10 Real-Life Examples Of ANOVA (Analysis of Variance)

ANOVA examples in real life

“There are three kinds of truth: facts, evidence, and statistics.” – Benjamin Disraeli That’s the reason why statistics are employed in every arena of this world. Whether in business, education, or science, statistics have proved useful everywhere. This branch of applied math involves different types of tests to analyze and interpret quantitative data.  Learning statistics … Read more

12 Real Life Examples of Supplementary Angles

examples of supplementary angles

In the scope of geometry, angles are fundamental elements that dictate the relationships between lines and shapes. Among these, supplementary angles hold a significant place. They represent a unique connection, presenting a pairing that adds up to a perfectly straight line. In this write-up, we will explore what supplementary angles mean, delve into their properties … Read more

10 Examples Of Isosceles Triangles Around Us

Real life examples of isoceles triangle

Geometry is a vast subject entailing various subtopics like squares, rectangles, etc. One of them which tends to confuse students is triangles. This is because, unlike squares and rectangles, which present themselves as just one type, triangles are segregated into different types. Based on the sides, we have equilateral triangles, scalene triangles, and isosceles triangles. … Read more

15 Real Life Examples Of A Quadrilateral

Quadrilateral Real life example

Look around yourself. How many objects with four sides and a closed shape can you find? All these objects you have identified are nothing but what we call “quadrilateral” in mathematical language. So, conceptually, a quadrilateral is any closed polygon with four sides. These two-dimensional figures can either be regular (congruent sides are equal) or … Read more

Preschool Adaptive Skills Checklist [PDF Included]

As society becomes increasingly competitive and demanding, it is only better for children to develop their adaptive skills early on in life to excel in a multitude of areas. This is why preschoolers who possess the ability to acquire these crucial skills at an early age are considered not only resilient but also endowed with … Read more

10 Fun Family Day Activities To Do in School

family day activities

Family Day in school is a special occasion that allows children to celebrate and appreciate their families. It is a fun-filled day where parents and extended family members set aside their work and come together to celebrate their special bond. Besides giving families a chance to spend quality time with each other, this day reminds … Read more

8 Interesting Games For Teaching Letter Reversal

letter reversal game

Ever seen a child write “b” in place of “d” or “p” in place of “q” and vice versa? That’s what we call letter reversal or mirror writing. A child struggling with this issue often writes specific letters (sometimes even a few numbers) backward or upside down. Parents usually get worried when they see their … Read more