List Of Standardized Math Assessments

Standardized assessments in any subject are essential for the personal evaluation of a student currently involved in any level of education. With the progress in educational research and development, the popularity of standardized assessments has increased manifold. This fact is especially true for mathematics. Students, their parents, and teachers emphasize standardized math assessments to ensure … Read more

GED For Adults With Special Education Needs: Everything You Need To Know

GED for special education adults

The whole human population is not alike, hence, the ways to impart education cannot be the same. Of various differences, disorders form the most concerning point of differentiation. These disorders may interfere with the ability to learn at academic levels, perform tasks in daily life, and interact socially. However, the truth remains evident that even … Read more

Types Of Cognitive Abilities Tests

Cognitive Disabilties

Cognition is an important function of the brain that helps us analyze and acquire knowledge and put it to use. This ability is present in individuals in varying degrees. Some courses in the academic field, and also, a few career choices require candidates with well-pronounced cognitive abilities. That is why cognitive ability testing has become … Read more

Important Dyscalculia Screening Tests For Adults You Must Know About

Important Dyscalculia Screening Tests For Adults You Must Know About

Dyscalculia is not a disease that can be cured. It is a biological disorder emerging from a differently constituted neurological framework in people. Young learners tend to drop out of school due to their inability to express discomfort with numbers. Also, they find it taxing to deal with the peer comparison, for which they are … Read more

Q. What is the required age range for giving WIAT-III test?

A. WIAT-III (WIAT stands for Wechsler Individual Achievement Test ) test is administered individually to find out the strength and weakness of a child. Using WIAT-III test, the examiners can find how gifted or talented the child is; also, they determine if there is a certain learning difficulty that the child is facing. Previously, the … Read more

How to test for math anxiety in kids?

math anxiety tests

Math Anxiety is the panic and nervousness that ensues in a person while solving a mathematical problem. Math anxiety is related to performance anxiety and is likely to extend far outside of the classroom if not recognized and proactively managed. Unfortunately, the Majority of cases of math anxiety remain unreported as symptoms may overlooked as … Read more