9 Fun Fluency Activities for 3rd Grade Students

Fluency games & activities

It is rightly said that when children are fluent, they begin to take flight into a whole new world effortlessly- just like young birds to the sky. As students progress, their reading ability should be adorned with the ability to infer. The reading potential of students starts to take off during this time which makes … Read more

9 Engaging Statistics Games And Activities

Statistics games & activities

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “Statistics”? Tough mathematical, numerical data. Isn’t it? Statistics has become an indispensable part of life, but getting the hang of this concept can be a hard nut to crack.  More than being arduous, statistics can be baffling too! But what if you learn and practice … Read more

7 Free Online Schools for Special Needs Students

7 Free Online Schools for Special Needs Students

Schooling is an integral part of one’s growing up. This is the phase of making strides. But, this phase might be a challenging chapter in a child’s life with special needs. Factoring this, special schools have become the need of the hour. In these institutions, teachers are trained differently, and education is also through a … Read more

7 Fun Self-Advocacy Games And Activities For Students

Self-Advocacy games for students

Self-Advocacy- A trait often belittled; verily, this attribute can be a boon for an individual. Much like social skills, self-advocacy is no less than an ability required to communicate needs, views and make allies. But how do you instill these in students? Mentors like parents and teachers should inculcate representing and communicating wants and views … Read more

7 Simple Multisensory Learning Activities For Adults

Multisensory Learning Activities For Adults

Children are not the sole beneficiaries of multisensory learning. Even grown-ups are always on the path of learning. Learning deficiencies force many individuals to drop out of schools and colleges. This abandonment may reflect limited reading and writing skills. A few medical conditions or neuromotor disorders may disrupt other aspects of an adult’s normal life … Read more

10 Fun Graphing Activities For High School Students

Fun graphing activities

High school is an exciting phase of one’s life. So much to learn, and also, there is so much fun! However, this is also the time when students make some choices that well over pave their life. Academic performance is needed too, and the subjects get harder! One such concept is graphing, which is not … Read more

8 Curiosity Developing Activities For Preschoolers

Curiosity activities for preschoolers

Keeping kids interested in learning can be an uphill task if they are not curious about it. A good education can become possible when kids are drawn towards the methods of learning. This interest is developed if they have ample cognition of the world around. Also, the ways to reach the answer need to be … Read more

5 Online Activities For Learning Phonics In A Fun Way

online Activities for Learning Phonics

What can I do to make phonics interesting for kids? Often you find yourself asking this question. Phonics is the basic language skill that forms the base for other English skills like word formation, letter-sound recognition, vocabulary, etc. We have covered a lot of apps, games, etc. to teach phonics to toddlers in our previous … Read more

15 Fun Sensory Activities For Preschoolers

Sensory Activities for Preschool

Preschoolers are an inquisitive lot. They have questions for all things happening around. Only reading out the books cannot satisfy them. In fact, books may not complement the learning pace of all children. The more engaging the teaching instructions or projects are, the brighter are the chances of better activity levels in kids. It is … Read more

7 Engaging Multisensory Approach Activities

8 Engaging Multisensory Approach Activities

The result is all that matters; the approach does not. Many promoters of fast learning methods try to sell this idea. However, it is not always effective and may prove harmful, too, for children who have learning difficulties. When a kid is not able to read and write with an age-appropriate efficiency, it is the … Read more