Drawing Ideas Using Alphabet and Numbers [Printable Included]

Drawing Ideas Using Alphabet and Numbers

Have your little learners ever tried drawing using numbers or letters of the alphabet?  Drawing simple objects helps kids develop a creative quotient and prepares them for complex artistic endeavors in the future. While a blank sheet of paper and some crayons are probably enough for little kids to start drawing, having the alphabet or … Read more

100 Self-Reflection Journal Prompts [Free Printable Included]

Self-Reflection Journal Prompts

Self-reflection is a vital step in knowing yourself better. Amidst all the things that go on in our minds, there is often little scope left for ourselves. That’s when journaling can come to the rescue. By practicing journaling, you can give yourself the time and space to think about yourself, your thoughts, and your life. … Read more

Printable List Of Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone

Questions to Ask to Get to Know Someone

Do you find yourself staring in awkward silence in a room full of strangers? Does your child say no to group activities where none of their friends are participating? Well, it is normal to feel uncomfortable in situations where you don’t know anyone. One of the best ways to ease this stress is to master … Read more

DIY Quick & Easy To Make Origami Stars

Origami Stars

The education system across the world has evolved over the years. Earlier, it was more about the traditional way of teaching, wherein the teacher taught a lesson and the students learned. However, in recent times, we have seen schools adopting new teaching approaches to bring novelty to learning methods. Considering the importance of art integration … Read more