List of Commonly Used Mnemonics for Math

List of math mnemonics

Academic subjects like math have multiple areas to learn. While some of them are easy, others may need a large amount of information to be remembered. With the advent of strategies and technologies, Mnemonics evolved to assist in grasping information easily.   Being crafted with a few words of simple steps, they are fascinatingly useful in … Read more

7 Engaging Math Board Games To Play Online

math board games

Children often spend long durations using the internet on smart gadgets. This time span they spend on their smartphones may also be dedicated to academic purposes by ensuring recreations with the flavor of practice academics.    With young children, board games may be a noteworthy approach to acquiring diverse mathematical concepts and abilities. While offline versions … Read more

Top 10 Math Apps For Preschoolers & Kindergarteners [2022]

Math apps for preschool & kindergarten

The essence of academics often starts at the preschool and kindergarten levels. While many multisensory attempts may be employed in class to make these little learners versed with regular schooling, a special strategy for home-based learning may be needed to ensure the proper practice. This is where apps may come in handy for subjects like … Read more

10 Fun Math Word Problem Activities

Math word problem activities

We all have studied sentences and math problems in school, but the amalgamation of digits and these sentences can bewilder many students. Math word problems, often about the various mathematical operations, can leave the little learners at sea because of the complexity and the way the problems are presented.  But at the same time, these … Read more

8 Classroom Games And Activities For Understanding Geometric Sequence Concepts

Geometric sequence games and activities

2,6,18,54 – Give a student these 4 numbers; chances are the student might be bewildered and perplexed seeing the numbers at first, they might see no correlation. But looking at the numbers closely, you might be able to derive a common ratio, that is number 3. This is what geometric sequencing is.  While this concept … Read more

Top 10 Free Math Apps For Middle School

Math apps for middle school

With the advancement of technology, applications have been making life easier in many ways. Even in academics, Edtech has been on its way to transforming teaching and learning styles. Be it for contactless teaching or to ensure repetitive training and practice, mobile applications often are handy.  For subjects like math where inferencing visually and numerically … Read more

Top 10 Free Math Apps For Teachers

Math apps for teachers

EdTech is transforming the teaching space with improved and relatable ways of giving instructions. The need for contactless ways of making education possible also has given rise to the use of apps for teaching. Math is one of the subjects where students need additional help or personalized attention sometimes. Using apps to teach this subject … Read more

7 Helpful Forums That Focuses On Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia forums

Dyscalculia, a learning disability where the individual perceives maths to be a challenging subject. Not just maths, a lot of other skills too are affected by dyscalculia. Getting diagnosed with it can be a confusing experience, but connecting with Dyscalculia forums can help you find answers. The Dyscalculia Forum is a resource for anyone who … Read more

5 Manipulatives For Introducing Volume And Surface Area Concepts

Surface area & Volume manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Geometry – the moment you read this word, you visualize shapes, formulas, and terms like area, surface area, volume, etc. To discern these concepts on their face value solely may not be an effective way of learning for all. The playful approach … Read more

8 Engaging Games Involving The Concept Of Fractions Strips

Games using fraction strips

From buying half kilograms of tomatoes to eating a quarter piece of the cake, we deal with fractions every single day without even realizing how important they are! Fractions are mathematical expressions that represent a part of the whole and thereby help us to break whole numbers into smaller parts. A fraction consists of two … Read more