7 Interesting Road Safety Activities For 3-5 Year-Olds

road safety

Road safety is an important topic for children of all ages. It is especially crucial for young children between the ages of 3 and 5. Children in this age group are beginning to explore the world around them. They are very active, and you can find them playing around in their neighborhood. Therefore, they must … Read more

DIY: Making Quick & Easy Animal Crafts For Kids

Animal craft and story retelling

Kids love stories. Stories take them to an imaginary world that they see through their own eyes. In addition to stimulating curiosity, stories support brain development and improve concentration. It also helps build social and communication skills.  Reading stories is a part of my daughter’s daily routine. Snuggling on the bed with her favorite blanket … Read more

Funny Homework Quotes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

homework quotes

We know how kids, in general, feel about homework. While there has been a lot of debate about whether homework is necessary for kids, especially for elementary students, the fact remains that many teachers prefer giving homework. Students are expected to complete and submit their work for assessment.  Often kids consider homework as a burden … Read more

12 Fun Working Memory Games And Activities For Adults

working memory

Think of the times when you try to remember and work on a series of instructions given to you or when you memorize a grocery list without jotting it down on paper. Activities like these require you to utilize your working memory. Working memory is the cognitive process that allows the brain to hold small … Read more

DIY: Types Of Triangle Craft

DIY Types of Triangles

Art and crafts are important for a child’s development. These activities allow self-expression, develop patience and confidence, promote planning and organization skills, improve fine motor skills, and enhance understanding of academic subjects.  That’s why I always try to use art and craft activities at home to strengthen school learning. Recently, my daughter learnt about the … Read more

10 Useful Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Websites For Educators To Checkout

social emotional websites

Social and emotional learning (SEL) has always been integral in the overall development of a child. The outbreak of the pandemic further emphasized its importance as classroom learning converted into online learning. Today, educators and parents agree that social-emotional learning is crucial to prepare children for the future. A 2021 report published by McGraw Hill … Read more

10 Must-try Social Emotional Learning [SEL] Based Apps For Little Learners

social emotional learning apps

Teachers play a crucial role in the life of students. They not only teach students a myriad of educational subjects but also work on social-emotional literacy to mold students into responsible individuals.  With so many things to do, it can often be challenging for teachers to find different ways to include social-emotional learning in class.  … Read more

8 Fun Social-emotional Learning Games For Middle-school & Elementary Students

sel games

Social and emotional learning holds similar significance as academic performance in the lives of students. This is especially true for elementary and middle school students because their young minds are constantly developing the skills that help an individual regulate their emotions and thrive in a social environment. Activities and games are a fun way of … Read more

8 Engaging Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Activities For Middle School Students

Social emotional learning

Developing social and emotional skills is critical for children of all age groups. These skills help them develop socially, emotionally, and academically and become strong individuals who are better at dealing with life’s challenges. Therefore, some schools incorporate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in their curriculum to foster these skills in students within the school environment.  … Read more