DIY Paper Tree Craft

Paper tree craft

There’s no better way to engage kids than to involve them in crafting. A new craft not only keeps kids busy for an hour or two, but it also helps in their all-round development. Besides boosting their creativity and imagination, crafts improve their fine motor skills while they do all the cutting and gluing. They … Read more

DIY CVC Pocket Chart

DIY CVC pocket chart

The foundation of reading skills starts by introducing kids to individual letter sounds, followed by teaching them CVC words. These simple words are formed by blending three phonemes with distinct sounds. CVC words follow the consonant-vowel-consonant pattern and are integral to introducing kids to the art of reading.  Teachers use a multitude of tools to … Read more

Top 10 Inspiring Creative Art Quotes For Kids

Creative Art Quotes for Kids

People often wonder how a set of few words can fabricate motivation in an individual. Evidently, this is possible if these words account to form a quote. A good quote can enhance perception by stipulating readers to brainstorm towards the right direction of life. The self-same is the case with Art Quotes too. Pablo Picasso … Read more