DIY Easy To Make Origami Hearts

February is just around the corner! Soon enough, the kids (and adults!) will be looking for ways to make their friends and loved ones feel special. Now is the time when parents, teachers, and caregivers can involve the kids in Valentine ’s-inspired arts and crafts. 

After sharing a beautiful origami butterfly craft some time ago, we wanted to offer something that speaks of love and friendship. And so, in this article, we decided to share step-by-step procedures for making a variety of origami hearts. 

These paper hearts are easy to create and can be a sweet accompaniment to a gift or a greeting card. And how can we forget the immense benefits origami offers to children? By alternating fine motor manipulatives with hands-on activity, boosting hand-eye coordination, and strengthening cognitive skills, these tiny little hearts can contribute to the all-round development of the kids. 

Want to know how to make them? Let’s get the ball rolling!

Things you’ll need:

  • Origami paper
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors (Disclaimer: Adult supervision is required as a pair of scissors is a sharp tool. Please be vigilant.)

Steps to follow:

Style 1 – 

1. Take a brown origami paper and place it on your work table.

2. Make a diagonal crease by folding the top right corner of the paper and making it meet the bottom left corner.

3. Similarly, fold the top left corner and make it meet the bottom right corner of the paper to create another diagonal crease. 

4. Open the paper to reveal two creases intersecting at the center.

5.  Now, rotate the paper at a 90-degree angle, as shown in the image above.

6. Fold the top corner of the paper till the middle crease.

7. Next, fold the bottom corner such that it meets the top edge of the paper. 

8. Fold the right bottom corner and align it to the middle crease visible on the paper. 

9. Repeat the same with the bottom left corner to form a shape that looks somewhat like a pointy heart. 

10. Now, turn the paper and fold the pointy ends at the top to refine the heart shape. 

11. Make similar small folds to the two horizontal pointy ends. 

12. Flip the shape over to see the beautiful paper heart you just created!

13. If your paper heart doesn’t hold its shape, use a little glue on the inside to stick the folds together, and Ta-da! You are done!

Style 2 – 

1. Pick a blue origami paper to make this paper heart.

2. Fold the paper vertically to form a middle crease. 

3. Open the paper and make a half-inch fold at the bottom. 

4. Keeping the small fold intact, fold the paper horizontally such that the paper’s top and bottom align properly. 

5. Now pull the top right corner and form a triangle by making it meet at a point close to the center of the bottom edge of the paper.  

6. Similarly, pull the top left corner and form a triangle on the other side. 

7. Now flip the leaves of the open end of the triangle to the opposite side, as shown in the figure.

8. Open the leaves to reveal the creases on both sides. 

9. Next, fold the triangle’s right and left corners in such a way that they touch the midpoint of the vertical line formed in the triangle. 

10. After folding the corners, you will have the ends of the leaves you previously folded left open. These ends are located where you can see the fingers placed on the image. 

11. Gently slide those ends into the pouches formed on either side. These are present on the inner side of the two little triangles formed. 

12. Now, rotate this shape to bring the small triangles to the top. 

13. Make two tiny folds on the top corners of the paper. 

14. Also, fold the other two corners on the sides of the paper as shown in the image above. 

15. Flip the shape over to reveal the heart. Use your finger to press the midpoint located at the top of the heart. 

16. Turn the heart upside down, and you will see a small hole. 

17. Blow a little air into this hole and see the heart puff up like never before!

Style 3 –

1. You will need a circular piece of paper to get started with this origami heart. You can use any circular object and a pencil to draw the shape on yellow origami paper and cut it out with scissors. 

2. Fold the circle in half to form a middle crease.

3. Make another fold to join the circular end with the horizontal end of the paper. 

4. Fold it further.

5. Go on and make the last fold to form a thin strip of paper. 

6. Open the paper to see all the creases formed after making multiple folds. 

7. Now, fold the bottom edge of the circle along the first crease.

8. Flip the circle over and make another fold at the top, following the next crease on the paper.  

9. Flip the paper once again and make the fold, now at the bottom end. 

10. Continue folding in a similar fashion until you form a thin strip of folds, as seen in the image. 

11. Hold the strip at the center and check if all the folds are proper. 

12. Next, keeping the strip’s center as a guide, fold it neatly.

13. Apply a little glue to the innermost folds and press it firmly. 

14. Once the inner ends are glued together, open the wings carefully on both sides. 

15. And there you have it! A cute yellow origami heart to show off!

Style 4 – 

1. Start by cutting a strip of origami paper of the width of your choice (around 1–1.25 inches). 

2. Hold the paper strip vertically and fold the top right corner to make a triangle at the end. 

3. Now fold the triangle portion straight down to form another triangle. 

4. Continue folding the paper multiple times (5–6 times) in a similar fashion.

5. After you have made the folds, cut out the extra portion of the strip using scissors. Retain some unfolded paper at the end.

6. Next, cut the edges of the rectangular portion from both sides to form a trapezoid.

7. Insert the trapezoid-shaped portion of the paper into the pouch formed within the triangle. 

8. Flatten the edges to obtain a neat paper triangle. 

9. Cut the two upper corners of the triangle to create rounded edges.

10. Now use your fingernail to create a small depression at the center of the triangle. 

11. And that’s how you can make a cute little origami heart!

Making origami hearts is so simple! A few basic supplies are all you need so kids can begin their crafting spree. As you can see, my child and I created a bunch of origami hearts once we got into action. We even did a small matching activity, perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners! Just put the hearts in a box and ask your child to pull them out one by one and match the pairs together. That was a lot of fun! 

We hope our experience and ideas have inspired you to make origami hearts with your kids in the near future. We promise, they will love it!

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