending topics and teaching methods and share their knowledge with others too. Schedule maintenance, curriculum updation, advance intimation of various math classes, and also, demonstration support to explain the solutions make it a wholesome tool to teach online.

App Link: App Store | Play store

4. Brilliant


Brilliant is an engaging application for professional development. This app serves you with the topics of middle school to advanced level math and helps you understand the solutions with added clarity. Preparing for a class becomes much better when you use this application to fill all the learning gaps.

If students find it trustworthy for easing the learning woes, teachers appreciate its immediacy quotient that helps them revise and improve even during the travel time. Thousands of problems of math and science subjects are solved in this app to help you stay busy learning and evolving into a well-informed math coach.

App Link: App Store | Play store

5. Art of Mathematica

 Art of Mathematica

Art of Mathematica takes hassles off the class organizing process. Teachers can invite students to their live, interactive class through a link and get started! This app allows teachers to upload the timetable and study material for everyone’s reference. They can also intimate about the upcoming classes and topics to let students be aware of what is in store for them.

Students can interact through chat and clear their doubts or share knowledge. It also offers the convenience of uploading the assignments and tests to provide ample practice to math learners.

App Link: Play store

6. Todo Math

Todo Math

Todo Math application has become the preferred teaching tool of more than 5000 teachers. Owing to the curriculum that aligns with Common Core State Standards, this application has become the go-to app for classroom sessions in various US schools. It helps teachers provide a fun-filled way of practicing math to young learners.

The application has 2,000+ interactive math activities suitable for pre-primary and primary levels. It helps teachers spice up their classroom sessions and have active learning included in the concept-building methods. The unique feature of dyslexia fonts makes the app suitable for children with learning difficulties too.

App Link: App Store | Play store

7. Quizlet


Quizlet is an appealing online platform that allows teachers to have effective flashcards and several other knowledge-sharing tools within reach. The tools come with topic-based explanations and practice materials that allow teachers to have a handy resource for reference on their mobile devices.

They can access flashcards, quizzes, etc. and make a repertoire of their own to create an engaging classroom environment for kids. This web application is simple to use and is neatly designed to help the user arrive upon the needed resources as fast as possible.

App Link: Web App

8. Moose Math

Moose Math

Teaching math beginners has its several challenges. The biggest one is to drive kids into learning the subject with all their heart. Moose Math turns this challenge into fun. Teachers can provide this app as a practice tool to grasp math concepts like addition, subtraction and several others. By asking children to solve problems using math skills, teachers help them learn real-life use of math.

The app evaluates and stores the performance records in the form of report cards which teachers and parents can access to know about the learning gaps. This app certainly helps teacher know their students’ math abilities better and provides with ample support for designing the teaching plan.

App Link: App store | Play store

9. Prodigy


Prodigy is a well-conceived application that helps teachers encourage kids to practice math problems the fun way. This application offers a gamified premise to provide a fun-filled way of mastering basic math skills. Teachers find it easy to inculcate interest in kids towards math problems by asking them to meet several challenges spread throughout the app’s environment.

This application is aligned as per the state-level curricula and offers an additional support for converting the learning hour into fun time for kids. Teachers can grow their repertoire of solutions to problems by referring to various methods used in the games. Because of its appeal and assurance of delivery, the teachers across the world recommend it for homeschooling and additional learning.

App Link: App Store | Play store

10. Math Tests: learn mathematics

Math Tests: learn mathematics

A teacher can add more value to the math class by organizing quizzes and tests regularly. It is where the Math Tests app steps in and provides a reliable testing support. Teachers can have their share of practice by solving questions. They can brush up on their knowledge by referring to instant solutions.

The app allows the users to play in groups or make an online competition possible. Thus, when teachers want a break from a pen-and-paper-based testing session, they can switch to this app to make tests a fun thing for kids. Features like study plan, results, etc. add further to the utility and help bring in the desired sincerity for a well-organized teaching session.

App Link: App Store | Play store

Wrap up,

When technology is grappling with all areas of life, why should education be left behind? Applications for educational purposes like teaching math are justified in the way they are at par with the demands of the present times. Paperless ways of teaching have well-confirmed advantages, so the use of technology-driven solutions definitely needs more promotion and active voice. Math apps for teachers are a breakthrough in solving various issues that revolve around the subject such as poor motivation, anxiety, and nil interest. With an engaging solution through apps to provide, the teachers have found an appreciable change in the attitude of students towards learning math, which is certainly a positive sign.

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