50 Inspirational Quotes About Homeschooling

Inspirational homeschooling quotes

Homeschooling is a buzzword! While the practice is centuries old, the term is relatively new. Gaining ground in the 1970s, with the work of John Holt, Raymond Moore, and Dorothy, homeschooling came to combine life skills and general subjects taught in a school. Homeschooling, in essence, is parents taking up the role of teachers instead … Read more

26 Inspirational Quotes About Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness can be referred to as one’s ability to understand and properly depict where their physical bodies are in accordance with the space, various objects, and other people around them. The skill of spatial awareness is very complex in nature and thus children start developing a sense to understand this from a very early … Read more

10 Nonverbal Communication Quotes To Make Your Day Brighter

Non verbal communication quotes

According to Albert Mehrabian’s research, just 7 percent of human communication is verbal (what we say), while the other 38 percent is nonverbal (how we say it, such as through tone of voice, modulation, pauses, rhythm, etc.), and the other 55 percent is nonverbal (expressions, actions, body movements, etc.)  Although individuals tend to place greater … Read more

40 Inspiring Math Quotes for Middle School Students

Inspiring math quotes for middle school

Math is a vital subject for students as it is necessary for everyday life. It improves problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and the ability to think and understand. It makes them smarter and so, having good knowledge of the subject is important for everyone. As a teacher, the onus lies on you to help kids accept … Read more

10 Inpirational Quotes About Education And Success *With Explanation*

Education and success quotes

The prominence of education in everybody’s life is unarguable. From improving and enhancing knowledge to making a person confident, education is predominant in each and every field. It is crucial in shaping your future as a successful individual and a contributing member of society.  Education lessens the difficulties that one may face in life. Education … Read more

10 Famous Quotes About Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic learning quotes

In bothersome times, quotes can act as a healing pill, ensuring motivation. Many experts like philosophers and other famous personalities ensure they have a few picks around them. The same can be the case for students too. To opt for new skills or to retain their stimulus, quotes can be accommodating.  That being the case, … Read more

Top 10 Inspiring Creative Art Quotes For Kids

Creative Art Quotes for Kids

People often wonder how a set of few words can fabricate motivation in an individual. Evidently, this is possible if these words account to form a quote. A good quote can enhance perception by stipulating readers to brainstorm towards the right direction of life. The self-same is the case with Art Quotes too. Pablo Picasso … Read more

Top 10 Inspiring Quotes About Vowels

Vowel quotes

Anyone can be stunned to notice a few witty words inspiring people to get into action. Not all sentences can do this until they are quotes. These easily available lines can augment people, even with agony. Thus, including appropriate quotes in your toddler’s lessons can be an exceptional supplement. Be it phonics or vowels; every … Read more

10 Inspiring Quotes For Motor Skills Development

Inspiring Quotes in Motor Skills Development

We all know how crucial Motor skill development is for a growing child. While there are many games and activities to help a child develop these, nothing works better than motivating and encouraging them. Motor skills form an important activity of the body that everyone needs to have. The best way to motivate yourself and … Read more