8 Fun Math Activities For Substitute Teachers

Math activities for substitute teachers

Being a substitute teacher, it is at times difficult to connect with students and keep them engaged. Students need time to feel comfortable around a new teacher and adjust to their teaching style and actively participate in the class. Also, it can be challenging to hold the attention of students and make them understand a … Read more

8 Fun Math Warm-Ups Activities For Middle Schoolers

math warm up

In the world of education, math warm-up activities are like magical potions that can transform a dull and dreary classroom into a lively and dynamic hub of mathematical excitement. They’re like the opening act of a grand performance that sets the stage for a day filled with numerical discoveries and intellectual feats. Math warm-up activities … Read more

10 Number Tracing Books For Little Learners

number tracing books

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. As a parent or educator, you understand how important it is to help your child or student build a strong foundation in math. At the same time, several people who have excelled in their fields have also pointed out the importance of … Read more

Printable Roman Numerals Worksheets [PDF Included]

From “I” to “X,” as a child, were you confused when your teacher called “L” a 50 and “C” a hundred? Well, gone are the days when you could not make it easy for little learners by using some tools for mathematical concepts. Hence, for teaching the kids Roman Numerals and helping them practice these, … Read more

7 Engaging Online Games For Practicing Dividing Decimals

Decimals are numbers that include a whole number, a fractional part, and a decimal point that separates the two. For example, in the number 34.58, 34 is the whole number, and 58 is the fractional part (whose value is less than 1). Both are separated by a point known as the decimal point.  Just like … Read more

List Of Standardized Math Assessments

Standardized assessments in any subject are essential for the personal evaluation of a student currently involved in any level of education. With the progress in educational research and development, the popularity of standardized assessments has increased manifold. This fact is especially true for mathematics. Students, their parents, and teachers emphasize standardized math assessments to ensure … Read more

5 Awesome Multiplication Activities For Curious Kindergarteners

Multiplication activities for kindergarten

The technique of learning has changed over the years. Children within the age group of 3-8 years have the best ability to grasp things easily. Kids need to be appropriately guided from the days of kindergarten. Therefore, their learning techniques need to be attractive so that they can learn while they play.  Mathematics is an … Read more

Printable Elapsed Time On A Number Line Worksheets [PDF Included]

Elapsed time on number line worksheet

We all know what elapsed time is, but have you ever thought about how it’s represented on a number line? Before we dive deeper, let us define the concepts of time and elapsed independently. Time is a quantifiable period or length of time in which an event occurs, and elapse is a verb of time … Read more

6 Free Progress Monitoring Tools For Math

Free progress monitoring tools for math

Our children’s growth is constantly monitored at school through the constant stream of homework assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, and standardized exams. Our initial thought may be “they’re doing this already!” or “more tests?” when we first hear the term “student progress monitoring.” Do you understand how much your child is learning or developing, though? During … Read more

8 Cool Books That Teach Fractions In A Fun Way

fraction books

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Fractions can be intriguing for students as well as teachers since they are often surrounded by various misconceptions. In such a scenario, it is prominent to teach fractions with many real-world, applicable examples.  As fractions need time and distinct teaching methodologies, certain … Read more