12 Examples Of Cognitive Skills

Cognitive skills examples

Have you ever thought about how we’re able to read, learn, explore, think, remember, reason, or even pay attention to things around us? It’s our cognitive skills that help us to function and perform such necessary tasks.  Cognitive skills are a set of necessary skills which are essential for your brain to perform different tasks. … Read more

Types Of Cognitive Abilities Tests

Cognitive Disabilties

Cognition is an important function of the brain that helps us analyze and acquire knowledge and put it to use. This ability is present in individuals in varying degrees. Some courses in the academic field, and also, a few career choices require candidates with well-pronounced cognitive abilities. That is why cognitive ability testing has become … Read more

IEP Goals for students with significant cognitive disabilities

IEP Goals for students with significant cognitive disabilities

Learning disabilities are not restricted to discomfort with numbers and language only. If you dissect these issues deeply, you will find other co-morbidities working behind the scenes too. Difficulty in reasoning, comprehending, or ascertaining orientation or inability to take care of the self, which is what cognitive disability sums up as, is the result of … Read more

8 Must-Try Cognition Building Online Games for Adults

Cognition building games

First, it starts with forgetting why you came to the room or what exactly were you about to do. Gradually, you start forgetting dates, people’s names, and sometimes, appointments too. If you have reached this state, welcome to the world of aging! Poor cognition and receding memory are the two classic signs of an aging … Read more

How toys can improve the cognitive skills of a 2-year old?

Toys for cognitive skills development of 2 years old

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S MEDICAL REVIEW PANEL ON SEPTEMBER 06, 2020 “Activities that are freely chosen and directed by children and arise from intrinsic motivation” – Miller and Almon (2006). This line extracted from a research summary on play and learning, The Power of Play, defines play in a very comprehensive manner. It shows that children love to … Read more