10 Famous Quotes About Kinesthetic Learning

In bothersome times, quotes can act as a healing pill, ensuring motivation. Many experts like philosophers and other famous personalities ensure they have a few picks around them. The same can be the case for students too. To opt for new skills or to retain their stimulus, quotes can be accommodating. 

That being the case, here we look into a few lines that can stand out pleasantly to preach the definitions and importance of kinesthetic learning. Fascinatingly, these quotes are not just from well-known persons but also from fellow kinesthetic learners.

Quotes about kinesthetic learning

Here is a list of these handpicked lines to help you wrap your head around the importance of kinesthetic learning as a part of daily life leading towards ultimate success:

1. “When you’re too robotic and scripted, the students tune you out. So I always tried to use different learning modalities – kinesthetic, auditory, visual, whatever might bring learning to life.” Erin Gruwell 

The author clearly outlines how crucial classes can turn monotonous when the instructor opts for the same pedagogy. Implementation of other learning styles like kinesthetic approaches can stimulate interest in aspirants to grasp concepts painlessly. Such learning styles can create real-life settings, facilitating towards training them pragmatically.

2.  “This is me. Take it or leave it.” Melanie Chisholm 

Kinesthetic learners can often be unique. While others follow classroom lectures for hours, they put themselves into the field to learn; accordingly, they are active players. The attitude can make them satisfied and proud of who they are. Consequently, Melanie comments about her learning style and implies she is not concerned about others’ opinions. 

3. ” Kinesthetic Learners are the most active learners, and they’re remembering if they’re jumping up and down or playing sports “-Linda Johnson

When it comes to being active, Kinesthetic learners often stand ahead. While some others may view sports as just a physical activity with jumps and crawls, Kinesthetic learners view them as the source of learning, ensuring them to be energetic constantly. Being professionally a poker player, Linda infers how kinesthetic learning has succored in her expedition in her career. 

4. ” In order to discover the truth, we must be truthful ourselves, and must welcome those who point out our errors as heartily as those who approve and confirm our discoveries.” – Max Muller

Inferring from books and other sources can be a relatively facile means to sit back and learn.  Nonetheless, the validity of these can be questionable until being proved. It is often a preferable idea to get into the task and learn yourself. This is what kinesthetic learners do. Max Muller depicts how accepting and working towards pointed errors can make a better person, implying such learners can have error-free approvals later. 

5. “The real freedom comes to us when we can learn to go inside and connect with that voice. Then, we’re not relying on outsiders. “- Echo Bodine

Freedom and learning are probably the least spoken relationship. Edifying can be combined with freedom when the learner has the possibility to get into the concept pragmatically. This way, the learner can own the notion, ensuring not being an outsider. This quote implicitly outlines how kinesthetic learning can have impressive benefits over other styles. 

6. “Look at the trees, look at the birds, look at the clouds, look at the stars … and if you have eyes you” — Osho

Knowledge is everywhere; it all depends on the view of the learner. Osho implies the same by taking instances of trees, birds, and clouds. Birds show teamwork; clouds depict responsibility and trees can show what stability is. Having a righteous view, any entity around us can aid us in kinesthetic education. 

7.” I hear and i forget,  I see and I Remember, I do and I understand” – Confucius

The definition of kinesthetic learners is appropriately depicted in three phrases here. They may forget what they hear; nonetheless, they can understand when they see and do it with their hands. Other students can also opt to ensure such learning. The employment of manipulatives is a good example of students learning from what they do instead of listening. 

8. ” We need stories of hope perhaps more than we need new ideas on curriculum, Formative assessment or Instructional strategies. Stories of Hope can nurture our spirit “-Elena Aguilar

Live examples and real-life examples/stories clinch the best motivation for aspirants, as real-life achievements can be a more sensible example than a mythical story. Accordingly, Elena comments on the importance of inspiring stories apart from instructional strategies.  These stories can be crucial, especially for kinesthetic learners, inspiring them to do something great by indulging in the fieldwork themselves. 

9. “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn” – Ignacio Estrada

Broadly there are four types of learning styles.  While some may learn visually, some may learn kinesthetically. Knowing what style the child has, can make the instructor design relevant pedagogy. Such practices ensure better academics with ameliorated motivation. Consequently, if a child is a kinesthetic learner, employing hands-on activities and sports to preach subjects can significantly improve their performance. 

10. “Learners are encouraged to discover facts and relationships or themselves.” – Jerome Bruner

Life lessons are believed to be the best ones, as every individual discovers themselves rather than anyone’s intervention. Even in the case of skills or academics, the best way to discover facts is by letting yourself dive into the facts and the implicit relationships between two notions. This is what kinesthetic learning does, which makes them preeminent in some instances. 

Summing up

Quotes may often have the ability to motivate, inspire and encourage an individual. The above lines can be be-fitting for those looking to opt kinesthetic learning style. Being inspirational can also let you discern divergent views that people have on it.  These, when put together, can give out finer ideas.

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