DIY Paper Tree Craft

There’s no better way to engage kids than to involve them in crafting. A new craft not only keeps kids busy for an hour or two, but it also helps in their all-round development. Besides boosting their creativity and imagination, crafts improve their fine motor skills while they do all the cutting and gluing. They learn to plan, organize, execute, and focus on a project. Plus, there are other benefits too! 

Because we believe that a new day calls for a new craft, today we bring you a paper tree craft your kids can work on and showcase proudly for everyone to see! 

Things you’ll need:

  • 4 A4-size sheets (beige, green, and orange)
  • Glue stick / liquid glue
  • Colorful markers
  • Pencil
  • Scissors (Disclaimer: Adult supervision is required as a pair of scissors is a sharp tool. Please be vigilant.)


Gather the supplies and use a pencil to make a tree-like structure with a tree trunk, a base, and a circle surrounding the tree branches on beige A4-sized paper. 

Use a black marker to highlight the design you just made with a pencil.

Now place the other three A4-sized beige papers under the one with the drawing and use a pair of scissors to cut out the shape as shown in the image above. If it’s difficult for your kid to cut four sheets at once, they can use tracing paper to copy the design onto the other sheets and then cut them individually. 

It’s now time to add a little color! Pick the brown marker and color the tree trunk and the branches on all four cutouts. You can vary the spread of the branches on every cutout so each one looks unique. 

Make the tree trunk look realistic by using a black marker to depict the bark of a tree. Just make a few spirals on the trunk to show eyes on the bark and a few lines that go from top to bottom to get that tree-like effect. 

Color the base with a green marker. You could use a combination of light and dark green colors to make the base look dramatic. 

Once done, you can also add other elements, like colorful flowers and fruits, all over the circular area of the cutout. We made flowers and apples for our tree craft.

Now comes the fun part! Use the scissors to cut thin strips on the green paper. You don’t need to cut them in full. Just a few centimeters of cut will suffice. 

Next, cut tiny pieces out of the thin strips to get a heap full of green bits of paper, which will serve as the leaves. Make similar bits of paper using the orange A4-sized sheet to resemble fall leaves. 

Apply some glue to the circular portion of your tree, and sprinkle the green paper bits all over it. Use your fingers to press them a bit so they firmly attach to the paper. If you find the glue stick is not enough to hold the pieces, try using liquid glue instead. It might get a little messy, but what’s crafting without a little mess?

Once you’re done with the green, stick the orange pieces to another tree cutout. Cover the rest of the cutouts in a similar fashion. You could also use your favorite colors to make the tree leaves. Use your imagination and get creative!

For the next step, fold the individual tree cutouts vertically so you can put them all together in the next step. 

Assemble the tree by gluing the four pieces together. See to it that they all stick well to one another because only then will your tree stand without support. 

Adjust the base of the tree and place it on your work area. So, that’s the final look of your tree! Seeing your tree stand tall with bright and colorful leaves, fruits, and flowers is amazing. Isn’t it? 

While you don’t need a specific occasion to make your favorite crafts, paper trees are particularly suitable for some special occasions. They will match the occasion’s theme and make the activity fun and educational. Here are a few occasions when kids will love to do a paper tree craft:

1. Arbor Day

Arbor Day is a special day that celebrates trees! It highlights the importance of planting trees and preserving them to honor Mother Nature. Celebrate Arbor’s Day by planting trees with young kids and making paper tree crafts like the one we shared above. 

2. Earth Day

Making tree crafts is one of the best Earth Day activities for preschoolers and grown-up kids. You can talk to the kids and raise awareness about environmental conservation while doing the craft. 

3. Changing Seasons

The change in seasons is a beautiful time, and trees are the first to reveal these changes. Remember how the green leaves turn into shades of bright orange, red, and yellow during the fall? Conduct a lesson on changing seasons and make tree crafts to reflect each season.

4. Story-time Crafts

Read a nature-based story. The one that revolves around trees or forests. End the story time with a fun paper tree craft and teach kids how to retell a story in their own words.

5. Camping/ Hiking Trips 

Taking kids hiking or on a fun outdoor camping trip helps kids connect with nature. You can enhance their outdoor experience by making tree crafts as a family along with cute flower crafts, like this easy multiplication craft we did earlier. Your kids will love the activity, for sure! 

Trees are all around us. Therefore, making a tree craft can be a satisfying experience for kids. No matter when they make it — on a rainy day or special occasion — they will have a good time. And while the kids are at it, take the opportunity to talk about how important trees are. After all, we cannot thank them enough for the fresh air, food, and innumerable things they do for us!

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