Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is here! With schools closed, kids will now stay at home for a couple of months. While the first few days will go by easily, it won’t be too long when you hear your kid say, ‘I am bored.’

To break this boredom and save your and your child’s sanity, it is important to keep your child engaged. Don’t know what to do this summer? That’s okay! We have made a list of 100 activities that your child can indulge in this summer. Some activities are meant to be explored individually, while others may need your company.

It’s not easy to remember a hundred activities. So, you can either bookmark this page on your computer to refer to it later or print out this list and put it up on your fridge door. 

At the start of every week of summer, ask your child to mark a few activities they would like to do. When done, they can strike them off the list so you know which activities have already been completed. With new activities lined up every week, your kid will always have something to look forward to.

1. Outdoor Activities

1. Wear your swimming costume and hit the pool for a swim.

2. Blow bubbles, big and small!

3. Set up and work your way through an obstacle course.

4. Pack your favorite snacks and go for a picnic.

5. Play outdoor games like frisbee, hopscotch, and jump rope.

6. Go for a bike ride with family or friends.

7. Paint objects or have fun splash painting in your backyard.

8. Hunt for bugs and observe them using a magnifying glass.

9. Enjoy an outdoor scavenger hunt.

10. Grab some colorful paper to make and fly paper airplanes.

2. Indoor Activities

1. Bake a cake and share it with your loved ones.

2. Make slime for a fun sensory experience.

3. Make puppets and organize a puppet show.

4. Read books and make a list of new ones you would like to read.

5. Grab some acrylic paint and crafty jewels to decorate rocks.

6. Use journal prompts to write your thoughts every day.

7. Solve online and offline puzzles to tickle your brain.

8. Invite friends for an at-home play date.

9. Build structures using blocks or Lego pieces.

10. Make a doll house for your toy friends.

3. Educational Activities

1. Do simple STEM activities to explore and experiment.

2. Spend a few minutes playing online educational games and activities.

3. Learn a new language.

4. Enroll in a summer camp or workshop.

5. Visit a museum to learn about history and culture.

6. Start or join a neighborhood book club.

7. Make a project on dinosaurs.

8. Participate in community cleanups.

9. Go on virtual field trips to explore the world.

10. Participate in a science fair.

4. Skill-building Activities

1. Learn entrepreneurship by setting up a lemonade stand.

2. Use a smartphone to practice photography.

3. Join a gymnastics class.

4. Pick a musical instrument and take lessons to learn to play it.

5. Help in the kitchen and learn to cook basic meals.

6. Try your hands at sewing.

7. Join a dance class of your choice.

8. Take swimming classes if you haven’t already.

9. Learn money handling using play money as a manipulative.

10. Engage in time management activities.

5. Adventure Activities

1. Visit an adventure park with ropes and climbing walls.

2. Take archery lessons.

3. Learn outdoor survival skills.

4. Go on a hot-air balloon ride.

5. Take a wildlife safari tour.

6. Spend a day doing treetop adventure activities.

7. Explore nearby caves and natural formations.

8. Go geocaching with your family.

9. Visit your nearest indoor rock-climbing space.

10. Go paragliding with an adult.

6. Relaxing Activities

1. Practice mindful breathing.

2. Perform yoga and gentle stretching exercises.

3. Meditate for a few minutes every day.

4. Watch the clouds pass by.

5. Play calming sounds on the phone to relax at bedtime.

6. Soak your feet in warm water while you read or relax.

7. Set up a calming corner and use it when you need to unwind and settle down.

8. Play with your pet or take it out for a walk. 

9. Enjoy a calming bath with a few drops of essential oil and lots of bubbles!

10. Make a glitter jar to calm down and regain control.

7. Individual Activities

1. Make a craft with available supplies at home.

2. Play with a DIY sensory bin.

3. Draw beautiful designs using sidewalk chalk.

4. Write a story and make illustrations to go with it.

5. Create a scrapbook full of memories.

6. Try your hands at making origami stars and origami hearts.

7. Color the pages of a coloring book.

8. Make a list of your favorite songs and spend time listening to them.

9. Create a comic with you as the main character.

10. Make a time capsule and hide it in a secret spot.

8. Family-friendly Activities

1. Spend a day hiking at your closest state park.

2. Set up a tent and camp in your backyard.

3. Watch a movie at your nearest theater.

4. Head out for a round of mini golf.

5. Go on a family vacation.

6. Visit the zoo to enjoy a day with animals.

7. Spend time playing video games.

8. Visit your local library and pick your favorite books.

9. Make your family tree.

10. Grab your supplies and go fishing.

9. Nature-based Activities

1. Try climbing a tree.

2. Visit a butterfly garden.

3. Spend a night gazing at stars and identifying constellations.

4. Make a craft using leaves, twigs, and things you find in nature.

5. Take a nature walk on a forest trail.

6. Build a bird feeder and spend time watching and identifying birds.

7. Make your own herb garden.

8. Attend a gardening class.

9. Visit a beach to explore rock pools and discover marine life.

10. Participate in nature conservation activities.

10. Urban Activities

1. Visit a shopping mall.

2. Explore a science center for an interactive learning experience.

3. Explore indoor play places in your city.

4. Eat out at a food truck or a restaurant.

5. Spend some time at the city playground.

6. Attend a family-friendly street fair.

7. Visit a botanical garden.

8. Watch open-air cinema.

9. Hit the stadium to watch a live game.

10. Join your parents to visit the local farmer’s market.

Fun Summer Activities for Kids
Fun Summer Activities for Kids
Fun Summer Activities for Kids
Fun Summer Activities for Kids
Fun Summer Activities for Kids
Fun Summer Activities for Kids
Fun Summer Activities for Kids
Fun Summer Activities for Kids
Fun Summer Activities for Kids
Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Whether taking a dip in the pool or building a sandcastle at the beach, summer is indeed a fun time for kids. It is that time of the year when kids are not bound by schedules and are free to explore, learn, and create everlasting memories.  

Allowing kids to participate in a variety of summer activities helps them beat boredom and develop new skills. So, encourage your child to choose their favorite activities from our list and make the most of this time to learn, have fun, and relax.

Lastly, remember that you have only a few summers until your child is off to college. So, make every summer count! Whenever possible, spend quality time with your kids. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re out and about on a fun beach vacation or at home doing crafts together. 

All your kids will remember is that you were there for them all along. The moments you spend this summer will ultimately become beautiful memories that your kids will treasure for the rest of their lives.

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