DIY Paper Squishy

If your kids love squishies and beg to buy a new one every time you’re at the store, it may be just about time to introduce them to the art of making their own squishies at home. And if they haven’t come across them yet, it might be a good idea to encourage them to make these soft, spongy toys because squishies are so much fun!

Typically, store-bought squishies are filled with soft and slow-rising polyurethane foam. But when you make them at home, you can use paper and easily available fillers like cotton to create these fun, fluffy toys. Ready to know how to make a soft paper squishy? Then, let’s get started!

A squishy is a small fidget toy that one can squeeze, play, and have fun with! It is similar to a stress ball and works as a great stress reliever. Kids love squishies because squeezing them relieves tension and calms the mind. They feel happy to see them get back in shape after compression.

Though kids play more with squishies, a squishy is great for adults too! It serves as a sensory toy and helps people relax by distracting their minds from the daily grind.

You’ll need:

  • White A4-sized paper
  • Pencil colors
  • Colorful markers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Transparent tape
  • Cotton balls

Steps to follow:

Take an A4-sized white paper and fold it in half. You don’t need to tear it or cut it at this moment and save the step for later.

Use a pencil to trace or draw items of your choice. You can make a smiley, a donut, an ice cream, a car, or anything you like. Today we are creating paper squishies of one of the most-liked fast foods in the world – a burger with a soft drink!

Once you complete your drawing, grab some colors and start coloring! You could use pencil colors for lighter portions of the drawing and markers for portions you want to appear nice and bright.

Notice how we have used markers to highlight the cheese, patty, tomatoes, and lettuce in this drawing.

After you color the entire image, use a black marker to outline each layer of the burger so everything appears distinct.

Color the soft drink cup as well before you move on to the next step. 

With a pair of scissors, cut the paper in half, as shown in the image. This will make it easier for you to cut out the drawings properly.

Begin cutting the burger first, and then do the same with the soft drink cup. And yes, be careful when you’re cutting the complex edges of your drawing.

You will now have two pieces of cutouts for each drawing—one plain white cutout and the other with the drawing.

Now that you have your cutouts ready, let’s start putting together your paper squishies.

Take the burger cutouts and place the white one on the table.

Make several pieces of transparent tape and start covering the white cutout with them. Try not to leave any space between the tape and cover the paper entirely.

Keep the length of the tape longer than the size of the cutout for easy handling and assembly.

Fold the extra portion of tape and secure it on the opposite side of the cutout.

Once this is done, place the colored cutout over the taped white cutout.

Cover the colored cutout with tape in a similar manner. See that the two cutouts remain aligned while you are applying tape to the top cutout.

While you must cover the cutout with tape, leave a small portion at the bottom of the burger to insert the filler in the paper squishy.

Make small cuts on the tape at the intricate edges for easy folding. Cover the top of the burger and other edges properly so that the filling does not come out of the squishy after you seal it.

Remember the small portion we did not apply tape to? Apply gentle pressure to both sides of the burger, and you will see a small opening at the base of the burger.

Use this opening to fill cotton balls inside the paper squishy. If you don’t have cotton balls, you could also use foam pieces, thin plastic grocery bags, or even tissue paper to puff up your squishy.

Now seal the opening with more tape. See that the edge is covered appropriately. And, you’re done! Your burger paper squishy is now ready.

Use the same technique of covering the cutouts with tape and filling them with cotton to make your soft drink squishy as well.

Now enjoy!

In addition to being a fun craft activity, paper squishies are great for sensory play and can enhance sensory skills in children. They engage the senses of touch, sight, and hearing (sometimes) and give kids a multisensory experience.

Parents of toddlers and preschoolers can make paper squishies and use them along with books to develop sensory skills. They can also support their child’s vocabulary development by introducing them to suitable sensory words like “fluffy,” “spongy,” “glossy,” “crackle,” and more while they play with their paper squishy.

Making paper squishies is a fun, engaging activity. The fact that these are inexpensive and easy to make makes them a perfect craft activity. Kids can make them at home, at a birthday party, and even at school!

So, the next time your kids want to do something creative, give them the idea of making a paper squishy. Share our step-by-step guide and let them enjoy the process. The outcome will be so cute and satisfying that it will surely nudge them to make many more squishies in the future.

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