9 Primary School Games and Activities Promoting Computational Thinking Skills

computational thinking

Computational thinking is comparable to a task being completed in a series of steps. For instance, a child learning to walk might have to focus on balance, speed, and posture. Similarly, computational thinking fundamentally involves breaking down a problem into manageable steps. While some argue that computational thinking might be trickier for primary school children … Read more

7 Fun Rectangle Activities For Preschoolers & Kindergartens

rectangle activities

Our surroundings are full of different shapes and figures. Not only are they significant in nature but also in the world of mathematics. Kids get easily drawn towards these fascinating figures and in order to make them understand the unique features and properties, conventional methods, at times may not yield fruitful results. There are chances … Read more

10 Interactive Drill And Practice Websites

drill and practice websites

Drill and practice websites are online platforms that offer a variety of exercises and activities designed to help students improve their skills and knowledge in a particular subject or discipline. These websites are often used by students as a supplement to their traditional classroom instruction, or as a way to review and practice concepts on … Read more

10 Fun Coordinate Plane Games & Activities For Middle School

coordinate plane

We are all very much familiar with this surface formed by the intersection of one horizontal and another vertical line. If it took you a minute to place the x-axis as the horizontal line and the y-axis as the vertical line, chances are you also didn’t enjoy this chapter of mathematics as much.  Problems related … Read more

8 Fun Games And Activities For Learning Speed, Velocity, & Acceleration Concepts

speed,velocity games and activities

Speed – The rate of change of distance.Velocity – The rate of change of displacement.Acceleration – The rate of change of velocity per unit of time. Sounds confusing, right? One of the best characteristics of a good teacher is to make difficult things easier for students. The above definitions reflect how these three physics concepts … Read more

10 Engaging Games And Activities For Learning Distance And Displacement Concepts

distance and displacement 2

A teacher can often find students with different levels of interest in the subject. Although physics is a fascinating subject, there will always be a set of students in the class who are apprehensive of it. The primary reason why these students are not interested in the subject is because they do not understand it … Read more

10 Cultural Diversity Activities Ideas For Adults And College Students

culture diversity activities

Cultural diversity anywhere, in classrooms and workplaces, is vital because it recognizes and respects the ethnic differences of various individuals, supporting and allowing their continued participation that is productive and beneficial for everyone involved.  Cultural differences, when not given their due respect and space, might cause personal as well as professional problems. Some individuals may … Read more

10 Fun Math Small Group Activities For Little Learners

math small group

Math is one of the important subjects as it involves concepts that help in everyday life. While some students enjoy learning math, others might also take a little longer to understand operations and calculations. In such cases, educators are employing a method of forming small groups of students based on a similar level of understanding.  … Read more

10 Fun Games And Activities For Practicing Cloze Tests

cloze test games and activities

While cloze tests might be fun and interesting, teaching and practicing them in a way in which they benefit the most can often be a challenge for teachers, parents, and educators. However, adding a fun element of gamification, the cloze tests can also be practiced with games and activities. While the cloze tests act advantageous … Read more

10 Fun Cultural Diversity Games And Activities For High School Class

Cultural diversity games and activities for high school

Every region, even in a single country, differs culturally to a great extent. As a result, introducing students to various forms of culture right from their school days has become necessary. Cultural diversity is about appreciating that society is made up of many different groups with different interests, skills, talents, and needs. Understanding the significance … Read more